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  1. My beloved ANTONOV has done it again!! This is the most underestimated Aerospace company in the world and yet they are the most potent! Never in the field of aviation has so much been done by so few with so little! I wish Antonov the very best in their efforts to get a little recognition and respect and wish them all the success they deserve. Congratulations to Antonov and the lovely people of Ukraine.

  2. Did you noticed the nose of this airplane? There is a point, like an "beija-flor", an small bird that flies as an helicopter from flower to flower. Why exists this uncommon nose?

  3. Good plane. Ocherenoe legacy inherited from the Soviet Union. Too bad the Soviet Union collapsed. The plane would have already flown in huge quantities all over the world.

  4. They need replace their combat loses suffered in the War thus far. I would Ukraine to produce their own fighter jets, and attack aircraft.

  5. Ukrain plane no rusdian scientists and research aeronautics plants ..ukrain was and will be asshole without russian minde m… russian from mauritius

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