Unboxing the Paw Patrol Jumbo Skye with Marshall Toys
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Unboxing the Paw Patrol Jumbo Skye with Marshall Toys

August 25, 2019

– [The Assistant] Family fun for everyone! Let’s take to the sky! – [Mr. Engineer] Wow, Assistant! It’s the jumbo Skye, Paw Patrol figure. Look how big it is! Is that a big Skye or a little Skye? – [The Assistant] Big! – [Mr. Engineer] Really big. Should we open it up and see how big? – [The Assistant] Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] Look
Assistant, here’s a big Skye! Look at how big she is, whoa! – [The Assistant] This is a big Skye! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, that’s a huge Skye! I thought my Skye was big, but look at this Skye. Wow! It’s enormous! And watch, you can push this button and guess what happens. She can go, take to the Skye, and she can fly, can’t she? – [The Assistant] Yeah! – [Mr. Engineer] And look, her head turns. And she’s got on her earmuffs, right? – [The Assistant] Goggles. – [Mr. Engineer] Her what? – [The Assistant] Goggles! – [Mr. Engineer] Peter made that word up, that isn’t a real word,
goggles (chuckles). They’re earmuffs! So, here’s Skye with her jet-pack. You go like this and it closes it, and boom, back open! She’s flyin’, right? She’s sayin’, what is she– – [The Assistant] Yeah, I think
you can change her jet-pack. – [Mr. Engineer] You think you can? Wait a minute, I can change it, right? Can you say abracadabra? – [The Assistant] Abracadabra, poof! – [Mr. Engineer] Uh, Assistant, you turned Skye into Rocky! – [The Assistant] Abracadabra, poof! – [Mr. Engineer] Uh, Assistant, that is not Skye, that’s Chase! – [The Assistant] Abracadabra, poof! – [Mr. Engineer]
Assistant, that’s Marhsall! That’s not even Skye. Oh, wait a minute, Marshall
can do this though. Marshall, Marshall, don’t fire! No, Marshall! Oh well. – [The Assistant] This is
what you get, Marshall. – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, you threw
the water can back at him. But that’s not Skye! We need our Skye back. – [The Assistant] Abracadabra, poof! – [Mr. Engineer] Good job, Assistant, you made Skye! Wait a minute, that Skye
looks a little smaller. Look, there’s my hand. That’s not the right Skye, Assistant. You shrank her, why’d you do that for? – [The Assistant] Abracadabra, poof! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh, good job! We finally got the big
Skye back, didn’t we? – [The Assistant] Abracadabra, poof! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh,
she stayed the big Skye. You know what, she’s gonna fly. She’s gonna say,”Pup’s away!”. – [The Assistant] Let’s take to the sky! – [Mr. Engineer] There she goes! Where’s she flying too? – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, look at Skye flying around all this water! Where’s she at? – [The Assistant] She’s at the lake! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, look at Skye. So much fun! – [The Assistant] Maybe
she can walk on it. – [Mr. Engineer] She
can walk on the water? – [The Assistant] ♫Rudolph
the red nosed reindeer ♫Had a very happy nose – [Mr. Engineer] And look, there’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! – [The Assistant] Yeah, I wonder if Skye is best friends with Rudolph. – [Mr. Engineer] I think
they are, I think they went to Flying School Academy together, don’t you think? I think they got their
pilots license together. Oh no, watch out! Whoa, I think they’re okay. – [The Assistant] I’m
gonna go in for a landing! – [Mr. Engineer] Whoa, Skye, you almost got hit by that rocket thingamajigger. Good job, I’m glad you didn’t (sigh of relief) Good job! – [Mr. Engineer] So, there’s our jumbo Skye with her pup pack. She flew over all that water, she almost got hit by that thing, her and Rudolph. – [The Assistant] Look out,
Skye (mimicking motor)! – [Mr. Engineer] Oh
no, she’s gotta fly up! There’s nothing coming (chuckles). She’s so silly, the Assistant. Well, you know what Assistant, right here it says what? – [The Assistant] Subscribe Here, to the Engineering Family, and I hope you liked this
video just like the Skye one. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s
right, we really hope that you liked this video and
tell us that you liked it. Give us a thumbs up! More likes, thumbs up, thumbs up! So gives us a thumbs up! That means you like our video. Hey, what did you do with Skye? – [The Assistant] Where’s Skye? – [Skye] I’m comin’ in! – [Mr. Engineer] She came in, good thing she’s wearing a helmet (chuckles)! – [The Assistant] I don’t know
if she’s wearing a helmet. – [Mr. Engineer] That’s
what the pink thing is. So give us a thumbs up and you know what? We’ve got a secret spelling word, it’s gonna be Skye! – [The Assistant] I was gonna say pup! – [Mr. Engineer] Pup is a good one too but we’re gonna have Skye. S-k-y-e, spells– – [The Assistant] Paw Patrol! – [Mr. Engineer] No, it spells Skye. And remember to follow us
on Facebook and Twitter, so you can see lots of cool things and some fun surprises. – [The Assistant] And our
secret password of the day is gonna be nail polish! – [Mr. Engineer] Bye everyone! – [The Assistant] Bye everyone! – [Mr. Engineer] Hey there everyone! Thanks for watching our video. Now, make sure you subscribe
to the Engineering Family so you can see lots of cool videos! In fact there’s another
cool video right there. You can select and watch it. I think you’re really gonna like it. Is it Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol, Surprise Eggs, Frozen, (mumbles), Masha, there are
so many videos to watch! Bye! (upbeat playful music)

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  1. Sky is the limit… Maybe not for Skye but for the rest of us. Really funny video you two. Paw Patrol makes really amazing toys and every toy looks adorable~
    Keep up your good work and have a lot of fun!


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