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February 22, 2020

all right so it’s time for our QA about
the new Captain America shield so one of the most common questions I
saw on both the videos is how heavy is it
and honestly I don’t actually know so let’s find out a little scale here all
right fourteen point two six kilograms or just over thirty pounds so yeah these
are pretty heavy it would be really cool to make one out of titanium because we
could basically have the weight it would only weigh about 15 and a half pounds
then but unfortunately titanium well I’m not very good at a quilting yet and
titanium is pretty expensive but maybe sometime in the future we’ll try
remaking this out of titanium which would be really cool another common
question was asking about how long did it actually take to make because the
funny thing with videos is you can make it look a lot more simple than it really
is so for this project it actually took
about two weeks of design on the computer just to design it before we
even start building it now that did include a bit of the MDF the the
cardboard prototype that I made using the laser cutter and then building it I
think that was about a good solid three weeks with almost four people working
full-time so this was actually a very extensive project and a very expensive
one too just considering the man-hours that went into it so with that in mind
how much did it actually cost to make well again it wasn’t cheap the most
expensive cost was actually the labor that went into it because like I said
multiple weeks of full-time labor but that being said even the components
alone were pretty pricey so all the components like the rails the pneumatics
the hoses the valves and all that stuff all that by itself was over $650 u.s.
and then the laser cut steel was almost $250 by itself so literally just the
components not including the cost of actually putting it together was nearly
a thousand US dollars if I had to guess I’d say the whole shield probably cost
around two to three thousand dollars once you consider the amount of time and
labor that went into it with all the welding the grinding powder coating a
shield like this would cost quite a few hundred dollars because powder coating
is only cheap when you doing it in bulk if you’re doing a
single job that’s a single setup luckily my friend has a powder coating setup in
his garage so we were able to do it for free so another question asked are there
gonna be more videos about the shield and yes there are we’ve actually got two
more videos still that are going to come out on the meter and that includes a
street fighter style video where we destroy a car – the street fighter
soundtrack with all the music and sound effects at it it’s going to be great and
then we’ve got a really special video it’s actually going to be Captain
America’s old shield versus the new shield to see which one comes out on top
so quite a few people have asked if I’m gonna release the designs to the public
so you can try building your own and to be honest I haven’t quite decided yet
because I did put a lot of time and effort into this and like I said it
costs over a thousand dollars to make so I can’t see too many people actually
making this but that being said I might be releasing the designs to at least my
patreon followers so is the shield really bulletproof well nothing’s
actually bulletproof but the shield is quite bullet resistant now I did only
test it with a 9 mil which is actually a pretty easy gun to make something bullet
resistance and I’m sure if we had a higher caliber weapon we could actually
punch through it but like I was saying the shield is actually really thick in
the middle it’s almost an inch thick of steel so it could actually stop quite a
big round but again I don’t really want to destroy this because it costs so much
to make and took so long and then it wouldn’t work anymore so we’re not going
to be doing any more tests to see how bulletproof it is but I’m pretty happy
that can stop a 9 mil think that’s pretty convenient so another question
was asking how much money do we spend on all the stuff with broke and some people
thought that it was actually more than the cost of making the shield but that’s
just not true the majority of the stuff that we break we find in the garbage on
garbage day we go out in the streets and we see what looks cool to break that
people are already throwing out so like that TV was already busted the car we
destroyed well we bought that but it was only 100
because it was a parts car it was missing almost everything it needed to
be an actual car and it wasn’t worth repairing or fixing and making an actual
street-legal car so we really don’t spend that much money on breaking stuff
we always try and reuse garbage that looks cool to explode in slow motion so
what’s my favorite Captain America’s original shield or the new one
definitely the new one the old one is iconic and it’s a lot of fun but I put
so much more time and energy into making this one and I personally think it’s way
better plus we’ve got that video coming out Captain America’s old shield versus
the new shield another question asked was where did I get my awesome caption
mayor costume you mean this one we got this costume from killer body and it’s
actually a licensed Captain America costume although we did weather it a bit
to make it look a bit more like the one in infinity war and to do that we
actually use cosplay Chris’s tutorial there’s links in the description below
if you’re interested in doing the same thing to your Captain America costume we
also did a photo shoot with new costume changes including both our Wakanda and
shield build and caps original shield so make sure you follow us on Instagram
where we’ll be posting the final images and to get all the latest updates as
well as some teasers on upcoming projects at the hacks myth anyways
thanks for watching and I hope you guys enjoyed this project it’s got to be one
of my favorites and if you have any more questions leave them in the comments

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  1. I know this must be pretty obscure, but can you make a kanohi mask of x ray vision? Anyways, brilliant video!

  2. I know I’m kind of late but could it still hold the pneumatic cannon and still be functional (not as durable of course) if I were to 3D print it?

  3. i am trying to recreate the shield but i am going to make it out of regular metal. but i cant seem to find the valve you used for reversing the airflow. could you maybe give me a link? please

  4. Personally, I don't see the point in it expanding such a small amount. If it were small enough to use your hands and then expanded to that size then sure, or if it expanded to a size similar to caps first shield then it would make more sense otherwise I just don't get it

  5. I would pay you ten thousand US dollars if you make this new shield but it has to be made of Titanium

  6. Who heard the voice crack when he said cheap and also HI the Hacksmith I'm a new subscriber and I hit the bell btw

  7. Cool nice vid man your haircut is dope and you are captin America you are my favourite YouTuber infact i will sub right now

  8. Hi Smith can you make a iron man shield which is used in Avengers infinity war which has protected iron man by 6 infinity stones

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