Warframe: Hoverboards, Co-Op Ships And New Fortuna And Railjack Features
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Warframe: Hoverboards, Co-Op Ships And New Fortuna And Railjack Features

August 26, 2019

Remember Warframe? It’s the space ninja game which keeps its
head down and quietly gets on with being one of the most popular games on Steam. It’s one of the more restless games, too. It’s constantly growing, updating and changing,
taking its huge player base to strange new worlds that completely flip the action on
its head. It makes most games look incredibly conservative
in their update plans – especially this year as it introduces a huge new open world area
and four player co-op space battles. Oh, and hoverboards. Warframe in 2018 is a very different proposition
to Warframe in 2013 – so I thought I’d run through the biggest additions heading our
way that make it worth taking a second look. The big news first: Warframe is going to space. Well, technically, it’s always been there,
but we’ve never properly made the trip. Normally you cut from your Orbiter ship to
the planet surface via a landing craft – Elite Dangerous it ain’t. But now along comes Codename Railjack, an
expansion which allows four Tenno – those are your space ninjas – to gather on a planet
surface, hop into a ship and pilot it from the ground up out of the atmosphere. The launch itself looks relatively hands-off,
but it’s more than a loading screen. You can walk around the ship and look out
of the window as you punch through the clouds and catch a very brief glimpse of heavenly
delights before flying onwards to far less hospitable battle space. But what really stands out is that the ship
– a multi-crew Railjack – is designed for four people. So while one person takes the wheel at the
front, the others can hop on gun turrets to cover the ship’s flanks. But that’s only when things are going well. Fail to shoot down waves of attackers and
you can face boarding parties, forcing everyone to leave their stations to hack up intruders
in classic Warframe combat. They’ll also have to manually patch up damage
done to the ship. While this presentation largely focuses on
how cool it is to pilot the Railjack through space debris and carnage, we all know the
person having the most fun is the one spraying the fire extinguisher. The more the development team revealed, the
more it became apparent that the flying the Railjack is a lot like playing a third-person
action version of FTL. The crew can use a central command panel to
adjust the power balance, shunting energy into weapons, engines or shields and changing
the behaviour of the ship as they do it. Warframe players are used to playing with
others, but that usually descends into four mad ninjas doing their own thing. This is a far more concentrated co-operative
experience, one that gives everyone something to do in moment to moment action, as well
as offering wider decisions that the group can make about how the ship is managed. It looks absolutely brilliant. Of course, now that Digital Extremes has built
a co-op ship, they have to find something to do with it in. In this demo, the crew goes after a dreadnought
that’s raining down death on the planet surface below. It’s a pretty standard star wars-y approach,
with waves of ships spilling from the belly of the beast, but the magic bit happens when
they get up close. With the enemy vessel’s security wrapped
up tight inside, one member of the Railjack crew has to hop out of the airlock and manually
fly into enemy territory using your Archwing. It’s basically a really snazzy jetpack. What I love about the boarding parties is
that the Railjack is still in play while the ship is being invaded, not only defending
itself from attacks but aiding the Tenno inside by hacking into the ships defences. From the control panel you can drop security
gates and turn gun turrets against their masters, which obviously plays out in real time from
the perspective of those inside the ship. This clears a path to the heart of the ship,
which allows the infiltrator to mark it as a target. We now flip back to the Railjack, pump all
the power from shields and engines into the gun and fire a killing shot in the heart of
the enemy. It feels like the kind of epic set-piece that
would round out the end of a Halo game, but we’re made to believe this is business as
usual for Codename Railjack. The larger question is how representative
this is of the expansion – will we be toppling star destroyers left right and centre, or
are these special occasions. The more destruction the merrier say I. All this exciting Railjack fun is due by the
end of the year, but before then we get another whopping slice of adventuring in the Fortuna
expansion. Like last year’s Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna
adds another vast open world area to the game called Orb Vallis. If you haven’t played Eidolon, it’s much
closer in feel to Destiny’s free-roaming hubs than the linear corridors you maybe associate
with Warframe’s missions. If Eidolon was Digital Extreme’s baby steps
into a more freeform playground then Fortuna sees those baby legs grow into confident adult
strides – the map alone is five times bigger than Eidolon’s. In fact, the whole opening area of Eidolon
can fit in this basin you see before you. It looks a lot more exciting than Eidolon’s
slightly muddy plains, too, with giant space mushrooms and a horizon littered with barmy
alien tech. Based on Venus, the planet was once an inhospitable
firestorm, that has been slowly terraformed by the dedicated work of enslaved people. It means the planet can now be explored and
has a built-in race of slaves in need your help – all very convenient. The people in question are the Solaris, a
race of heavily body augmented people are are paying off impossible debts to Corpus
Overlords. It’s these people who’ll be offering bounties
to clear out enemy camps and slowly claim a foothold on the surface. One small tweak that is sure to please any
one who played Eidolon, is that these bounties can now be accepted from bases you’ve reclaimed
across the planet – meaning you don’t have to keep returning to the central hub camp. It’s all geared towards you playing and
doing more. Even more exciting than this is the existence
of giant spider bots who clamber around the rocky outcrops and threaten to drop in on
you. These serve a similar role as the Eidolons
in Plains of Eidolons, offering mammoth boss creatures that only the highest level teams
are going to bring down. From the look of the demo these are able to
move about quite freely, so should hopefully make for some fun surprise encounters. Oh, there a bouncy mushrooms, too, because
inside every warframe is an italian plumber trying to get out. With the world being that much bigger than
any area that came before, Digital Extremes are wisely giving us alternate means of transportation
– if they didn’t we’d quickly wear out the shoes of our warframe and have yet another
item to add to the crafting list. And so we get hoverboards, or as they’re
called in Warframe world, K-Drive. You can call them that all you want, but I’ve
seen Back to the Future Part Two and know an honest to god hoverboard when I see one. It brings to mind the Sparrows in Destiny
in the way you summon them to your feet, but with a bit more maneuverability over rockier
terrain. From this brief demo it appears that the K-Drive
can be summoned at any time – there’s no obvious cost, as opposed to the Archwings,
where you need to craft a doodad to summon them down. Archwings were the fastest way to move around
The Plains of Eidolon, so it’s nice to have a free alternative on Venus. Of course, you can still use Archwings here
too. The K-Drive looks like a tremendous bit of
kit, whipping us along smooth curving roads with a real sense of speed and bounding off
rocks and ramps for some airtime. There seems to be a basic tricks system, letting
you spin and show off your board. Of course, K-Drives will be customisable,
so these spinning aerial shots are surely a good chance to admire whatever details you’ve
got etched into your personal ride. Apparently the team is still debating whether
not we should be able to fire guns while riding the board – I’m sure they’ll come to the
right decision. Which is, of course, to let us fire a bow
and arrow while performing a backflip on a hoverboard. We all know that Tennos are good at murdering
things, so in neat twist their incredible power is being put towards conserving life
in the Fortuna expansion. Once you’ve purchased a lure and a tranquiliser
rifle from excellently named robot, The Business, you can set yourself up as a freelance conservationist. Creatures don’t have a good lifespan in
the harsh climate of Orb Vallis, so if you spot animal tracks on your travel you should
take the opportunity to find the owner of those feet a safer home. At this point the game becomes a hunting simulator
as you creep around the countryside, listening for the animal’s cry. Once located you use the echo lure to try
and replicate the animals call and lure it out. This is a bit of a simon says call-and-repeat
minigame, where you have to match the varying pitch of the animal’s call. Manage to trick the animal into thinking that
your seven foot space ninja is a two foot space badger and the creature will shuffle
out of hiding where you can smack it with tranq darts. When it’s nice and dozy, it’s time for
you to tag it, admire the stats – much like you would the fish in the Plains of Eidolon’s
spearfishing game – and then airlift it to a happier home. This last bit really reminds us of Metal Gear
Solid 5’s Fulton Balloon system – and any game that reminds me of Kojima’s aerial
sheep kidnapping, is a good game in my books. For all its wider story and space ninja theatrics,
Warframe is largely about the accumulation of stuff, and the fun things that happen when
all that stuff slots together. Fortuna offers even more stuff to obsess over. For starters there’s Rude Zuud, who lets
you build kitguns – you pick a chamber, a grip and a loader and out pops a highly customisable
toy to empty into enemy skulls. From the very brief overview in this demo,
the range of outcomes brings to mind Borderlands, as you create semi automatics with the precision
of a sniper rifle or a shotgun that inflicts a high status debuffs with every shot that
hits. Last year’s Plains of Eidolon offered build-your-own
melee weapons; but gun variety should feel more distinct in your hand. An even bigger cheer was reserved for Moa
Companions. Moas are bipedal gun turrets and if you’ve
played any amount of Warframe you’ve likely murdered them in their hundreds. After years of kneecapping these creepy legs,
you’re now able to use Fortuna merchant Boon to build your own pet. It’s another modular system resulting in
weird and wild outcomes. You want a heavily shield Moa with a grappling
hook to reeling in enemies? So be it. Fancy something lighter on its feet armed
a beam of melting heat damage? Your wish is Boon’s command. Of course, the look of the thing is just as
likely to influence your decisions. Yes, I too will likely end up with a robot
in a top hat and bowtie. Good to see the ancient tradition of dressing
up pets in dumb costumes lives long into the future. Looking beyond Fortuna, there’s a promise
of customisation in Railjack, too – with you adjusting the ship’s reactor, weapon systems
or hull colour. Just don’t expect a huge variety of ship
types themselves – only one ship is planned for launch, with the idea being that you’ll
put the effort into making it feel like yours. Other models will follow down the line, but
not at a rate to undermine the meaningful changes you’ve worked hard for up to that
point. That’s a quick overview of some of the bigger
changes coming in the Fortuna and Railjack expansions. Of course, Warframe is constantly being fed
a diet of new warframes and skins and gadgets and gizmos – there’s a lot to keep you busy. Question is, will all this new stuff speak
to newcomers and offer a good jumping in point? I’m keen to hear your thoughts in the comments
and let us know if you want to see more Warframe on the channel. I’m keen to start punching up my low level
character to prepare for massive spider fights, and will happily take guidance on where to
focus my efforts. If you enjoyed this video, why not subscribe
to rock paper shotgun for more videos on all things PC gaming – it’d be even better if
you ring the bell to get these videos beamed to you on release. For now I’m going to go and dream of space
battles, see you soon. Goodbye.

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  1. that one game EA never adds to their stats or "sense of pride and accomplishment" a game can give you.

  2. It’d be cool to have a hook grapple to use with the hover board to swing around and use momentum n whatnot

  3. Most likely will attract more player but surely it won't keep much of them in since the newplayer experience is a total turn off. Most would rage quit out of being overwhelmed, confused and lost. You would need good guide to get you deep into it and here's one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3HJ-At-dMs&list=PLRbxjtNC1lOgm6xM5dO3sgiDkg3YlgxWc .

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  5. Well this will certainly bring in a new wave of players for several reason.

    One being that it's going on the switch as a F2P game so people that own one will surely get it, and the new update has given warframe a huge amount of coverage on numerous websites as well as YouTube.

    That being said I would caution new players that warframe is fking huge, and you will need to put in some work to get the proper gear to fight shoulder to shoulder with veterans facing the hardest challenges. If you like looters where you grind for new gear you will probably have a good time, else I would not recommend it so full heartedly.

  6. Just a correction for you guys. Railjack is not coming till NEXT year (2019). Steve said as much on Twitter.

  7. Very good vid. Instructive, informed, fair. Hope everyone tries out Warframe, and sticks with it a bit. First few days of Warframe may be rough, but just ask around in chat (everyone is helpful), or check out the Warframe Wiki (that the devs participate in also) to get your orientation. Can't recommend the game enough.

  8. Actually, the atmosphere of Venus is extremely dense and hot, so you'd probably be simultaneously crushed and melted instantly if you went there, while the vacuum of space is just really cold and empty so you'd suffocate after a minute or two. 🙂

  9. Awesome video! Warframe by the way is the best free to play game in PS4 in my opinion. Fortnite is good but I hate how my shitty internet affects my enjoyment in that game. In Warframe my high ping isn't much of a problem since I usually just grind for stuff. I love Warframe and how the devs love us fans makes me feel a sense of responsibility to give back with at least 100 usd.

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