Watch #PaxEx Minute: More power, sliding seats, and new concepts at Aircraft Interiors Expo Asia
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Watch #PaxEx Minute: More power, sliding seats, and new concepts at Aircraft Interiors Expo Asia

August 31, 2019

Hello! I’m John Walton, and welcome to the Runway
Girl Network #PaxEx Minute, in association with aviationgate. Underneath the APEX Expo in Singapore’s
Marina Bay Sands this week was the smaller but no less interesting Aircraft Interiors
Expo Asia event. Seatmakers brought their latest wares to show
the Asia-Pacific market just what’s on offer. The biggest news is that inflight power is
coming to low-cost carriers. AirAsia’s new seatmaker Mirus is working with fellow Brits
IFPL and Aussie mates digEcor to put a sleek, smart high-power USB socket in the armrest
of over 300 AirAsia planes. That’s great news for passengers in the ASEAN region, but
it also raises the bar for LCCs internationally. Southwest, Ryanair, easyJet: your move. Runway Girl Network has been tracking the
development of the Side Slip Seat, where the aisle seat slides right over the middle to
enable passengers to board and leave the plane more easily, and also makes life a lot easier
for passengers with reduced mobility. It’s the first time we’ve seen the seat in the
flesh, and I was really impressed by the functionality and comfort, especially since the middle
seat is staggered backwards. That moves the shoulders of the middle seat passenger back
just a few inches, but you can really feel the difference. A little less innovatively, Italian seatmaker
AvioInteriors has yet another staggered seating concept on the market, but the interesting
thing is that they’re NOT planning to offer this without direct aisle access. Are we seeing
the end of the “midnight clamber” over a slumbering aisle seat passenger from those
seats without access to the aisle for every passenger? That’s all for this week — follow us on
Twitter @thatjohn and @RunwayGirl, keep up to the minute with the #PaxEx hashtag, and
join us next time for the Runway Girl Network #PaxEx Minute.

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