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August 9, 2019

previously on Papaji destruction okay I mean no serious fixes welcome
I will now prepare your initiation wait what welcome to natal lock turtle of 43c
the thirty second installment of the underwater city you really start my new
life with what does happen oh right here cut my hair well dry what’s going on
here I’m pleased to announce that I will be going over your introductory tutorial
to your new life under this moon city what do you mean what what’s happening
hello can can you hear me is someone there
yes I can hear you loud and clear where am I right now and how do I get out of
here you were an airlock terminal 43 see unfortunately there is no way to exit
once entered what do you mean there’s no way a woman what do you mean I can’t get
out of here no no there’s gotta be a way there’s gonna be an elevator or a
submarine something would you like to receive a complimentary stern your hack
for your new life under this no I don’t want to starter pack what listen to me I
need to get out of here perfect here you go what
what’s this what are you giving me starter pack yes it’s your starter pack
with all items you’ll need for your life under this no I don’t want a new life
under the sea you’re not listening to me I want to get out of here alright guys
looks like we’re in some sort of new airlock whatever this is it looks like
it’s the entrance to the whole city as far as this robot knows it thinks I’m
some sort of new citizen really liked my hair too
okay is this a coat dried out chocolate chip
cookie ration pineapples why don’t you pineapples pineapples are an important
part of keeping your vitamin D levels up Lila did this no I don’t care about my
vitamin D levels all right look this robots gonna be no help to us we’ve got
to get out of here if we got in here there’s got to be a way out this looks
like some sort of staging zone so through backdoor there should be the
rest of the city I can’t imagine the mega city without submarines or an
emergency elevators something there’s no continue to hi this might come in handy
I also recommend that you take this as a defense measure for the incident that
has occurred what do you mean something happen what take take one what is this blaster what do I need a blaster goodbye
for now no no don’t say goodbye your jobs not done here all right I gotta get
I gotta figure out what’s going on give me a blaster – seems like something
happened in the city something’s not right I didn’t see a
single person I mean this is a staging zone there’s to be other people here
there should be a guard something looks like some sort of huge catastrophic
events gun in the city let’s get through this airlock door and see what’s
happening hey well take this with me just over here should be able to access
it through this panel power controls on last on an airlock open to get worse all
right let’s get through here I see what we’re dealing with so cool what is this like some sort of fish
person who’s came to get this camp again I’m freaking out guys what is that
niversity I did like this before is that what he was talking is this is this the
catastrophe that’s going on here oh no no it looks like it’s still
breathing I’m gonna get out of here okay oh that was close I’m extremely scared
right now I don’t know what’s going on we’ve heard some information I know
we’re in an underwater city tens maybe hundreds of miles under the seat
something’s gone wrong here the robot didn’t tell me much information but what
he did tell me there’s a bit of a catastrophe and that’s well why he gave
me this good thing for it I had to use that thing right away I don’t know what
that was though some sort of fish person I dealt with zombies before but that
that that looked like a fish it definitely wasn’t human and they look
like it was gonna attack me if you guys have any information on what that could
be let me know wait what’s that no no no the bullet must have gone through it’s
leaking well this can’t be good oh this can’t be good at all we’re under the
seat if the pressure changes in here this whole place can fill with water
emergency matching services online we’re patching hole in laboratory 22 a
corner the robot must have patched it somehow okay well at least we know the
system is up and running if it means the city is running at that capacity then
submarines or elevators anything that’s working against the surface should be
online the people in here might have changed into some sort of weird fish
creatures but the station itself is still running maybe we can figure out
some information in here find out where the next airlock is it’s gonna be
something in here test tubes wait the machine this is this is what
they had me in it’s it’s a decompression chamber
they must’ve been using this all from people that come down here just maybe
some information here what happened why did the people turn what am I saying why
does it even matter I don’t care I just need to get out of here fishing people
can live here all they want I don’t know who would want to live
hundreds of miles into the Sea Tow how looks like there’s some paper here Green
cell door is this these are prisoner files they have
prisoners in here these are prisoner files they must have other people in
here what happened though how do these people turn these are all prisoners
their files on them there must be a file or meet somewhere here and this must be
the laboratory where they’ve been setting everyone up just got to be some
more information here something I can use hello citizen are you there I’m
requesting to talk to you about some important information what perhaps you
could help me the robots back yeah perfect as you may have noticed we’re
having a little bit of an issue with the installation it would seem as though a
virus hasn’t broken and people are turning with only a few remaining
survivors I’m requesting your assistance he is stopping the virus outbreak I’ve
reviewed your prisoner files and it appears as though you are one of the
most equipped at dealing with a situation such as this would you be able
to help me look I’m not a prisoner I don’t know why I’m here who who paid you
to put me in here but I should not be inside this place I’m not gonna help you
okay I just want to get out of here I want to find a cool
submarine or elevator just get out of this place all right I don’t want to
deal with mutant fish people very well then
goodbye for now hello no no come back come back any more information no no no
there should be something here maybe something in this thing looks like it’s
locked no know how to get through this wait
what’s that I’m sort of weird squishy ball just this thing well I guess
disgusting what is this it’s almost like a an egg of some sort it’s completely
filled with water I’ve never seen anything like this what if I swish it no
what is that thing some spider spider so what came out of that sack Oh spider egg
sack that’s disgusting you’re not too good with spiders that
you’re not you’re good with spiders you need to get out of here prisoner I’ve
returned with a proposition of sorts proposition I’m willing to help you
escape this is what I’ve been saying I need your help to escape how do I get
out of here help me defend the installation against the mutants and I
will give you safe passage to the surface I know I know I have a pretty
long list of things I’ve accomplished but but stop eating mutant fish people
is not one of them come on you cannot do this you gotta help me out the only way
I can help you is it help me fine fine all right I’ll do it
I’ll do all I can but look if if I’m not able to stop them for whatever reason
you have to promise me you’ll still let me out I’ll try my best
very well we have a deal you might want to look to your left behind you is the
submarine door X and the door okay all right perfect
thank you hi guys looks like this is the hatch to the submarine room that’s
locked there’s gotta be some way to get it open release valve done it just come
another way just kept you another way I think there’s a key card slot here I see
something here so we’re gonna notes key card key card some things no no okay
can’t be in here no no come on it’s the only place a key card could be any way
open si code something random I have one bullet left
let’s try this three two one no it didn’t work no he should files
let’s not gonna do anything no no wait look this is a quandary the drill they
use is for drilling into highly advanced metals this it’s my work it’s a bit
risky but I might be able to drill into it with this
current here goes nothing let’s see the straw works they’re dogs see if this works
just fail to turn the knob here I got it it worked it’s opening we open the safe
the key card for the sub room let’s take it and get in there never you can find a
sub ready to get out of this place

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  5. Being hundreds of miles is bad, mostly because you would be in a very hot place deep down in the crust. Also its like being on an object that's ten times the mass of Jupiter which would crush you very fast, faster than your brain can translate what happened.

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