Vacations & Private Planes : How Much Does It Cost to Fly a Private Plane?
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Vacations & Private Planes : How Much Does It Cost to Fly a Private Plane?

August 26, 2019

Hi everyone, I’m Russ Handler, travel expert.
We are on scene right now in the area of Albert Whited Airport in beautiful St. Petersburg,
Florida. Did you know the cost of chartering a private plane or jet is really up to you.
It varies considerably. From five hundred dollars an hour to a single prop, small plane,
to as much as four to eight thousand an hour for a wide body jet. Again, I want to emphasize,
your needs will dictate the cost of your trip in a private aircraft. If you choose a method
of renting a private aircraft, and then putting a pilot and crew in it, that could get rather
costly. Another angle that you might want to consider is, you might want to use a chartered
vehicle. That way you get, not only the aircraft, but the crew. Keep in mind it could be between
two and four thousand dollars an hour for a turbo-prop jet, or rather a two engine jet.
And again, the less engines, the less it’s going to cost. The bigger the aircraft, the
more it’s going to cost you. Do your research. I’m Russ Handler, and that’s a little bit
about how you do it.

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  1. How much would a Private plane cost ?
    Call a flight school at LAX or Sac, Cali and ask someone. Call a flight charter service. ET, call home!
    Sources:common sence.

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