September 9, 2019

okay I’m gonna call Becky and you guys
Papaji you from delivery and we are back with a brand new box for video log
running around going all crazy but today look it’s not looking too nice out today
it’s raining shoo I don’t know how we’re going to make a box for it if it’s
raining well that’s a good question Lobo because we’re not going to be out here
in the rain we’re taking her somewhere where it does not rain ever where’s that
underwater Logan we’re going under so guys we are going to be doing an
underwater box for it it’s starting to rain and all of you guys have been
asking us ever since we did the box for submarine compa Janke Papa Jake do an
underwater box for now it’s going to be a little bit tricky but we’ve got some
materials we’ve got some stuff to make this and if it all goes this plan we’ll
have an awesome underwater fortress that even like Aquaman come chill away so
we’re going to start by building this thing on land guys and I think once it’s
built on land we’ll bring it into the water and sink it with a bunch of bricks
you guys are thinking how are you going to stay underwater without oxygen for
one Jake is Aquaman and two we are both working to get our scuba diving licenses
so we can go under with oxygen tank yeah guys we want to do this for 24 hours but
obviously we cannot survive underwater for 24 hours I mean that will be holding
your breath for an extremely long time so we want to get our scuba licenses so
we can go under with oxygen and actually survive underneath we want to try and
get 107 thousand likes on this video and if we get that guy we will officially go
to scuba school and we’ll probably blog it I guess I’ll be pretty fun if you
guys want to be scuba school let us know we kind of have the outline of how we’re
going to make this guys it’s going to be one nice big block because if you guys
saw our box for submarine it didn’t go as planned Fox Sports and water they
don’t play well together so we’re going to actually wrap this in plastic wrapper
really tight you probably think of where’s the plastic wrap Jake oh it’s
right here all right so this is our plastic wrap guys I don’t really know
what this is going to work or if it’s going to look good but hopefully
everything goes as planned while Jake and I build it I’m just I’m just going
to put you guys right here alright guys we just went ahead and wrap
the whole thing of these cardboard sheets now that they’re completely
waterproof and ready to make this box poured all we have to do is assemble our
underwater box port and launch it in the water so we’re actually going to build
it back there that way it’s easier to put in the water all right so we have
all four walls complete putting on the road zone and this entire thing is
covered in plastic wrap hopefully it’s going to work we don’t know yet we’ve
got so submergible if you guys those here we have this opening here this is
actually we’re going to put our snorkeling map so that we can get air
while we’re inside the box for all we have to do now is tie down the roof and
then make a door and we’re good to go so the box cord is almost complete Logan
went ahead and taped down the whole roof now he’s had to make the door in the
window but I went and grabbed some of these weights because it’s probably
going to be pretty buoyant so it’s going to try to start floating on us we want
to get at the bottom of the pool so we’re going to use these also some
really awesome stuff to use we have our cedar here as well as the masks which we
can use to look underwater so it should be pretty awesome we can park this
inside the box for and take it out when we need to go on our underwater
adventures to Logan’s cut in the door now
so we basically cut this very precise kind of slobbing it’s like a waterproof
membrane on our box for dead alright there we go it’s like an operation here
guys alright just completed our window we’ve got our nice window here that we
can look out enjoy the view underwater Logan’s of course finishing up the door
once this is done guys we’re ready to set sail I have no idea what’s going to
happen I’m a little bit worried but hopefully if everything goes this plan
the Boxster will stay together and think it might fall apart or it might what’s
going to happen we don’t know we didn’t really think that far yeah
that’s looking good I love how how it’s Easter Bunny things nicely have been
reading staples for tape guys and they’re running out of colors for us so
we got it even begun it matches my hoodie day that’s really bad color for
underwater you know what I realize what it’s going to be really hard if we get a
hundred thousand likes with you 24 hours in here like what are we going to do for
24 hours underwater I have no idea the weather network is saying that there’s a
storm on the way down below we got to get this box for in the water down there
so we’re protected from the storm may be the safest place from a storm is under
water I pretty sure someone said that when you say that and on that topic guys
don’t try this at home putting a box for it and trying to go underwater it’s not
the smartest thing you could train like myself in box for building leave the
underwater box where it’s to Jake and I I take a rainy day like this and I say
let’s just not stay up here let’s go underwater it’s way more fun down there
the rain come in the blocks boards ready time to wash it below you you need to
change a clothesline I’m to want to come forward you that
book you need to quote me bro there you go dude now try the Boston sparklers the
rain is coming down we don’t have much time Jake okay
all right we got it careful secret huh okay oh it’s equality are you floating
tea ah no it’s a floating Basra wait what if I get in it but don’t do that no
no no Jake oh we didn’t take that side going again okay starting to think it’s sorry to follow the doors
underneath beginning we have to go under oh I’m in a car that’s my pony ride alright guys so we have an issue with
one of the back walls it’s starting to fall out so I got to go down and in the
box for it and try to repair it here we go alright now if you’re feeling in the
underwater box boy alright okay so just join me on my box what eventually you’re
probably thinking pelvic hey show me around the box for what we got here well
you’re coming in on it all right let’s get anybody where will I go to bad sleep
at night no II got dink when I have an idea they either crazy ideas play with
three stickers are doing a movie fuck wait we never thought of a bow box Maury
we only do floating rafts we’ll give me a boat oh my god a bow box alright can I
actually point something out well we are so protected from the rain no basic
pouring right now your guys not allowed as well as putting up before you rudely
interrupted me this is our CEO parking the window instead remember oh yeah the
CD part you take the CD out and you’re like all right look I’m gonna go on an
underwater adventure okay well I’m gonna ask here okay yeah this is the cleaning
area over there and I’m gonna squeeze imagine under oil boom okay buddy I’m so comfortable in there
Oh your yellow bench over here bro I was fully lying down like a hammock yeah you
kind of sold yeah it’s awesome and it’s completely sheltered from the rain I
have an idea right while I was out there doing my doing my work out there I was
actually going around trying to catch fish for us with the CDs didn’t work but
guys if I do this for real and we get our scuba licenses and we do
this for real obviously discs wouldn’t last 24 hours but what we can get is
plastic covered cardboard it’s like a hard plastic the pre-made cardboard
sheets that are extremely strong in our waterproof they’re expensive but if you
guys get a hundred thousand like the fucking grass I’ve had to come off
diagram for saying I was done with the chilling rooms rolling back so we got
our two thousand or buy them we’ll get our scuba license and we will do this
for 24 hours in an all-out epic video so we’ve been in here for like 10 minutes
and at first it was really hard but like the hardest part was the fact that it
was just floating too much and once we kind of leveled it out got things ready
it definitely started to work a lot better I think also next time we need to
bring heavier weights dude I got to take this somewhere else and if you want to
go somewhere else underwater that’s what the sea who come to this it turns us
baby into a working underwater box for boat the bubbles and block youth game yes this pretty much wraps up our underwater
box for chillin in the hot tub getting a little bit warmer with scuba mask it
would be so much easier we can spend more time underwater like also on top of
that guys I think if we do go bigger we get 100,000 likes we buy the super
expensive waterproof cardboard it’s guaranteed to stay together and be an
awesome box poured underwater how exactly the other awesome videos it
hasn’t bothered Jake from Team busy Alton you got that Sam Oh you

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