VooPlayer Review After Using It For 4 Years To Host Sales & Course Videos
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VooPlayer Review After Using It For 4 Years To Host Sales & Course Videos

August 17, 2019

What are the most frequently asked questions
that I get is what do I used to host my videos on my website I have online training courses
and I have a video player that I’m using to serve up those videos in my courses and so
this is going to be a review of the platform that I have been using for a very long time
I started using VooPlayer in 2015 and here we are years later and I still use them and
I even have their top tier plan with them so I’m in a show you how I use VooPlayer in
this video and share some of the features that it has hi my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com
remake WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you’re new here consider clicking on the
subscribe button you don’t want to miss a thing click on the notification bell so this
videos can be all about VooPlayer and before I go over their website there is a special
deal lined up for you right now on view VooPlayer if you visit WPCrafter.com/VooPlayer it’s
going to take you straight here to this page now I pay a lot of money for VooPlayer a pay
over $200 or about $200 per year for the service but right now they have a special plan set
up for AppSumo buyers where you can pay $79 and get a lifetime account with VooPlayer
and there are some limitations and you can stack this just one hoops right now go over
the deal points here that you find on AppSumo and then I’m going to jump in and show you
how I use VooPlayer myself and show you around it a little bit it’s fantastic for creating
for hosting your courses on video MH is fantastic will get to that in a moment let’s just go
over the the deal points here so with VooPlayer when you get this plan it’s can give you a
certain amount of storage to store the videos that you upload if you wanted to be hosted
the videos on their service now they also have something called a hybrid hosting video
hosting which is interesting so if you didn’t want to use that storage it would allow you
to use dropbox links or Amazon S3 or any other type of hosting there’s a list of them but
you definitely gonna want to use the hosting that it provides so for $79 you differently
want to come here and read through all the features that you’re getting for your $79
this is a feature packed sub platform I’m not getting into that just right now to get
into that in a moment but for $79 of escrow down to the bottom here is the list of features
that you are going to get the lifetime account you’re not paying that monthly or annually
IP actually about $200 per year for the service okay now you can stack the code so it’s gonna
come with five gigs of storage now as soon as you create your account login there’s an
opportunity to share on your social media VooPlayer in the net will give you an extra
five gig so you’re really getting 10 gigs of storage right off of the bat and you if
you wanted additional storage you can buy additional deals that will give you an additional
5 GB of lifetime storage that’s a really good deal their biggest expense with the service
is the storage so every time you would buy this and there some other goodies you get
if you buy a second or third one okay video preview for email marketing that’s a really
neat feature hybrid and cloud hosting that’s what I was talking about where you can use
your five or 10 or will have very many times you stack this you can use that or you can
use the host a video elsewhere and kind of use VooPlayer as an in between to have control
over the player in a ministry that moment all future upgrades integrations a B split
testing mass video importer there is no branding which is very good player customizations as
my favorite part of this you can bring in automatically videos that you have on Wistia
YouTube or mimeo of course get the AppSumo refund. But check this out yesterday they
actually modified the deal to make it better so there’s a couple features that they hold
back on this plan personally I don’t use any of the features that they did not include
in this plan so here is what the update is so when you buy one of these deals like I
said he gives you five you to do social share to get 10 so they’re just pointing out if
you bought one of these you would get the 10 GB of storage now the floating video feature
this does not come in this plan but if you did it to of these the step two of these you
get that you ever been in my website you know what that is it’s when you have the video
playing but there’s also content on the page and someone scroll down past the video you
can have the player shrink and float on one of the corners and so if you bought two of
these not only do you get the extra 5 GB of storage you get that floating video I actually
use the floating video for my courses and it’s not like a crucial feature to be honest
though and if you bought 1/3 one you would get an additional 5 GB of storage so now you
would have 20 GB of storage and you would get another feature which is custom start
and end time feature actually I’m not super familiar with that I would believe that if
you were using a video that you brought in from say YouTube or mimeo or something like
that you could set a custom start and end time on that video almost guaranteeing that
is what that is for right there there’s some good uses for that and so here’s some additional
information on it so this is the update for the deal $79 WPCrafter.com/VooPlayer okay
so now I’m a do everything I just said about this AppSumo stuff on a cut out of the video
as soon as this deal is over let’s go back to their website take a look at the normal
pricing and will take a look at the features and want to go over them there in them will
jump into how I’m actually using it okay so here’s VooPlayer’s website I would definitely
recommend coming here and taking a look at all of the features that a list to see if
it meets your needs now I will say the main reason I use VooPlayer is because it gives
me total control over the video player experience that the people on my website are going to
get that’s number one so were talking customizing colors of the play bar the features that are
in the player like to go full screen or to increase the playback speed it has all of
that stuff it’s pretty feature packed but the real reason I use it is I want the videos
in my online training courses to be secure I have looked up and down and none of these
platforms that are out there provide the security that you get with VooPlayer uses something
called HLS I don’t know enough about it but I do know if you use any of those browser
extensions to download a video you knocking to be able to do that if you have someone
that’s looking at the source code to find some secret link to go and download the video
they’re knocking to be able to do that the only way someone could get a copy of your
videos if you’re using something like this is if they’re using a screen recorder and
there’s really nothing you can do to prevent that but there would be an awful lot of effort
someone would have to go through in order to pull that off it’s just deterring it right
so you pretty much add your video you can upload it to their platform into the hybrid
hosting bit customize your player then you can embed it I just use an embed code over
on my WordPress website it generates a format copy and pasted bam I am set and then there
is there’s detailed analytics on your videos you can see all the stats that may interest
you of views drop off times and all of that kind of stuff and so here’s Bart on their
website where you can see all of the different feature categories so the first one talks
about the half of the hosting in the hybrid hosting you might want to check that out I
just use their hosting because if you want the security it has to be a video hosted on
their platform I can’t be something from the hybrid thing for its may be on Vimy or YouTube
or something like that I do know is since I’ve used it some of the time most of the
time the when you’re doing the YouTube embed you can just have L up unlisted YouTube video
and it will strip out the YouTube branding but that feature it always been a little buggy
over the past couple years I was at it work for me but people tell me it wasn’t working
for them if so it’s a little iffy I haven’t tried it in a long time but it always seemed
to work fine for me usually if you didn’t have a you had to make sure you didn’t have
an advertisement from YouTube on the front or the back and it would always seem to work
but you can do the same thing with mimeo or even a Facebook video and there’s other ways
of doing it that might interest you dropbox dropbox the load times can be a little slow
but you can do it and there’s I haven’t done Google drive or anything like that okay so
that is that now the player you get full customization and since I have been using the platform I
had made a suggestion last year 2017 and I said hey can you have a more modern player
and then they added that kind of epoxy Wistia looking player of the added kind of a skin
that looked like that so you get to put your branding the colors and all of that kinda
stuff one things I really like about the player it also has the little thumbnail scrubber
so yeah the little timeline at the bottom of the video if you choose to have that on
your player when you’re moving your mouse over it you get the little thumbnail previews
I love that for the people that are watching my courses now it is good to use a tool like
this for your marketing videos so that you can do certain things they got them listed
here are mostly so that you can have good detailed analytics on some marketing videos
I don’t using a whole lot for that but you could definitely I’m I mean I have several
videos that I use it that way instead of using like YouTube or something like that I will
just use this mainly for the analytics and have control over the video players experience
they have email gates share gates you can put calls to action that pop up at certain
periods of time in the videos I don’t actually use any of those features just being transparent
now that analytics are really good I don’t really jump in the analytics a whole lot for
videos that I have that are training courses but I do for a sales video I would definitely
use the analytics for that here’s a tab on their security and this is a feature that
they added probably the last four months maybe and so it’s not retroactive so a lot of the
videos I had up there don’t have this feature but more of my more recent videos do and I
gotta say I’m so glad that the invested in security in having the best security so if
your course creator and you’re creating content that people have to pay to access you definitely
want to be using a system that uses HLS encryption is also password protection this would require
a password in order to watch a video I have never use this feature domain restriction
so this means the video can only be embedded on domains that you white listed website addresses
I use this feature was actually buggy when they release this new version of VooPlayer
a year and 1/2 ago but it works pretty solid right now there’s this is interesting view
video once based upon someone’s IP address I mean these are really good security features
there’s some integrations I don’t actually use any of these either where you can ask
you you can even do some interesting things I don’t use these features at all but here’s
the evening the full feature list of VooPlayer Ocampo scroll down to the pricing so they
have an enterprise plan and so there’s a monthly version or an annual plan sometimes they have
cells I know on Black Friday 2017 they did have a cell on this so I’m sure does go on
sale from time to time but there’s like no limits really there is no limit on the storage
that you get with the enterprise plan and they have another turbo CDN bandwidth however
they don’t limit you on how many videos how long the video can be a how many views a video
can have when I first started using VooPlayer in 2015 they didn’t limit the amount of use
you can have and they since gone away from doing that and now it’s unlimited view so
that’s definitely a benefit right there and live chat support of actually use that and
it’s been pretty good okay so now I’m in a jump into my VooPlayer and I have this enterprise
account like I said a lot of the specific enterprise features I I don’t use I really
wanted to show you the settings and I want to show you on a per video basis the player
customizations and the settings that I think make this really great for online course creators
specifically so and then they said his backs would be great for marketing videos as well
so I’ll show you what those are now I when I jump in there there some things I’m in a
gray out I mean I’m a private person I don’t want everybody all up in my business even
though I’m literally showing you my account that I’ve been using since 2015 so here goes
so over here on the left I have a list of my videos and I have them categorize now the
interface has expanded it’s not a simple interface VooPlayer is not a simple interface at all
I think you get used to it really quick and they made a ton of improvements however it’s
not simple so essentially you upload your videos and you can put them in categories
or folders so actually uses the terminologies group so you can group your videos and then
you could look at those video groups on the far left here you have your menu system and
you see it expands and contracts when you hover over it because are trying to squeeze
a lot of stuff on in here I hear let me actually get out of the video so when I’m in a do is
start editing a video I have on using it Camtasia summit click on edit video and it will take
me into the video editor right here so now you’re gonna see on the rights there is all
these settings panels that you have available for you okay so first you you’ve got your
video name there your settings well above your title your player colors and styles so
I have the style where I’ve got the green that follows my brand and you can control
all of the colors of the video player when I click on this you’ll see here you’ve got
your colors that you can choose you can put an M animation on the button I don’t like
that you have your controls type the traditional that be a lot of rounded stuff but I like
this modern flat which is one that I asked them to implement where you get this boxy
stuff right there and you can save these color schemes for your videos let me get back into
the settings here okay so when I scroll down let’s take a look at the player controls and
this is some of my favorite features of using this so these are the options you can make
available to someone that’s watching your video so I like to turn on enable full-screen
because people sometimes want to go on the full screen when they’re watching my videos
like to show the remaining time I like to show the video duration and I love to get
this option here and I was so happy when they added this last year which is to give your
viewer a playback speed option I tend to speak at a slower pace and that so that all people
no matter what your written language is and understand my videos so I like to have the
increase playback speed and people love that option I did that feedback all the time okay
so we got some advanced options right here in these are some of the options that really
make this good for course creators so specifically right here is preload video so this is going
to start preloading some of the video before someone actually pushes that play button is
gonna make it faster for them to start watching your video I like to autoplay my videos now
what stinks is all the browsers in 2018 have changed it so whenever an auto playing video
is going it’s automatically mute muted there’s nothing that VooPlayer any video platform
can do about that okay this is what I really love the auto resume detection so what this
is going to do is when someone starts watching one of my videos if they leave it puts a cookie
on their their computer and so when they come back to watch that video it’s going to remember
that they’ve been there before and that maybe they watch half your video and it’s going
to give them an option to resume playback I love this this is perfect so perfect for
course creators in human cells videos you can let the person jump back in Smush it was
a longer video to where they left off okay like I said I don’t use any of the marketing
tools maybe I’m just a bad marketer I don’t really use any of these or the conversion
tracking tools mostly what I’m using it for let me play this and then posit as for controlling
the visual features that are available everything someone sees right here so I like the ability
to have the colors to have the exact features listed here that I want to have the playback
speed I have full control over this and and that’s the main reason why I use VooPlayer
and then what you want to do when you’re done you can go ahead and click on the publish
button and this is going to give you some additional options so right here is going
to be the embed codes you can just copy and paste this now here is something really interesting
this is in beta and they think started beta and this maybe a month or two ago they had
been working on performance optimizations so that means when you embed a video on a
page the weight in the size of the pages can be very lean and load very very fast so there
is a bit update option here to turn this on now sure at some point this wants a beta just
going to be automatic but they give you this is actually nice when they have some of these
beta features they give you the option if you want to use it or not okay adjustable
player size I don’t see or hear floating video okay so here’s that floating video option
you can turn this on or off it’s just so when someone scrolls the video will loads severe
and online course greater and you have a lot of written content along with your lessons
this is actually a really nice touch and so this is pretty much how I use this app now
one of the things I don’t like about it I’ll be okay so just say some of the things that
I think they could improve on and I voiced these to them and you know that is what that
is number one when they this is version 4 VooPlayer I use version 3 and then version
4 version 4 it was real buggy at first there’s lots of problems I had I actually can even
really use it for six or seven months but they ironed all those out around summer 2017
maybe winter 2017 it’s been a very stable platform for me now and I’m glad that I use
it however they could I’ve had some issues from time to time using their supports I think
they’ve improved recently maybe in the last few months but last year was a real brutal
experience when you would have bugs getting them to take the bug seriously I just always
felt like their support was overloaded or it because I I was felling I got short answer
so but I will say this year the supports been better now here’s where things I don’t like
see how this precious limited amount of upload storage so what happens is you upload a video
then it’s gonna take that video and it’s gonna do some things can it will cook and coded
into its security since solution it’s going to create a thumbnail and stuff like that
now I might upload it with the name of the file that makes sense to me so here’s like
a naming convention you can see it right here next to me in the video bubble now when you
go into the settings and you click on my files Simon the settings right now and I just clicked
on my files right here and it shows a list of all my files so says I got 504 files it
changes the name of the file and it probably does that further for security purposes but
the problem that I’ve always had is that this can become a mess so it’s like if I delete
a video out of VooPlayer it’s still here or if I had a failed uploaded still here now
I think if you reach out to support they can flush this out for you but I’ve always been
a little unhappy about that aspect of the platform that you can if you can just feel
it like it’s getting messy quick now I haven’t reached out because I have an account with
a ton of storage 50 GB of storage and I haven’t come up against that I’m using about half
of it right now but that’s always been a concern of mine that I’m going to run into that so
I’m sure if I reach out to them they could flush it out they maybe have some kind of
service script that would flush this out I really prefer it if I deleted a video from
that video lists that would actually come in here and deleted as well so what they’ve
done in here is you can see their file name the size and it just says use on one video
now if I click right here it says one video it will show me the original file name of
it or that’s the the video that it’s linking to on the front and I know it sounds a little
complicated but this is always kind of a confused me a bit and you can going here and manually
delete stuff out or download stuff if you needed tubes on the settings here you can
see here’s a lot allow domains this is where you can actually look like this and they must’ve
put this as their their address when they are troubleshooting this prompt as I had a
big problem with allowed domains let me just go ahead and remove baritone pain right there
okay so that’s gone so here’s we put your allowed domain so the my embed codes won’t
work anywhere else but on domains in this list you have SMTP settings this is it will
email out a monthly report that will tell you some of the files that get much the most
your videos to get washed the most watched not washed and then here let me just jump
into the billing section right here I’m going to definitely clear some of this out there’s
always the way that the system is there sometime some buggy nest that bugging us but like a
slow not bugging us and off a slowness when you’re going through these tabs because it
seems like it’s using a much I frames but I could be wrong on the terminology there
okay the reason I did this is because I wanted to show you that I’ve been using version for
VooPlayer since this date right here however I use the version 3 prior to this since 2015
they actually launched version for around this time and I’ve been like the first guy
that used it for better or for worse so anyways this is VooPlayer I really like it and you
don’t overall it’s been good to me it’s been it’s been good to me there have been moments
where I’ve been frustrated with it I’ve been frustrated with the platform and frustrated
with the support but I think 95% of that was related to them upgrading from version 3 to
version 4 and it’s been a year now so all that dust is pretty much settled and I’m pretty
happy with it in it provides a good enough experience I have notice from time to time
I get a support message come across and someone selling me that they’re having problems a
lot of skipping and stuff like that with the video so that has happened before but I never
by the time I see it in then to their message and then I tested myself it seems like the
problems already gone away or something like that so anyways you could you know that just
is what that is so anyways if you’re interested in checking out VooPlayer visit WPCrafter.com/VooPlayer
will take you right on over and if you found any value in this video if you give it a thumbs
up you have any questions you can ask me down below I got a lot of experience using this
have been using it for very long time I do think it’s a very best player for a course
creator so anyways thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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