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August 12, 2019

okay guys so for the jetpack handles
we’ve attached them and check this out when you push this one down really nice
to be able to relax out here not have to worry about an underwater in air for
what a publishing house not remember last year we did the underwater nerf gun
so we know now there was ever an underwater nerf where Papa Jake has a
comfort I can just dive down there and use it I mean check out the footage from
last year nice to be able to relax and not to worry about anything like that
wait with Jake how are you doing from underwater what look what do you mean
how am I gonna move around underwater I mean having you know the water her
friend is one thing but if you can’t move around to fight the fish people how
are you gonna survive what the fish people didn’t think about that I mean if
I can’t move around underwater then they’re having an underwater the nerf
gun means nothing exactly oh no no no no no so good this isn’t good at all what
are you just building underwater in the sky water jet Pappas you can do all the
chicken I believe in you and maybe for suggesting it I could have one taco but
underwater jet pack don’t know I start working on that I got I got you the map
I gotta go get Logan me and we are back today guys we are doing something crazy
that we have never done before in fact I don’t know if it’s ever been done before
in the history of human beings we are gonna be making the world’s first
underwater jet pack and I don’t you think you Papa Jake that’s crazy Papa
Jake it cannot be done but guys this is the channel first this is a channel of
World Records and today is that day and I mean it’s gonna open up new doors for
us I mean if we want to do underwater box sports or an underwater
Marine having an underwater jet pack is gonna be key and you guys know all right
the big nerf war is common okay there is a nerf war coming and we have to be
prepared because we might have to fight fish people and I don’t like fish people
that creep me out all right yeah I don’t like them so today guys we’re gonna be
using all of our skills to build an underwater jet pack and of course guys
if you have to be brand new to the channel do not forget to smash that like
button down below as well as a little bunch of tap the button it’s the only
way that it works so you never miss a brand new video on the channel because
it is gonna be a summer of crazy fun and it all starts right here with an
underwater jetpack but first off we need Logan alright
so we gotta wake them up laughs I brought this and Logan also asked if you
prepare for the underwater nerf wars the does actually wait we can I said today
has never been done before we are making an underwater jetpack because I was
talking to mr. pool makeup and I have realized one thing and that is if there
is an underwater in Airport there’s no way for us to move around and the only
way to solve that is to do an underwater jetpack Jake that’s actually a really
good idea but how are we gonna do that well I’m
thinking Logan we start this off by first of all figuring out what our
propulsion system is gonna be what’s a propulsion system look at a propulsion
system is what you use to propel yourself through the air or a normal jet
pack in this case I’ve got an idea all right
be right back poor people cutting their lawns at once do you hear that
so I think you guys have seen us use these in video a week we should go
outside there’s too much lawn mower okay now we got peace and quiet check this
out guys you guys see us use these in videos before and they are sweet so
these things boil underwater extremely fast when you roll down these trailers
so I thought we’re gonna make it an underwater jet
fact that action works we would create the backpack for it and simply we’ve
simply put it on our back like so and then we could around the water-use not
underwater jet pack I would be pretty awesome and there is no way in
scientific math and that could not work it’s like very large chance you cannot
work but in case you guys have not seen this before
– an epic montage also Logan’s check out what I do day
these are my favorites are so cool guys you haven’t seen these before these
these are underwater full face mask snorkel they remind me of like what a
spaceman would weigh right it’s like a spacesuit or like an underwater
spacesuit I guess you could say by the way guys yesterday we were filming an
awesome music video oh yeah guys our brand-new music video is dropping
hopefully next weekend if everything goes as planned
here’s a quick teaser a very small teaser and this is only for you guys
alright so don’t tell your friends about this here’s a quick teaser of our music
video Dunmore’s with alien BOTS come by our place it can get insane cuz Jake’s
got the tools but I got the brains Logan let’s be honest got our mastery
underwater we’ve got our propulsion system now what we have to do is put it
all together and make our underwater jet pack which means we’ve got to take this
downstairs the box will fill in the room and come
up with an underwater jet pack inside so now we’re outside and it is time to
start building this thing so we’ve got all of our supplies here we’ve got the
sea-doo itself we’ve got our cardboard in order to do this guys I’m thinking of
a few things one it has to be able to stay on our back – it has to be
waterproof and three I’m thinking we have like those cool jet pack handles
like you know come over your shoulders you can hold on to them and move it
around like this while you fly through the water
we’re not exactly sure to do this because we’ve never done it before so I
think first things first we’re just going to start building this thing and
hopefully it turns out alright alright guys so check it out we’ve been working
on it for a little while now in our underwater jetpack is coming along as
this we have these waist straps yo that looks sweet so we got the waist
straps at the bottom and then of course that would attach to the stomach and
then to hold it all up we have these bad boys which is kind of hard to show off
because obviously we haven’t attached them yeah so Logan will hold it like
this and then on the back we’ll attach the jetpack with of course the stomach
strap and it’s all gonna come together to be the very first underwater jetpack
there we go if you work in all right guys we got the engine running we got
the back strap on now we have to do is tape on the handles here and then once
we’re done with that we can jump in the pool and test out the underwater jetpack
okay guys so for the jetpack handles we’ve attached them and check this out
when you push this one down it started the engine so now that we have control
over it more of an awesome jetpack now that’s ready I think it’s time to dive
in the water and test something out one thing I just noticed I’ve been wearing a
sweatshirt and sweatpants this entire time the last step is attaching the
waistband on dude oh this is so cool I’m look pull down like this and I’ll fly
pick it up and I’ll stop here we go in three two one so we had a little bit of an issue with
the jet pack so I have to fix it but while doing so we’ll get to stand like
that will it shoots water in my eyes okay let’s try to get this thing working this bubble bubble while movie plays
around with the underwater jet guys man this thing is we definitely got Oh unfortunately I don’t think I’m pretty
long but Jake I think this everyone in the comments has been saying yo you guys
should use flex tape oh dude you’re right we should use flex tape what if we
were to use this concept again let use black tape but this time making
underwater submarine because flex tape is waterproof which means we can
legitimately do our underwater submarine box for it guys if you think we should
do a submarine comment down below as well smack that like button let’s write
50,000 likes on this video also not only to be learned are we can do that but I
also realized looking get to these things we strap two of them together to
double the power Oh a box for both that would be sweet guys comment down below
if you think that would be cool as well and also if you have any suggestions for
awesome summer video ideas let us know we got the pool we’ve got tons of
awesome toys and we’re ready to have some summer fun but guys thank you so
very much

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  2. Do the boat thing!!!! Cuze you guys have two torpedoes it could have enough power to bring the boat and you guys on it

  3. 3.8 k dislikes because they dont have a jetpack and they want to fly and i like my own comment because no one will like it

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