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September 20, 2019

It’s not scary being first. I think it’s the most exciting thing. This is the future of mobility. I can feel it right now actually, my hairs are standing up a bit! Lilium wants to be a company that enables air mobility for everyone. Lilium for me is like this one project where you could have an extremely long and everlasting impact on the world. A lot of people said it’s impossible because it doesn’t exist already. It’s not about if this is going to come or where it is going to come, it’s just when and who will be the people who actually built this. It’s all about having people with the right mindset. It’s not a nine-to-five job, it’s something you actually have to be passionate about. We’re trying to do something big here and everyone at every single level should feel a part of what we are doing. We have a culture that gives a lot of responsibility to people that enables people to do something and has trust in people. You always have a voice here, and if you’re willing to contribute, you really can. Lilium doesn’t want someone that acts like a robot, they want people to have their own experience, their own ideas. We’re from everywhere and yet everything seems to match. The moment you walk in you can just feel the positivity, the togetherness, the respect, the support everyone has for one another. If you’re interested in a motivated workplace with dynamic people that are very happy with constant change, you’d come to the right place. Lilium is rock ‘n’ roll. Everyone is willing to walk the next mile, to take the next step towards a better product. It’s all new technology, technology that has not been used before in aerospace applications. Everyone loves the fact that they are able to create something unique and being part of that defining team. The opportunity only comes around once in your lifetime to be part of this. When somebody says, like “Lilium, they really rocked this!” Then, I know I’m done, I did my job.

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  1. If I would be in the market for enployment: Lilium would be my number one choice. Which other company has such an exciting vision?

  2. I love the passion displayed by the people in this video. If you ever had a way to do what you love, this is the place to lead the human race to greater things worldwide, not just local and for your benefit but, for of all of us. Nice Video!

  3. Same marketing video as before … They sell wind, but there is no real improvement and we don't see the thing flying.

    It looks like a hoax.

  4. When he said "It's not scary to be the first" I thought for a second there he was going to pilot the first manned flight and we were about to see the first manned flight video footage of it.

  5. Ich möchte das Lilium mich in spätestens 5 Jahren von Schleswig nach Sylt fliegt und zwar in 15 Minuten.
    Und es darf höchstens 20€ kosten

  6. How do u say boring in German? Was like watching the hallmark channel. Plz show the jet flying Beggars canyon back home. Might want to get Tom Cruise involved.

  7. Cool!
    I came across it by mistake, was looking for Lilium anime music (Elfen Lied) :p

    Anyway the strange thing I noticed is writing only the first names of the people in the company….that’s kinda odd!

  8. Thin air is cheaper per gram to gather and add inertial energy to and requires NONETHELESS less work to move aside to pierce. It however has not been exploitable as rocket eject mass nor lateral jet traction power clawable BECAUSE combustion versus magnetic forces are more not less costly to direct at altitude.

    The thing is for international traffic over water sonic booming propels AND does not bother life forms below water. Inertial mass FURTHER for bidirectional cargo or transit is ITSELF. That is as returning traffic approaches it itself is briefly Yanked (TM!) accelerating both ships back to mad speeds.

    The future in other words is hypersonic vessels just above weather induced water wave heights that make carriers look like sailboats and container ships containers to book ten miles out.

    We associate ski lifts as SLOW. Cables can now be tug drone placed across waterways at thousands of miles per hour. Once secured the cargo is yanked quickly to speed and then cable is released and clears span in SECONDS.

    Newton preached this. Instead dwelling on how ten feet per second is nutting to elliminate the brother's Wright got it right- any race car knows wings are for ground hugging. The world aint flat. Nascar might be turning same direction five hundred miles nonstop ULTIMATELY but the horizon always takes us down duh. At speed you get farther away from destination unless you asssit gravity bringing you home and that requires EITHER thick heavy air or yanking DUH.

    End of Story Illian. Wheels, propellers, fans- your living in some other millinia. Liquid Air is Energy. Craft that boil it for offline power are future aware. ELECTRONS can't v
    Get us ANYWHERE in comparison. NITROGEN is the 'lead' (heavy MASS) best shot by "Peace Guns." OWNING this fact best and brightest by gain welcome fun's in ALL our Sun's. Fleece UPON truth if sciences bros AND sista's! LET mass ambition meet quickly reachable Vista's for all.

    Democratize Globe duh. To an FROM ANY continent FOR UNDER $99 ends tyrannic rule; AIN'T DUMB.

  9. This is a financial fraud.
    This is a simple drone.
    And these are young actors.

    It is the reality and physics:
    Just one people weight – nothig more, just about 80-90 kg – and need a big thrust, and very big sound:

    People, use your brain!

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