Use a Free Broken Link Checker for WordPress
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Use a Free Broken Link Checker for WordPress

August 30, 2019

– Hey y’all, my name is Kori Ashton, and welcome to another
WordPress Wednesday. Every week, on Wednesdays,
I’m releasing a video just like this to help you
improve your online marketing if you’re using WordPress. So this week, we’re gonna look at making sure that you have no
broken links in your website. It is so important for Search
Engine Optimization ranking, and for user experience,
which is actually why it effects ranking. If you have a ton of broken
links, or even just a few, on your website, it can
actually be impactful. What it makes you look
like is kinda spammy, or like you don’t care. It certainly causes confusion
as customers or visitors hit your website and things are broken causing four-oh-fours, right? (Kori groaning) Alright, so how can we scan our website, even if it’s a smaller site, or, if it’s a robust site,
what are some resources that we can use to scan or keep track of our website’s links and making
sure that all is well. I’ll show you a couple of resources today. This is definitely one of
the better plugins right now in the repository for
checking your broken links, so pretty cool. If you’re watching this video
in the future, please be sure to make sure that it’s been updated recently and that it’s
tested up to your version. I’m currently running
four-point-nine-point-two, but this should be okay because
it’s got so many installs. This should be pretty good to run. So, once you add it, search in
here for Broken Link Checker inside of Plugins, Add New, right, search for Broken Link Checker, you’ll see it. Install it, Activate it,
and once you’ve done that, you’ll have it here, where are we, Broken Link Checker right here. Here’s the Settings area. Or, you’ll find it over here inside of Tools, and go to Broken Links, and it’ll basically just start to list out any links that are on your site. You can do a really cool search over here if you wanted to, but
we’ll say Link status, we wanna look at all and any type, so search the links right now, and it went and searched and
didn’t find any broken links, so, that’s pretty darn great, and now, I’m running a pretty small site, though, so you’ll definitely wanna
do this on a regular basis for your website, any
website for that matter. But I’m gonna show you one
more tool that’s pretty cool. If you’re running a Mac, there is a free app that you can use called
Integrity Link Checker. The productivity one
is the one that I use. You can do a search
inside of the marketplace for, I just did integrity
link, and found it. This is what the icon looks like. What you can do, though,
is when you open it up, you can run a website here,
and let’s just do H-T-T-P lucys doggy daycare, I’ll show you what it looks like, dot-com. So it’s scrubbing the
site right now to check all of the links, you can see right now it’s checked nearly four, over 400 links. Good grief, that’s pretty incredible. It finished the scan
already, and opens that up, and gives you an idea of maybe some errors that you might see. But overall, the site looks pretty great. No errors. Awesome, it says zero bad. But you can of course
change those settings. You can do it by page if you wanted to, by status if you want to, four-oh-fours, three-oh-ones, whatever that might be. Here’s the thing, I
wanted to tell you this, specifically about this
app, I have used it before when I’m on the phone,
pitching to a potential new client, let’s say
you’ve got a phone call and somebody was like,
hey, you know my website’s not running the best,
so I was hoping you guys could look at it and see how
you can make improvements. I’ve literally just opened up this app and run their website on
here, while I’m on the phone and I’ve told them, oh
yeah, it looks like you guys have 42 broken links,
and we can certainly get those types of things,
and they’re blown away by how quickly I can
give them that report. I hope this helps you guys. It’s so important to be
sure you have no spammy broken links runnin’ on your website. Have a great WordPress Wednesday. I’ll see ya next time. Bye y’all.

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  1. Kori, great video as usual. Immediately tried to add the Free Broken Link Checker and found it is not available as of 5-18-18..

  2. Hi Kori, Ive used Broken Link Checker before. Its a great plugin BUT it has not been updated in almost a year. It says its not tested with my version of WP. Does it work with the current version of WP? if not do you know of a similar plugin? This was a great plugin in the past. Ive seen some online saying it has some issues now. What do you think? Is it safe and does it still work?

  3. I wonder how well these type of things will work after the "Gutenberg" updates…. what are your views on this as another WordPress tutorial creator? haha

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