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August 18, 2019

In a recent freddiew video, Freddie and Brandon
introduced a superhero who vomits milk to thwart his enemies, and as a means of transportation.
This is disgusting. So naturally, I immediately wondered how much milk you’d actually have
to drink (and expel) in order to hover like Milkman. Turns out, it’s a lot! Using basic rocket science, you can calculate
that an average person will need to vomit around 5 gallons of milk each second in order
to hover! You know those videos of water jetpacks? Replace that water with milk coming out of
your mouth, and you get the rough idea. So either MilkMan would have to be carrying
a LOT more milk around with him, or else he must use special milk that’s super-dense – like,
mercury milk, or molten-lead milk. Either way, definitely
a superpower!

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  1. Why..? The video would last about 20 seconds and wouldn't involving anything that anybody couldn't incredibly easily figure out their self.

  2. oh boy i cant wait to drink over 10 galons of milk and tell my mom that i can fly, and im gonna say "FOR SCIENCE"

  3. Wait, out of ALL the superhero superpowers you could've talked about, you picked FreddieW's MILK-VOMIT-MAN???? You could of talked about Superman and how his powers come from being under less-gravity then his home planet, but you picked MILK-VOMIT-MAN??

  4. If the average drop falling from the sink has the volume of a sphere with a diameter of 5 mm, the cumulative volume over an entire year is two cubic metres.

  5. Compared to the most advanced aspects of rocket science, it's basic. It's actually simple mechanics, which is the first thing you learn about in physics. Newton's laws, the most important part of this, is chapter 2 in my textbook.

  6. you forget that the milkman has to incorporate the weight of the milk he uses and then follow the rate at which he loses it

  7. is super dense milk a superpower, and yes
    there IS basic rocket science, the formula for the amount of mass , traveling at what velocity / acceleration is needed to push what mass how high , and how fast , is plug and play

  8. Wow, all you guys calling out "basic" rocket science are stupid to the max. The term "basic" in this context is not pointing to something being simple in general. It is simply a basic version of something (without the details). No oxymoron… morons.

  9. i only clicked on this because of the picture of a giant doodie.
    burnt face man is the worlds worst superhero

  10. He also isn't shooting out that much milk. Why correct it by adding more milk, instead of correcting it by adding more velocity?

  11. No, basic rocket science is pretty simple. This is just action and reaction. The rocket equation, which shows that you need exponentially more fuel to get linearly more delta v, is a bit more complicated, but still pretty basic. Actually building a rocket that doesn't explode is a serious feat of engineering.

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  13. Either he'd have to carry around a lot (increasing the reaction mass), which would be counterproductive as the more he carries around the more he'd need to carry around to lift what he carries around; or he'd have to constrict his throat opening and vomit harder (increasing the specific impulse), making it go faster.

  14. perhaps he is applying more acceleration to the milk. a super amount of acceleration which could in part be powered by the lactose in the milk which is why it must be milk.

  15. Person 1: I can't figure out how to solve this problem!
    Person 2: What?
    Person 1: I want to know how much milk you'd have to drink and expel to fly like milkman.
    Person 2: Do you have any idea where to start?
    Person 1: Yes, but there are still some things I just can't work out!
    Person 2: Oh, we can figure it out. At least it's not rocket science, right?
    Person 1: …

  16. For me to propel myself in the same manner, how muck 'milk' should I pump out of my mouth of my 'other' head?


  17. Not sure why I watched this right before dinner. Not my best decision of the day. Sadly, not my worst either.

  18. maybe he can accelerate the milk to a high scape velocity and therefore achieve a high specific impulse kind of rocket propelling…

  19. 0:06 *insert quote from MINIONS here*
    0:23 You would SPLODE!

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