What are DRAX’S Powers? (MCU)
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What are DRAX’S Powers? (MCU)

August 10, 2019

A former intergalactic criminal, Drax, also
known as Drax the Destroyer, rampaged throughout the galaxy while seeking revenge for the murder
of his family. He hails from a primitive race, and is extremely
unaware of basic customs and the use of metaphors. Along with his proficiency as an expert combatant,
Drax demonstrates incredible strength that is beyond that of any of the
other Guardians. With the ability to leap great distances with
little effort, while applying brute force as a means to dispatch his enemies. He also possesses impact-resistant skin that
allows for him to withstand enormous amounts of blunt force and endure severe strikes from
his enemies, while any punctures or critical injuries he sustains are easily mitigated
by his hyper accelerated healing factor. As a founding member of the Guardians of the
Galaxy, he has grown to show a deep respect for newfound teammates. Also, don’t insult his friends.

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  1. I hope to god that Drax is the one to deliver the final blow to thanos in Avengers 4. He deserves it.

  2. So Basically he is a stronger Captain America and his skin is like Black Panther suit from Civil war…

  3. MCU nerfed all Gotg members.
    Especially Drax,Gamora and Groot
    If the nerf didn't imply Drax and Gamora would be the same level as Thor and Hulk.

  4. They made him weak as hell in the MCU. decreased hulks strength, drax strength, spider man's . Man they just piss me tf off.
    Anyways cronos gave drax his abilities(cronos champion) to stand toe to toe with thanos. But naaa mcu just fucked everything up as always. Good enjoyable movies but it's all fucked up.

  5. Drax is an alien. He doesn't have powers, that is his species natural abilities. Powers are out of the ordinary. That's like saying humans have the power to breath

  6. I understand you making this video of drax, but whats the point of making a video about drax when you're not even showing him in the video?

  7. ….And then he became a completely different character since GOTG 2, thus turning into a simpleton and primary source of comic relief…

  8. His arsenal includes: clothesline, spear, suplex, spinebuster, batista bomb, and of course invisibility

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