UNLAB.show: 3rd episode – “Jetpack Joyride”
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UNLAB.show: 3rd episode – “Jetpack Joyride”

August 8, 2019

ilya Ivan Kirill Hello everyone! you watch the UNLAB show and today we check the game you have chosen in the comments this time it’s Jetpack Joyride come with me! So we have a game Jetpack Joyride from the Halfbrick company there you will play for a character who flies on jetpack and dodging lasers, shockers and missiles. I’ve been thinking how to check this in life actually that’s my calculations: The main problem of this task is gravity we solve it using an ammeter built into the robot. In order to tester avoid the collisions we use the rule of Gimlet. Who? Michael Gimlet, the famous fighter with rockets. nother element that is worth paying attention to is the jetpack which is based on the continuous protein synthesis. If the calculation of all the variables is successful we obtain the ideal pressure on Vanya’s body – 87 Fahrenheit. 87 Fahrenheit? My favorite! Okay, what about the practical … and where Ilya? F*cking f*ck! Do not f*cking work! Why you do not f*cking work ?! B**ch! it’s the end? We do not fly on a jetpack? Yes, no, all is the bulls**t, the main thing that it flies up and running I did a little tweaks, everything will be f**king great! and how are you? Get out your f**king hands! Then I suggest we start. Hi! Call our nerd yesterday and said “Hi,” I say, “Good f**king bye” will come up again with some bulls**t and say “gather me Collider” i do not wanna that shit? Well, then we met, he says “I need you to do the robot and f**king jetpack” I think “f**k me” he hited good in Animus and began offer me good things to do. because f**king robot I have where I did a long time ago. jetpack I also have just need a little f*cking fix. I am happy at this time f**king nerd is f**king cool today. You know, I would always try to do the experiment some saturative in terms of the technical side, here, and Ilya is opponent, he mutters there all the time for me. take the Animus: “How do I f**king do it to you?? I’ll kick your ass! It’s bother me. And Vanya? Vanya is like .. yesterday he cut himself with a spoon what support from him? I do not remember much about my previous life I remember caramel sausage, uncomfortable to eat in the summer and the Battle of Austerlitz was about … me and even when to wash dirty socks.. geolocation socks lovely geolocation socks socks socks… socks I generally did f**king all I brought a robot now I’ll go to eat and we can begin. Oh, there coll So, uh, what this machine is capable of? Where’s the “Start” button? Start! * All systems included * * To activate the manual control, type the password *. What? what’s the password? Do not need a password. 123, qwerty, What? * Enabled autopilot mode * * Mode of Annihilation of surrounding objects, have a nice day * Uh, I do not want regime, I want to pilot! Guys! Do not! Shut Down! Reset! RESET! I do not know! I do not want that! ILYA! Reset! What is this s**t? Your robot is furious! Ilya what password is? What the f**king password? This is a framework, there are no electronics! Jetpack is ready, Ilya repairing robot by using Vanya and we are starting the test. Three! two! Is it safe? One! What can I say in the end? The experiment was a success! Game Jetpack Joyride is real. Please write in comments the games that you would like us to check on the realism Give us a likes And subscribe to our channel

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  1. Попробуйте игру Dishonored 
    Поднимите в топ пожалуйста ребята !

  2. Кстати Кирилл или Какой-то поцан неправильно делал Хип-Хопское движение!

  3. Нажмите Ctrl + F ведите в строке 9 и прочтите текст

  4. Дизлайк и от писка из-за дурака Ильи , он неадекват и матерится много!!!

  5. 7:02 играет музыка. Спасибо ,что подсказали , как музыку узнать . Но я Все равно не узнал (руки из —- ) Простите , что мешают . Напишите название

  6. Хватит запикивать мат, это бесит! Либо вообще уберите ненормативную лексику, либо уберите запикивание

  7. jast cause 2 крюк будет круто
    Если будит jast cause 2 то лайк и подписка

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