Vintage Aircraft Flights, Tiger Moth, Boeing Stearman, Dragon Rapide
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Vintage Aircraft Flights, Tiger Moth, Boeing Stearman, Dragon Rapide

December 2, 2019

Are you looking for an authentic flying experience
that will bring to life the Golden Age of aviation? Are you looking for that special gift that
will be such a thrill that the recipient will remember it fondly for years to come? Put on a leather flying helmet, start the
engine, and take to the air in a biplane for a vintage aircraft flight. Who can resist the allure and romance of a
flight experience in the sort of aircraft that would have been flown by the aviation
pioneers of decades ago? There is something magical about flying in
an aircraft from the early days of aviation. They may be old but don’t worry about the
performance as these aircraft are kept in tip-top condition by the very best in aircraft
mechanics and restorers. For example, the Tiger Moth. Open cockpit flying in a Tiger Moth is quite
a contrast to flying in a modern light aircraft. It’s a similar comparison to that of driving
in an air conditioned car compared to being on a motorbike. In the cockpit of a Tiger Moth or some other
aircraft designed in the 1930s you can smell the grease of moving parts, the engine’s
vapours, and the leather of the seat and perhaps your own clothing. You can feel the vibrations of the wind through
airframe and the stick between your knees. It’s aviation as it was for the early pioneers
and it’s a good lesson for those softened by too much comfort and gadgetry. As an alternative to the slow and elegant
Tiger Moth how about a Boeing Stearman or a Harvard flight? These aircraft trained many
of the fighter pilots of World War II. They’re heavier than a Tiger Moth and consequently
have a more powerful engine that makes a distinctive growl during fast turns and take-off. If you’ve been to any of the airshows in
the UK you may have seen the Breitling Wingwalkers whose display consists of three Boeing Stearmans. They thrill the crowds with synchronised aerobatics
as the Wingwalkers wave from their various positions on the upper wing. If open cockpit flying is not your thing but
you would still like to experience flight in a vintage aircraft then there are pleasure
flights available aboard aircraft like de Havilland Dragon Rapide. This was one of the early passenger carrying
aircraft that opened up air travel to the well-heeled in the 1930s. To find out more
about vintage aircraft flights and how to book them visit the link in the description
area below this video. After you’ve flown, or if you already have,
come back and post a comment describing your experience. Happy Landings!

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  1. If you have any experience of flying in vintage aircraft share your tips and experiences in these comments. Thanks 🙂

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