We Only Fly Helicopter 🚁 | Vlog 16³
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We Only Fly Helicopter 🚁 | Vlog 16³

September 16, 2019

What’s going on Johannes? I am nervous I just found out that Ola has lied to me we are not just going to be a part of the “try not to laugh” skit I am going to take a phone in front of everyone I am going to call “Egon” the restaurant and say that I am not coming to work today I don’t know what the reason for not coming to “work” yet but Follestad will give me a false reason soon my heart is beating really fast there are a lot of people in the audience it will be easy to do the “try not to laugh” skit against Ola it’s only going to be fun but taking a phone call in front of everyone will be awkward I don’t know what my name is going to be either but I have to do it on the spot this is going to be embarrassing you should film this this is not good good luck! thanks, I’ll need it now it’s happening *** what is the world’s most horniest artist? Edvard Wank how do you make your girl scream during sex? you call her and tell her what you are doing Johannes has to call Royal Garden and tell them he is not coming to “work” today Follestad has come up with a reason and Johannes is not working there Hello it’s Kenneth I start working on Monday but I can’t come because my brother is on vacation okey, let’s see Kenneth, which department are you going to work for? I think it’s at the kitchen at the kitchen? Kenneth is not coming to work tomorrow no, it’s really necessary for the weekend my brother is going on vacation as I told you I have to pack his bags yes, that’s ok but do you know the name of your boss? what did you say? do you know the name of your boss? no, I am not sure at least it’s a man is it Kim? is it a man called Kim? yes, I think I recognize the name you should send him a mail instead ok, but I don’t have his e-mail adress maybe you can leave a message to him from me just say that Kenneth can’t come to work on Monday because his brother is on vacation he will understand it ok is it alright? but next time you should give the message to him because I can’t actually take messages from employees yes, now I know only this time yes, it’s fine thank you so much bye bye I won the “try not to laugh” competition Johannes told you that I was going to lose it feels really good to get a victory are you guys done? yes, we are what’s going on? now we are going to do what we like best fly helicopter are we going to fly a helicopter? yes we are going to Mosjøen it’s our third time going to Mosjøen I think it will be really exciting the weather is nice too there will be some cool clips only one problem our camera is broken it broke during the night it’s not good at all maybe we have to buy a new one in Mosjøen we have to go shopping in Mosjøen but we’ll fix it it will be ok we are just going to find our seats in the beautiful helicopter and then we are going to Mosjøen where I am going to compete let’s go! we have been having some trouble with our camera it was some trouble with the memory card I am relieved because now we don’t have to buy another camera we just bought a new memory card and now we are ready to start this day number 36, from Byåsen IL, Johannes Høsflot Klæbo this is fun are you ready? I will do my best and then we’ll see but I am nervous really nervous the boys are hyped up I am just going to do my best Riiber just crossed the finish line he hasn’t even been out for 50 seconds let’s go prologue! you have to go fast! it was a tough race there is a lot of noise I have blood taste in my mouth but it’s so fun to get victories it’s the funniest thing in the world it seemed funny I am happy I will travel home with a very big smile on my mouth that’s good absolutely good what do you have there? I have received a gift from Daniel I am excited we have just got back from the ski race we didn’t have enough time to open it earlier we’ll see we are going to have a good time on our way home my mum and I made it are you serious? look at this! you won three gold medals in the World Championship this year and you won three gold medals in the Olympics in 2018 look at this! and the City Sprint the winner of the City Sprint in 2019 you knew that I would win what? did you knew that I would win? yes it was so cool and here as well a book for your cabin you need a book for your new cabin this is just perfect when you are visiting my cabin, you can write in this yes I will bring it to my cabin thank you so much you are welcome that was so cool now we have to go home before the sun goes down not yet but hello everyone Johannes is back from Mosjøen how did it go? good it was so fun did you get a victory? yes I won a heat pump that I will put on my cabin if you didn’t know I have bought a cabin I won a heat pump today that I will bring to the cabin it was a big bonus we are just sitting here look at this view very beautiful yes and we are going to watch Game of Thrones we are still some hours behind the rest of the viewers many hours bad timing I should have been reading for my exam you as well yes but it’s Saturday yes it is we must be allowed chilling yes you have been studying a lot today enough small talk I am going to Oslo tomorrow we are ending this week right here thanks for watching I hope all of you have had an amazing week have you? yes, I have that’s good what about you? yes, I have there are a lot of things happening next weeks there will be a lot of fun see you next week thanks for watching see you next week goodbye we are ending the vlog by doing this

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  1. fet vlogg Johannes❤️ Jeg elsker kanalen din💓 du har kjempe bra skiløper og youtuber♥️💯

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