Vlog #2: WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Difference, Pros & Cons
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Vlog #2: WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Difference, Pros & Cons

August 31, 2019

Hey What’s up guys it’s Greg thanks so much for Joining me here in Santorini Greece This evening for another Vlog i want to talk about right Now the difference between wordpress.com wordpress.org And Self Hosted WordPress What are the differences and where Should You get wordpress all right so tough topic Let’s Just Jump in and Let’s Try to cover the best we can The first Way That Get wordpress and use wordpress is to go to war it’s calm and When you do that You’ll get a version of WordPress where you can do a Few Things like make a Blog start Blogging writing Posts But You won’t get all of WordPress so What they’ve done at WordPress calm Is set you up with a Really easy Way to start a free blog and Then you can Pay a little more, to have your blog do more so what a Lot of People Who want to start a Blog do Is end up going to wordpress.com and then You Know they Pay a little more to start putting videos on it or to edit the code Or Because they Get more Visitors They have to pay more Because The Visitors Need more Memory on the Blog Pretty soon you have someone is Paying $100 a Year for a WordPress Blog Alright So That’s one Way to start Work best If you Just want to blog Casually and You don’t want. To blog for a Business it’s great to do a free blog at wordpress.com But You can get into that sort of Sticky Situation as you progress So the Other Way to do it is to get wordpress.org Now you can’t Just use wordpress.org You Need to have a Host so That’s where the Whole self Hosted Thing comes in and the Way It Works is you Visit a web Host Like Hostgator Bluehost Godaddy Many Of The traditional web Hosts and What you do is you pay for a little Space Called Hosting space and Then You install WordPress on to that space and you can Use WordPress.org When you do It This Way you get to everything you never have to pay for you know more Add-Ons To edit The code or add videos Stuff like That you get all WordPress software With This Route as Opposed to with wordpress.com where you Get Just little Bite-Sized Chunks of WordPress software They are the same software made by the same Company However it’s it’s different Ways of accessing It and If you want to Just Blog for free It might be best. To do wordpress.com But if you want your blog to do more if you want. To block professionally or start a Blog for a Business you Know to e-commerce Sell Things from it if you want to run multiple Blogs Like Your blog your parents Blog Your friends Blog Your company Blog Then You’re Better off Visiting a Web Host Like Hostgator Bluehost Godaddy and Just Installing WordPress org and Go in that rep so hope That Gives You a General Idea of difference in wordpress calm Works Out org and we’re a web post Plays into it all Let me Know any more questions in the comments and i hope to help you guys Explain This down Below See that we’ll be properly Labeled There’s so many more questions

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  1. What do you guys think of the enhanced (and highly random) animations here? Even though they take forever to add in Final Cut I could use them more in the future if they add to your experience! Thanks so much for any feedback and please add your 2 cents to the WordPress.com vs WordPress.org debate too!

  2. HI
    IM TRYING TO BUY A HOSTING PLUS DOMAIN ON HOSTGATOR, USING YOUR CODE FROM FEW MONTHS AGO. i think it's not available anymore coz when I do all basics steps and want to "Chekcout now" its says i need to fill in the indicated fields, but all id done correct. What I shoud do? it's because Im in Spain or….no idea……

  3. Ok I'm new to this and I have hosting a domain 2 actually and blospot blahhhh blahhh why is it that I'm so confused i have ipage hate it have wordpress.com they want more money i have google domain no hosting uggghhhh. HELP I was just diagnosed with a genetic disorder and i wanna spead the word is that so hard l;ol

  4. problogbooster.com: Gotta own your blog to make any type of impact and to tailor it to your brand message. But for amateur bloggers who have zero interest in making money or driving traffic, go with a free platform and you’ll have an easy setup and easier publishing process.

    Every CMS platform has its own pros and cons. WordPress is an excellent blogging platform to set up your blog and monetize it. And yes, sometimes things might go opposite in terms of plugin and stuff. WordPress CMS has its pros and cons, but the pros surpass the cons in my opinion. But, if you truly don’t like WordPress as a platform, then there are options to help you create a blog you’re suitable for. Eventually, it’s all about choosing whichever you feel most comfortable in using. By the way, you describe very well about WordPress importance.

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