Vertical Maze Dubai – 4K
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Vertical Maze Dubai – 4K

August 23, 2019

everyone thinks about big buildings in New York is an obvious one people don’t realize they are not this big it’s the same altitudes of mountains that we jump off in Switzerland so to you here at home and proximity fly through man-made mountains it’s amazing childhood dreams is being Superman and Batman and flying through buildings when we come together through X to buy and skydive Dubai dreaming about what we’re gonna do it always seems to evolve and we make it happen information and right ha ha ha intense boom that was crazy

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  1. Regarding to the weird description of this awesome video – It is actually perfectly legal to download anything from the web. The illegal part is to share the downloaded video content without permission of the owner, illegal is to upload it, sell or redistribute etc.. but the downloading is legal. . Why? Because the option of play, watch or see anything is working by downloading the video content to the device's cache = every bit (literally) must be downloaded in order to see it. . Just saying. .

  2. Careful whilst jumping that you don’t accidentally touch another jumpers “hip”, you get a year in jail for that. Such a “free" country.

  3. Breathtaking travel videos, a visual delight, please do see this.

  4. Sharon lung kin shun.own. 林似霑林育羽林秦兆龙毅龙绍君的房屋 土地

  5. I wanted to see peoples reactions when they landed awwww man. Imagine landing next to a group of hot chicks and just pulling off your helmet like a badass lol.

  6. N tenho coragem de fazer mas sou fã de quem consegue. Muito da hora. Podia ter o its time bruce banner na hora de saltar. Vcs sao os melhores

  7. Hi!

    I’m Aiga from ShowHeroes, we absolutely love this footage and would like to use it to produce a short video story (less than 1 min). Of course, we will definitely credit you for your work. What do you think? Do get in touch via [email protected] and I could go over the details with you there!

    Best, Aiga

  8. I so want to do this!! Unfortunately it's not open for all. However, I tried Xdubai's Zip-line. It was awesome too.

  9. Living life to its fullest. I’m gonna get my sky diving cert this summer. I really want to go to Dubai to do some BASE jumping. Is there a website where I can check prices how much this will cost? Thx!

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