ULTRA!Tale Movie – English Dub (Undertale Animation Dub – Undertale Comic Dub)
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ULTRA!Tale Movie – English Dub (Undertale Animation Dub – Undertale Comic Dub)

August 17, 2019

WOW! You must be really DETERMINED… To KILL Me! Just face it kid… YOU WILL NEVER KILL ME!!! *frisk transforms into chara* Finally.. I’ve absorbed Frisk’s soul… why does the brat look like that? Welp doesn’t matter I only have one objective… TO BREAK THEIR NECK Now, Sans… GiVe Me A bAd TiMe. w-where did the kid go?! Hey Sans, LOOK BEHIND YOU. what in the world am I fighting?! FOUND YOU! (( Holy this is intense w-wait Let’s go BURN in hell TOGETHER! p-papyrus… im sorry… ! DONT BE! YOU’VE DONE ENOUGH! i-i know… i just dont understand…how i can save all of you… (Aw They’re adorable. Oh and Hi!) IT IS BECAUSE YOU’RE FORGETTING SOMEONE THAT MUST ALSO SAVE! I WANTED TO SAVE YOU, UNDYNE, ALPHYS, TORIEL, METTATON, NAPSTABLOOK, ASGORE AND EVERYONE!! WHO COULD I POSSIBLY FORGET?! YOU’RE FORGETTING FRISK! what do you mean?! THEY KILLED YOU!! DID YOU FORGET THE GOOD TIMES YOU’VE HAD? (flashback) (flashback)Frisk… (flashback)Thank you… …why couldn’t i see it before… thank you…bro… DONT THANK ME! THANK EVERYONE! Please bring Frisk back! i still need to tell them how Mew Mew 2 ends! Make sure you bring the PUNK back! Or else they’ll miss their cooking lessons!(he spelled wrong “there”) Sans… Please bring Frisk back… …(Sans… you and Frisk haven’t paid your tab.) …(Sans… you and Frisk haven’t paid your tab.) yet. Darling, could you get Frisk, we have a show to do! WELP, WE BETTER GET GOING!! i’ll see you there… SANS!!! CATCH!!! THE SOUL!! URGHH!! Oh no you don’t!! Hey! Smiley trash bag! you better win this! I must have that soul! I WONT LET YOU! YOU WILL NOT WIN! AND SANS! I leave the faith of all to you! I am sorry for leaving such an important task to you- (RIP ASGORE) ASGORE!!!! i promise… to all those who have fallen… I WONT LET YOU! …that your efforts will not be in vain. I WONT LET YOU!!!! I WILL NOT FAIL YOU!!! (oh boy here’s Bravery Sans) heh. heh. i might have overstimated you… Welp, no use in holding back The real fight finally… BEGINS! Hey Sans, i got a question. why aren’t you taking this SERIOUSLY?(her face tho) SO you noticed, huh? about time i get serious… and the answer to your question is… THE FIGHT WOULD END TO FAST!! DONT GET COCKY! (Chara laughs) (blue bones) I-I can’t move..?! It’s over… (sans gets tired) Once you’re dead, Frisk will reset and I will do anything in my power to save Frisk from his genocidal path… HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! why are you laughing??!! Do you know what happens when a human soul mixes with a monster soul? Both souls lose their unique traits… Sans! Dont listen to them!! wait, are you saying… thats right sans…. FRISK CAN NO LONGER RESET! They are LYING!! KID! THE TRUTH!!NOW… … I can’t reset anymore…. Im free…? !!! SANS! HURRY! FINISH ME OFF!! (Frisk transform to Chara) I knew if i allow Frisk to speak, I’d be free as soon as I take control again. 🙂 (sans cries) Dont worry sans… YOU’LL BE WITH PAPYRUS SOON …where am I? HEY! HUH?! Sans, dont be afraid… you must finish this fight. What do you mean? You are afraid of killing frisk But Sans…Do this for Frisk…Frisk is already gone… Only Chara exists now and the way things are going…. You are the only hope left… But there’s no way you’re scared because… You are filled with BRAVERY! What was up with that flame? It felt like I should be scared… I think its about time i ended this. This is for everyone… This is for EVERYONE… AND THAT INCLUES YOU TOO! FRISK!!! (breaks) get dunked on!! Rest in Piece… Frisk… I failed to protect my universe… BUT I WILL PROTECT OTHER ONES! (enters portal) take care, bro… SO HERE IS THE THUMBNAIL…! dunno what is it for… :/ wait where am i??? Im suppose to be in the Underswap universe! Guess im still not used to this “Universe naigation” thing ???: let… go…. (OH NO ITS HORROR SANS!(who’s that btw)) (dies) Hey ninja skele….. Im guessing you’re not very KNIFE! Hey bonehead, get in my way. then i’ll be forced to RIB you apart! (THERE IS NO TIME FOR JOKE GUYS!!!) Ninja( i guess?) vs. Bravery Sans WOW BIG KNIFEE (knife shield) (slices all bones) give up, i haven’t been taking this fight seriously… and at your level, you’re sure to die… so give up… OR DIE. heheh you’re laughing? have you gone mad? nah, im fine. just glad. THAT I DONT HAVE TO GO EASY ON YOU…. welp, your funeral no holding back…. (fights) where did he go? (stops flying) (flys back) (miss) (stabs) (bone jetpack died) !!!!!!!!!! (falls) (ow) (tries to stand up) (soul appears) (turns blue) GET DUNKED ON! hehe. game over. tell me… why are you doing this? you wouldn’t understand. try me. 🙂 fine… my universe is gone. my friends…. are gone…. papyrus… is gone… i was alone… ink found me… for a moment, i thought i can bring my universe back. i was wrong… but i found out…. there was another way. so you went and harmed other AUs… i cant allow you to hurt more AUs so please….. just give up… sorry, but… i have to do this… ! THEN, I’LL HAVE TO KILL YOU. any LAST words? heh… i wonder (eyes turns all black) if you should be AXEking me these questions. huh??? (horror sans appears) (STABS) -9999999999999999999999999 HP (runs) (gets a big knife) (stab one more time) FINISH HIM. this is unbelievable… the fight we had earlier should have depleted his magic… but he’s still able to hold his own…. and if i dont find a way to kill him soon… i’ll lose control over that sans… think… how do i kill him… wait a minute… he hasn’t attack back yet… i have an idea. (blocks) game over. NOT YET!! SANS! WAKE UP! YOU ARE NOT DEAD YET! what’s the point…. he’ll just keep using that other sans as a shield… i just want to be with my lil’ bro… YOU CANT GIVE UP! I CAN HEAL YOU BUT IT’LL TAKE ALMOST ALL MY MAGIC!!! WITH MY REMAINING MAGIC WE CAN DO 1 MORE ATTACK. i dont care… I know you’re afraid killing that other sans. but…. You have to stay BRAVE. i didnt want it to end this way. but i have to FINISH what i started… !!!!!!!!!????????????????? WHATS GOING ON?! Thanks for helping me, Bravery! now… its time… TO END THIS! get closer and this sans is gonna get vaporized. who said I NEED TO GET CLOSER?! TIME TO DIE!! sorry, but i cant afford to die yet. i may not be able to take this place. BUT I WILL BE BACK! (ninja sans escaped…) he’s finally gone… i gotta go before this sans wakes up THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!! Subtitle by: Lewisyeung And Cbridgeford for extra’s!

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