Unity + Oculus Rift + Arduino + Fan :)
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Unity + Oculus Rift + Arduino + Fan :)

August 9, 2019

Hi, I’m Daniel Valente and he is Thiago Deserto. we are developers… and after a few beers on sunday we connected an Arduino to a PC (Web Server) then we connected a fan to an IR Relay, which
is controlled by the Arduino we also have here an Oculus Rift, where
we used it with the default scene from the Oculus Rift SDK for Unity and we made some cool modification to it so, Thiago show them the fan system that we did just a second, I’m trying to find the butterfly 🙂 he just entered the room with a loud speaker you can see the speaker right there when you get closer to the virtual fan inside the game, we see that the real one turned on automatically because of the Unity and Arduino integration if we get away from the fan it turns off automatically too we can check that both are synchronized so thats it!=D the fan is here in front of the fireplace=) if we turned it around probably would put
the fire away! lol!

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  1. Should also try to make an English version… would reach way more people! 😉
    But so far so GREAT! Keep doing that kind of stuff, dude! 🙂

  2. Parabéns!!!! projeto muito interessante! o/   consigo comprar pelo brasil o Oculus Rift ??? "chega aqui"?

  3. Amazing,inspires me a lot,but can you make a tutorial?
    How to write code to turn on the fan when you are close to the fan in unity?and away from the fan then the real fan turns off?Do you use onTriggerEnter() in Unity?

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