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  1. Verizon is the worst and they’ll fk you over. My mom and I had a plan with them years ago and we got billed over 2k for a month.

  2. T-Mobile did something similar to my wife a few years back. We went in to check the service but never signed up for anything. But they tried to open an account for her when she didn't even get a phone from them.

  3. Companies won't upgrade their security simply because they don't want to spend money. It's just easier for the customer to wear it.

  4. This is why everyone hates ajit pai he along with Donald Trump has the most punchable face on the planet they are destroying the internet first there was the repeal of net neutrality then article 13 in Europe and now coppa really feds really we're sick of this bullshit

  5. Years ago, when I first took the CPA exam, they had a foolproof way to prove who took the exam. Each candidate completed a small card with name and exam number. DURING the exam a proctor came around to each candidate. The proctor had a small ink pad that was chemically treated instead of holding ink. You put your thumb on the pad, then put your thumbprint on the card for that portion of the exam.
    I have, for years, maintained that the easiest way to reduce financial fraud is to require the borrower to put a thumbprint on the loan document. With modern technology, contracts are often now on computer. You could use a fingerprint scanner. Loan identity theft inexcusable. The lender should be prohibited from collecting from anybody if they fail to properly identify the borrower. I can provide a passport and driver's license in the name of George Washington, but if the thumbprint belongs to Thomas Jefferson, it's case closed. No excuse.

  6. They also used a BS app that gives someone else to spy on every phone on the plan and Block other app & websites to control you!
    It is called "Verizon Family Companion"!
    My mother (who is homeless) has a phone under her father's plan and he slowly blocked almost every bit of the phone and is demanding 3 times the worth of her phone!
    And Verizon can't remove the app (they tried, but it returned worse than before).

  7. My only identity theft incident was a $3000 contract + phone from Sprint. It was caused by a mail theif, who I successfully reported to local, police, learned of his existing (attempted murder) warrants, led them to his whereabouts, and followed his case until I was sure he was in the state penitentiary for a long time. I successfully got Sprint to remove me from their collections list, but never got that $3k unpaid debt off my credit history.

  8. If these companies can't provide a legitimate reason to ask for this information, they shouldn't even be allowed to ask for it. Unless I'm trying to finance a device, or apply for a credit card, there is no legitimate reason to even ask for such information.

  9. True. Those assholes have a hard inquiry on my report and I NEVER gave them permission to pull any credit for me. Crooks.

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  11. Corporations have no consequences whatsoever for any actions taken while "conducting business." To say they are treated "as people" is inaccurate–they're treated much better than people. People are disposable while corporations are worshiped almost as much as the money they dispose of people to get

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