Virtually Real: making art in virtual reality
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Virtually Real: making art in virtual reality

August 17, 2019

JESSY: What’s exciting about VR for me is physical space, scalability, movement, interaction… it’s got all these amazing qualities going for it. Physical objects don’t have to behave like physical objects behave. ADHAM: You feel as though you’re enveloped inside an environment. Which is a very different way for me to experience images and approach images or to receive images. and that’s a lot of fun [laughs] ELLIOT: As people that deal with digital stuff you think you’re ready for, like a digital sensation, and you’re just going to be able to be analytical about something that’s happening to you, but it’s just shocking when you get a genuine like, feeling in the stomach or you feel actually afraid. JESSY: It’s like it treads a fine line because I wonder, can it have any sort of transcendent wonder? Like, there’s stimulation wonder and then there’s, oh – what do they call it? they used to call it in, like really beautiful paintings – ELLIOT: Sublime? JESSY: Yes! Sublime. ELLIOT: You’re looking out into a horizon a lot of the time, like an endless beautiful…. JESSY: Yeah. Or like space – “Oh I’m in space”. JESSY: Your mind wants to see your body so it’s prepared to accept that you’ve become like a pulsating purple light tube ADHAM: You’re right, my mind does really want to see a body like when I look down, I really want to see something responding.

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