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Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Drama competition | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

January 10, 2020

Bunty, with great effort we make this saplings grow, and you are breaking them, these saplings also got life. Next time If you break them I will complaint it to the principal. It’s my wish, I will do anything. Will you stamp and destroy us again, will you do it? Ghost!! Mummy!!! Vir, sir has called us to take part in the drama competition, we will do our best for this competition. “Hey human, don’t boast yourself too much, don’t cut these trees, they also have life in it” Wow, Vir you deliver the dialogue so well, you should be the hero of this drama. Sorry Imli, Bunty is the hero of this drama, he looks like a hero, and in this play the heroes name is hero. All animals call him hero. Thank you sir, hehe!! Vir will be a tree and stand on the stage. Haha!! He loves trees, you have given him the perfect role, haha!! Imli, you will do Deer’s role, Keki will do the role of a Tiger and Feki will become the Anaconda. Vir you can get Gintu and Chulbul also, Chulbul will bring a real animal effect. Other’s can wear the animal’s costume, Gintu can do the role of Gorilla, he is perfect for this role. Thank you sir. Dhenchu!! Vir, let Bunty be the hero of the drama, you are my hero. Bunty, come on say this dialogue, “Hey you fool human, let go your pride, don’t cut the jungle, they also got life”. “Hey leave the pride you human, hipppp, sorry, hey fool,pride, in this animal and human”. Bunty, what are you saying, you can’t remember one small dialogue. Vir can say this dialogue in one go. Haha!! It is not that easy to say. “Hey you fool, let go your pride, don’t cut the jungle, they also have life”. Sir I remember the entire script. Ok, Vir you concentrate on your role. Bunty come on you say the dialogue,”Hey leave the pride”. Oh! I am also saying in a wrong way. Haha!! “Hey human leave your disgrace”.Not disgrace Bunty, its pride. Say your dialogue. Hey Kakkad don’t be so proud, don’t ever think of cutting the jungle or else I will hit you. Hey Kakkad, shut up. Tomorrow, learn the script properly and come or else everybody will make fun of us. No, we cannot take the chance, Vir knows all the dialogues, let Vir be the hero and Bunty will be the tree. Thank you sir. Get ready everybody fast, next turn is ours. You both go and hide somewhere and don’t come out till Mr Kakkad makes me the hero. Let me see how the drama play gets completed. Vir I shall eat a quick snack and come back , I am too hungry Dare you move from here, its our turn next. You know, I can’t tolerate hunger, just 5 minutes I shall be back. Not even 1 minute. Kakkad sir Keki Feki has left , they said if Bunty becomes hero then they shall return. Now what to do? Oh no!Now we need to stop the play, Lion has to roar, without them the play can’t proceed. Lion will roar , the scene is later , by then they shall arrive . What do you say Gintu? Yes sir they will come , they have told me not to worry, before there scene they will reach. Ok! To get them back is your responsibility, I shall open the curtains. All the best. Vir I am very hungry, let me go and eat. Please. Don’t scream, until you are quite you will be outside, as you scream then you will be in my stomach. Hero do save us, the humans are cutting the trees in the jungle, where will we go for our homes. Complaints begin as soon as you see him, you have come from a long distance. You must be hungry. First we shall eat something and then we listen and discuss your concerns. What is this? This line isn’t part of the play. Don’t worry, I will talk to humans, I am sure they will agree to my talks, listen to me and not cut the trees. Yeah!! Lets celebrate on this. Lets eat some snacks. Haha!!! Animals are eating snacks, haha!! This play is written and directed by you? Animals do not eat snacks, look the audience are laughing. Sir believe me. There was no scene of eating snacks. Friends enough of eating, lets discuss the real problem. Don’t be afraid, I shall request the humans and try to explain. They might be coming, you all go and hide. Observe what I am saying and when I call do appear. Wow! Thank you Hero, on this lets eat some snacks. Shut up Gorilla, enough of your snacks. Haha!!! Hero why did you call us here? I have a request to make, please don’t cut the trees of the jungle. Where will the animals and there kids stay. Haha!! Let them go anywhere, haha!! Hey human, don’t boast yourself too much, don’t cut these trees, they also have life in it. Wow! What a say! Lets have some snacks. Hahaha!! Ok, if this is your stand then the king of the jungle Lion will decide. Don’t be scared of me, I am not the real one, my voice of roar is dubbed. My costume makes me look real, isn’t it? Yes you look real, very good costume, haha!! Oh Lion these humans have unheard my request. kindly command the elephants to march their houses and destroy them. My loyal elephants go ahead and destroy their houses. No!! Don’t break our houses , where will our families go? Why don’t you think the same for all the animals living in the jungle . We have understood our mistake, forgive us. On this note, let’s have some snacks. Hahaha!!! All the plays were good but the jungle play was unique. They have conveyed a serious message in a comedy manner. We appreciate it. I declare them as a winner. Yeah!!! Thank you sir. Vir, where are you going? Its a long distance have some snacks. Hahah!!! Mummy!!! Real Anaconda, real Lion. Help!!! Bunty they are not real. Wait, where are you going? Hahaha!!

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