Water Jet Hamster Ball
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Water Jet Hamster Ball

August 24, 2019

Has this been done before? ( water splashing ) Oh, God. – Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to
“The Super Slow Show.” Dan, over the years,
we’ve put you inside some very strange things,
haven’t we? Oh, I like being
inside strange things. But usually,
you’re inside
a strange thing just sat on the floor. – Yeah.
– So, today, how about
we shove you in this human sized
inflatable hamster ball and use six fire hoses
to lift you completely
off the ground? So, it’s almost like
a very safe jet pack? Yeah.
Well, I’d say
mostly safe. – Oh.
– Like, 70% safe. That’ll do. – Yeah, check that off,
good to go.
– Yeah. – Good enough for me.
Sort of, yeah.
– In you go. – Okay.
– By the way, this isn’t
just six hoses. This is six water trucks. Each pumping all that
pressure into these hoses. It should lift about
900 pounds in theory. – Oof!
– That was a graceful
entrance. – ( groans )
– You want me to zip
you up? – Uh, listen,
– ( farts ) ( laughter ) Oh, God.
It echoed! It echoed. Right, just do this over. No, oh, it stinks. ( laughter ) What? You did it. ( blows air ) So, I guess I just stand
like this, right? What does it feel
like in there? Well,
like I’m a giant hamster. All right.
Well, I’m gonna stand back
at safety. – Good luck in there,
– Cheers. Ooh, careful. Has this been done before? ( truck starts ) ( water spraying ) Oh, God.
Oh, God. Oh! More! – Gav: Oh, my God!
– Give me more! Whoa-oh!
Whoo-hoo! Whoo! – Dan, you’re off!
– Whoo-hoo! Whoa-oh! Whoa! ( laughs ) ( laughs ) Uh, this should be
a real thing. That’s fun. That’s a lot of water. How was that?
You got some clearance. I’ve survived. You were like three or four
feet up. – Was I?
– Well, maybe. It felt like much higher
than that for some reason. – Did it?
– Yeah. I feel like this should
be a thing. Like, people should
be able to come along
and do this. Well, it is
a thing now. – It’s fun.
– ( laughs ) All you need is
six water trucks, a hamster ball
and an idiot. ( laughs )
You know? Gav:It’s such an odd sight
isn’t it?
That is completely surreal.Dan:The hoses were
constantly tilting.
I was having to adjust
my body.
Gav:Just like flopped
in a heap.
Occasionally, you get
it perfectly, right?
Like you go in there handed
and it was just perfect,
but other times it was
moving around all over
the place. I had to move
my body here, there,
backwards. So, it was trying
to buck you up. Dan:That looks like
some sort of movie alien.
Gav:It really does.It’s sort of like
a “War of the Worlds”
feel to it.
Dan:Looks like
a video game boss.
( laughter )– Gav:It’s like you’re in a
big floating Death Star.

– Dan:It’s like…a big floating Death Star
tadpole octopus.
Dan:It’s a very odd day
for lighting
because the sun’s in and out,and it just makes
the clouds look so cool.
You have all these flares
from the sun, it looks wicked.
Gav:These cords that
are attached to it
that are holding it down
a bit.

– Dan:Yeah.I think, slacking them off,I want to get into
like ten feet.
– Ten feet.
– ‘Cause it felt
high already, but I want to get higher. Do you think ten feet
will make it more unstable? I think it would
go down from 70% safe to like 55% safe. – ( chuckles )
– But it’s still
the majority. Still in the realms
of my capabilities, so– – Let’s do it.
– Yeah. ( high pressure
water shooting ) Bloody hell! Whoo! Whoa! Whoa! Oh, my God! ( laughs ) ( shouting ) Oh. ( coughs ) – Cheers.
– ( laughter ) Whoof! I think I snapped
a Go-Pro out there. ( laughs ) – Dan: You’re trying
to kill me.
– God. You came right at me. Did I?
All right. – Oh.
– How are you? I almost fell off a couple
of times there. – Gav: Yeah?
– Yeah. – Come on.
– ( laughs ) Dan:God, right.
First thing’s first, right.
It was going all over
the place.
It was like one of
these mechanical bulls
that was trying to throw
you off.
I feel like the people
in the water trucks were like, “Whoa,”
trying to get me off. Whoa! – Gav:( laughs ) Oh, my God.
– Dan:Oh, man.Look.
– Gav:You’re completely…Dan:I just look like one of
those eggs that’s not quite
ready yet.
Like, it’s not formed
in the middle.
It’s like you’re a tadpole.
– Dan:Yeah.
– Dan:Perfectly eclipse
the sun.
It’s like perfect
backlighting there.
Oh. This landing could not have
been worse, by the way, right?
I literally landed
head first.
– Gav:( laughs )
– Dan:Not only– look at this–
look. Look.
It’s head and neck.Head and neck, first,
Oh, straight to
the floor.
Gav:That’s enough.Oh-ho-ho!That just looks
so good though.
I love all this lens flare.That might be unintentionallyone of the most cinematic
movie-looking shots
we’ve ever done.That was a lot of
extremely safe, 70 to 50% safe fun. Very successful. Incredibly cinematic
footage. For what it was,
which is six fire hoses and a big inflatable ball. – Six foot dude in
a flying ball, yeah.
– ( laughs ) Would you do that again? Yeah.
I would love to, yeah. Well, hopefully you
enjoyed that video. Feel free to subscribe
to The Slow Mo Guys. and we’ll see you again
in the next episode of “The Super Slow Show.” ( grunts ) – Are you off, Dan?
– Yeah. – All right, see you.
– I’ll see you later. See you next week.
Bye, Dan. ( chuckles ) If you see a ball
with Dan in it rolling down the street,
please return him. He’s very expensive. Hi, guys, click here
to post here to keep updating on all the new videos
we’re posting
almost daily. for “The Super Slow Show.” There will be loads of them. Imagine the mess
we can make with
daily videos. Be chaos. I’m even slightly
worried about it,
to be honest.

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  1. Kinda reminds me of the transportation spheres from Bioshock. Except far more unwieldy.
    And now I want Andrew Ryan's speech cut with random near-failure moments from Slow-Mo Guys.

  2. That was an unusually graceful dive into the giant hamster ball by Dan.
    Almost as if his body's movements have been honed by years of trying not to get hit by things, or throwing himself into other things at Gavin's behest xD

  3. This was interesting, but the water should have been pointing up. I have seen where you blow air up and a ball floats in mid-air. This seems close to that. (or maybe it is in the next video…)

  4. Ngl when dan got lifted up I thought "what does this have to with slow motion, what are they going to show?" And then they just show the ball in the air for a while, kinda lame don't you think? The slow mo not the hamsterball thing that's cool

  5. i would have had the jets in a circular spiral pattern, and just let them hit the hamster in his ball so that he would spin supersonic on the metal roller frame…. that would have been funny.

  6. What you should do to prevent the ball of falling off is getting a net and putting it around the ball to secure it on to the tramp exoskeleton.

  7. How they make their videos:
    1) Does it move?
    2) Does it cost much?
    3) Can we record it?
    4) Do we need a stunt person?
    5) Can we break something? (E.G; Limbs, Equipment, Furniture)
    6) Will YouTube let us upload it/Is it within the community guidelines?

  8. I’ve seen the behind-the-scenes video that had a clip of this behind the scenes and they made a very inappropriate joke 🍆

  9. This should become a thing, but it would have to be over a bucket to reuse the water, otherwise a lot would get wasted!

  10. Gavin in the sprinkler prank video: I dont like to waste water
    Gavin in this video: hires 6 water trucks just to waste the water

  11. I agree with the comment that all that wasted water could have been eaten by the starving children in Africa !!! YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP !!

  12. You people waste a lot of water in your experiments….
    That's really bad… Many of the people in soo many areas die because of lack of clean water… And you are wasting it too much for no reason

  13. "I took a full load in the mouth", "I have been inside strange things".Some really poor choice of words here.

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