Use Your Verizon Sim Card in Multiple Devices
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Use Your Verizon Sim Card in Multiple Devices

August 12, 2019

hello if you’d like to know how to use
your SIM card for multiple devices even though Verizon is telling you you have
to get a new client I’m going to show you how stay tuned hello and welcome to hindsight 101 well
you’ll learn about things that will help you in everyday life my name is Derek
and I’m gonna tell you about how you can use your horizon SIM card in multiple
devices so let’s get started but first if you like what you see hit that like
button you want to see more hit subscribe now let me tell you a little
bit of backstory the reason why I do this is because I like to travel a lot
with my family and a lot of times my phone I can use it at hotspot because I
have Verizon’s unlimited plan and my iPhone allows it but I don’t like to
burn up my battery for long trips maybe a short trip 15-20 minutes the kids want
to watch something on their tablet that’s fine but for other instances
where we’re traveling and going out of town I want to make sure I have
something reliable and I’m not solely dependent on my cell phone which would
really burn up the battery because things get hot and heat in your cell
phone don’t always mix so here comes into play some of these other hotspots
and I’m going to tell you that you can take your SIM card from your phone and
put it in these other hotspots and they’ll work just fine you don’t need to
buy another plan or anything like that yes you’re taking the SIM card out of
your phone but there’s a lot of things you can do just on wireless that you
don’t need your SIM card for there’s a few things like calls and we’ll talk
about that in a minute that you probably will need your SIM card for but many
other things you won’t so let’s get started so first we’re going to talk
about this little gem right here this is a verizon hotspot it’s been around for
many years right now you get it for about 20 bucks and the reason why this
thing is so good is because it’s compatible with this cradle point router
it’s just a regular router as you can see but what’s the purpose of this is
you would hook this up like you would any other router to your ISP Time Warner
wild charter whoever and if you lost connectivity to your ISP you
would use this hotspot as a failover and if your ISP went out then you’d have
this 3G 4G signal so let’s tell you how we’re gonna do this first I want to show
you that I have a 4G signal right here and we’re all connected so what I’m
gonna do is you’re gonna probably need this little package it’s called the nano
SIM adapter and basically for older devices that use bigger SIM cards you’re
going to need this in order to make sure it fits if you
have a smaller card like I do the Nano or you may have to get a different type
of adapter depending on which product you want to go with that I’m going to
demonstrate today you also could use a sim cutter I’ve used them in the past
I’m not overly fond of them but you can get them on eBay for like $5 and they do
work but if you don’t know what you’re doing you could ruin your SIM card
granted Verizon will probably give you a new one for free but you really don’t
want to go through that hassle and everything that I display today I’ll
link down below so you can purchase it if you need it so first I’m going to
take this little piece right here and this will pop out my SIM card right
about there there you go oops dropped it and this is the SIM card right there
that’s what it looks like so now I use my handy-dandy adapter like
so there you go let’s put this thing into place and it
fits just like that and I put a little tape on the back just to make sure it
stays in place follow the instructions and make sure you place the SIM card
exactly how you’re supposed to slide that in there we go now going back to
that router we need to wait a few minutes for the router to initialize
it’s better to let everything happen with the router first so I can get
started before you put the USB hotspot in or won’t work very well I won’t
connect I’ve run into that looks like we’re ready to go so this is also an
antenna so you just flip it out like so that acts as an antenna and then here’s
the USB port I’m going to plug this into the back like so
and then here you want to wait for the lights to turn on now you’re waiting for
different lights see here you have the power here is just saying you have
Wireless then we’re going to wait for some other lights to turn on here now to
get this set up which I’m not going to show you you’re gonna need the v-z
manager it’s old verizon software to get this connected and set up and then you
just log into this router like you normally would set that up with your
Wi-Fi password security different things like that I won’t really show you on
that one but no you have to set these two things up and then once you plug it
in this should sync right up so as you can see the lights are lighting up we’re
just waiting for humor lights right about here
and we should be good to go all right now these are the lights you’re looking
for you want to make sure you have a USB connection you’re getting a 3G 4G signal
and then right up here you see it flashing as long as it’s not flashing
red it’s flashing like a blueish green that means you’re good to go
so now we know we have a signal and you can see here this is the modem name the
MBR nine five eight for AC I click on that wait for that to connect all right
leave here let’s see let’s try this well you know I got a signal all right that’s
one way let’s move on next we’re going to talk about probably what you’re used
to and this is just a normal verizon hotspot this is the newest one they have
out the seven seven three zero L I like this one a lot just because it’s dual
broadcast 2g and a 4G signal it also is a
touchscreen and this is a first for a Verizon’s hotspots most of the
predecessors would only broadcast one of the other signals and it wasn’t
touchscreen so it makes a little more convenient so what we’re going to do is
plug the sim card back in here since this is a newer one it takes this
nano-sized and I can just plug that right in like so oops
alright we’re going to turn it on and as you can see it’s got a four out
of five bars so picked up my SIM card so now let’s test it on them phone okay
and like I said it’s the Verizon seven seven three zero so let’s click on that here we go
looks like it already connected and it looks like we got a signal with
this one as well still same SIM card now my favorite one that I want to talk
about is the Verizon router and voice this thing is great it hasn’t been out
that long but since it bombed really bad because the way Verizon marketed it they
they said that you couldn’t replace the SIM card so basically it’s one and done
so you couldn’t resell it and Plus Verizon has very high rates so a lot of
people didn’t like it so I think there were close to $200 now there are about
50 bucks forty on eBay a great deal for what I’m about to show you so first off
to replace the SIM card you got to open it up just take the back off there’s a
backup battery inside in case you lose power you want to take that out and you
just got a look in there’s one two three four five six screws you have to take
out I’ve already removed them it kind of stays in place without the screws and
it’s easier to take on and off you will need special security screwdrivers hex I
mean sorry Torx screws to take them out I’ll link those below but let’s take it
apart okay this comes off and the SIM card goes right here and then they would
have already been a SIM card in here depending off your purchase that new or
used so let’s pop in a SIM card so what you’re going to do is just slide that
SIM card right in I did need adapter for this one a little
small doctor and there you go so now this does have to have the battery
plugged in in order for it to work now you will notice this flicker
nothing’s wrong with the unit it’s just the way this screen displays and the
camera picks it up where the normal eye doesn’t notice the flickering the camera
does so you got a couple different things you have a power button to let
you know about 4G let you know if you have a wireless signal it also lets you
know that you have a wired connection if you want to hook up something and then
you have WPS you press this button and then you press the button on your laptop
or whatever and you can automatically sync it I forgot to mention on the back
here the hardwired connections and like I mentioned before that and I said I can
do a lot of things Wireless but I would miss out on my phone calls where here
you can hook up just a regular phone line and since your cell phone is tied
to the SIM card my cell number will ring through that normal phone so I don’t
miss any calls like I said if I’m on a trip with my family and they’re watching
Netflix that I don’t have to put my SIM card back in I can still get my calls
and then up here this is for antennas but I’ve learned with hotspots unless
you get the really expensive ones like over $50.00 putting in a tent on here is
useless so save your money these have pretty good internal antennas anyways so
here you go as you can see we’re getting all right sorry about that I had a
little problem with my cord but you notice that earlier it had voice but no
data and that’s how it works if it’s running off of battery you’ll only get
voice you won’t get a data signal but now that I have the plug in properly
we’re getting everything we need so let’s test out that signal okay
so right now connected to my home this is the Verizon router so I’ll click on
that we’re connected let’s get out of here and there you go we got a signal so I hope this helped so I showed you
three different options I showed you the regular hot spot
I showed you the router with the failover 4G backup and then I showed you
my personal favorite the Verizon router which i think is great for travel or
home use if you want to use it that way you can get it dirt cheap and you don’t
have to get another plan you can just swap out your cards we need it needed
now I’m not saying this is a permanent solution that you should use all the
time because yes you are swapping out SIM cards from your phone to another
device but for temporary use or when you’re on vacation this is a great
option take care

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  1. With the current verizon unlimited plan if I put my sim card into the MIFI for example; would the billing be considered hotspot activity or does the phones sim in a hotspot mask the fact that the MIFI or the router is technically tethering the data?

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  4. Will Verizon know that I'm using my sim in a different device other than my phone I currently have a Verizon note 3 and would like to stick the Sim in my Verizon t114 router that you have in the video will it work and would they know? i have the beyond unlimited plan with 15gb hotspot, would i be using my hotspot data or my phone data once i stick it in the router?

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