We Made Star-Lord’s Jet Pack ► ALMOST BROKE MY ARM TESTING IT!
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We Made Star-Lord’s Jet Pack ► ALMOST BROKE MY ARM TESTING IT!

August 25, 2019

So we’re saving the galaxy again? Yup! WOOOOO HOOOOO *dances poorly* Oh god… I wish I have was better at longboarding… Something about wearing a mask that makes it so much more claustrophobic… I really wish they had brakes… Why can’t longboards have brakes? Max Speed 70 km/h There’s a shopping cart Ian! “oooh shopping cart…” Those are terribly unstable, there’s no way of steering them. you can steer by like dragging the wheels oh I didn’t know that… “don’t do it man!” “It was in that moment, the Hacksmith knew he had messed up.” Oh gosh, he wiped out! Oh shoot, oh that was a bad one oh that was really bad one! oh gosh I hope he’s ok I told him not to you guys heard me right you guys heard me I said I told him not to! *painful moan* oh God… Ow, my shoulder! Get me out of the backpack please! ahhhhh… this is jackass. Did you get that? “I was a little behind you, but yeah” *Continues to moan in agony* *POP!* Oh, it just… popped back in place! “Was it actually just dislocated?” I think so… You alright bro? I just dislocated my shoulder… I felt it pop back into place! it feels better now… still very painful!
“jeeze…” It seemed so easy and then… I lost control. That really hurt guys, I think this is actually the most i’ve been injured in a Hacksmith’s video so far, um, so I guess I should be grateful that my shoulder popped back into the socket but anyways we hope you guys enjoyed that video we were hoping to do a few more tests but that accident kind of threw a wrench in the gears and actually next week Ian’s gonna have to stand in for me for the big Batman grappling hook gun test because there’s no way I’m hanging on to a grappling hook gun with this gimped arm Anyways thanks for watching it if you guys haven’t subscribed yet please do so it would make dislocating my shoulder a little bit better because what we do is we try and entertain you guys and we hope you guys appreciate that and enjoy the content yeah okay there we go that’s good got it pull it down this way. *groan* Now even though sometimes I get hurt I love doing this I quit my job to focus on youtube full time and I’d love to be able to continue doing this full-time so if you guys wanna help support us on patreon and become a patron even in a dollar a month goes a huge way in supporting the channel and allowing us to continue making awesome content for you guys! Also big thank you to Xcoser for sending us a Star-Lord mask and LeatherMadness for leather jacket there are links and discount codes in the description below

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  1. Like the costume? Star-Lord Jacket (LeatherMadness.com) ► https://goo.gl/8w1JXc (Use coupon code HackSmith) // Star-Lord Mask & Headphones (XCoser.com) ► https://goo.gl/X5Y82g (Save $30 off using the coupon code hacksmith)
    Hope you guys enjoyed the video — if you want to help support the channel and can't donate to our Patreon, try using the Gawkbox site. Pays us up to a few bucks to download an app to try (completely free): https://www.gawkbox.com/thehacksmith — it's much more valuable than TAD!

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  2. Hello how are you?
    I was looking at your project and would like to make an equal for the science fair of my school, have any video showing how it was done ??

  3. This would be useful for going to work


    I don’t have a job….

    I’m just 12 at this time what do you expect from a person who’s probably a teen when your reading this

  4. The funniest part was your reaction when you heard the pop of your shoulder poping back in🤣. Hope your arm is ok. But your not a friend if you don't laugh when your friend hurts him self doing something stupid.
    So 😂😂🤣🤣👏👏👏🤙 keep up the good work. Love it

  5. i thought he was going to fly in to nothingness turns out hes just going to ride a shopping cart

  6. The dude makes the craziest things but doesnt bother learning how to brake with a longboard nor tightening it so its more stable.

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