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VLC Streamer Free – iPad App Review – Frackulous 145

August 29, 2019

VLC is the video player of choice for most
people, thanks to its refusal to be freaked out by pretty much any format, and it’s
overall free niceness. There’s a VLC app available, but more excitingly, if you’re
an iPad owner, there’s a VLC Streaming app. Install the app on your iPad and the software
on your computer, and you’re pretty much done. The app will scan for any computers
within the WiFi network with the software installed, and then give you access to any
videos on your hard drive. You can search or navigate through the various folders, and
once you’ve picked your video, you set it to process. Whilst the initial processing
will take a couple of minutes, the best feature is that you can start watching it whilst it
finishes the processing – there’s very little waiting around. It might not sound
life changing, but the beauty of the iPad is the portability, and the chance to watch
Dexter whilst you’re washing up, or lazing in bed, particularly if you’ve got a desk-tied
computer, is brilliant. And free. Double brilliant.

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  1. Just found your review. Thanks for taking the time to do such a professional job.
    rob (from Hobbyist Software)

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