US Armed Forces ⚔️ [Military Power]
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US Armed Forces ⚔️ [Military Power]

December 6, 2019

Comprised of Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air
Force, and Coast Guard; the United States is home to one of the most powerful and largest
military forces in the world. With a staggering budget of $693 billion dollars,
the United States is the world’s leader in Aircraft and aircraft carriers while boasting
of an alarming +7K nuclear warheads. Personnel
The U.S. Armed Forces is the world’s third-largest military by active personnel, after the Chinese
People’s Liberation Army and the Indian armed forces, and has troops deployed around the
globe. Total active duty strength is about 1,374,699
service members. Civilian Department of Defense Employees numbered
at 744,005 in December 2018. The Department of Defense is the largest employer
in the world. It is an all-volunteer military, but conscription
through the Selective Service System can be enacted at the president’s request and Congress’
approval. All males ages 18 through 25 who are living
in the United States are required to register with the Selective Service for a potential
future draft. Equipment
The equipment of the United States Armed Forces includes, but is not limited to, weapons,
ammunition, vehicles, and attire. AIR POWER
Total Aircraft Strength value includes both fixed- and rotary-wing systems from all branches
of service. Attack values cover both multi-role and purpose-built
light-attack types. Transports value includes only fixed-wing
tactical/strategic aircraft. Total Aircraft Strength: 13,398
Fighters: 2,362 Attack: 2,831
Transports: 1,153 Trainers: 2,853
Total Helicopter Strength: 5,760 Attack Helicopters: 971 LAND STRENGTH Combat Tank value includes Main Battle Tanks,
light tanks, and tank destroyers. Armored Fighting Vehicles value includes APCs,
IFVs, MRAPs, and Armored Cars. Rocket Projectors only include self-propelled
forms. Combat Tanks: 6,287
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 39,223 Self-Propelled Artillery: 992
Towed Artillery: 864 Rocket Projectors: 1,056 NAVAL STRENGTH Aircraft Carrier value includes traditional
carriers as well as Helicopter Carriers. Submarine value includes diesel-electric and
nuclear-powered types, no distinction being made between conventional- and nuclear-attack
forms. Total Naval Assets value includes all possible/available
vessels including auxiliaries. Total Naval Assets: 415
Aircraft Carriers: 24 Frigates: 22
Destroyers: 68 Corvettes: 15
Submarines: 68 Patrol Vessels: 13
Mine Warfare: 11 Major Military Operations Since World War
II The military history of the United States
spans a period of over two centuries. During those years, the United States evolved
from a new nation fighting Great Britain for independence, through the monumental American
Civil War and, after collaborating in triumph during World War II, to the world’s sole remaining
superpower from the late 20th century to present. World War II was the last war fought in which
the President asked Congress for a declaration of war. Since then, United States armed forces have
been in combat several times, such as in the Korean War, Vietnam War, Bosnia, Afghanistan,
and later Iraq War. Some interesting facts you may not know about
the US Armed Forces – Depleted uranium ammunition can pierce armored
vehicles. The energy released upon impact creates heat
that causes the bullets to ignite. So, when a round makes it inside an armored
vehicle, it can also ignite any ammunition that’s inside the vehicle, along with fuel,
which kills the crew and can even cause the vehicle to explode. – The U.S. Military is one of the largest
providers of international aid and disaster relief. Ships called Marine Expeditionary Units patrol
the oceans watching for signs of danger and can reach the shoreline of nearly any location
on Earth within 48 hours. – The US Department of Defense controls over
30 million acres of land worldwide, which combined would make up an area slightly larger
than the state of Pennsylvania.

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  1. Awesome video man but US strategic arsenal 1,750 deployed strategic nuclear warheads (2019)+ Current stockpile (usable and not) 3,800 =5550 warheads, in video 7k this is not true, but anyway second nuclear arsenal in the world after Russia( 1600 deployed and 6,500 stockpile)

  2. Its first time that I am hearing about USA using Diesel electric submarines in present time.Can you name one in active service at current times.

  3. ? Hahahihiho
    Nothing to compare so what if us have most money for its pussy military, USA equipment cost so much Moore because salaries are bigger and wants so much in profit,

  4. ? USA military are world's biggest pussys always need nato in every war USA can't win a war with Iran hahahahihivihoho, need 1 million soilders on the ground, after Vietnam and Korea USA haven't went in any war alone pussys like they are on the ground, they running if they are not 10to 1

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