What Happens After You Flush on a Airplane?
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What Happens After You Flush on a Airplane?

January 23, 2020

We’ve all been there we’ve had to do our
business on an airplane then when the plane flushes there’s a very scary noise
which makes us think we may be sucked out of the plane you may assume that the
waste simply gets thrown into the sky and goes into the ocean or someone down
below but this is a total myth some also think the pilot has a special button
that empties the waste but that’s a myth too today we’re going to see what really
happens when you flush at 30,000 feet and I’ll also go over the scary
phenomena which is blue ice from airplane toilets falling on people I’m
Charlie and today we’re going to look at what happens after you flush on an
airplane but before we depart why not subscribe and press the notification
bell to one of the great mysteries of the world seems to be how airplane
toilets work well the system we use today was invented in the 1970s by a guy
named James Kemper before then passengers on planes would simply have
to do their duty in a bucket if there was any turbulence or the plane moved
around too much then things would get very messy and smelly and they used to
empty the pockets simply by chucking it out of the window it would then land on
someone or something below World War two fighter pilots will also have to do
their business in a bucket and sometimes they would empty the bucket over their
targets some would actually call that biological warfare but today we have
what’s known as the Kemper vacuum system this first appeared in 1982 on a Boeing
plane the system uses a blue liquid known as skycam that’s right that blue
liquid isn’t chlorine or just coloring instead it’s a chemical specially
developed for airplane toilets the toilet also has a nonstick coating and a
vacuum suction because of the loud noise when you flush an airplane toilet many
people think the waste is being sucked out of the plane after all if you opened
a plane door midair this would cause a similar noise that’s because the
pressure of being so high up would cause a vacuum well on airplane toilets there
is actually a pneumatic vacuum that’s used when you press the flush button a
valve opens at the bottom of the toilet bowl a pneumatic vacuum then swells all
of the contents and puts it into a waste management
this is basically a tank inside the plane that collects all of the waste in
that blue liquid known as Skycam but one big myth everyone believes is that the
captain of a plane can detach the toilet tank and send it into the ocean this is
actually a myth and there’s no button which allows the pilot to just empty out
the waste just imagine if that button was accidentally pressed it’s not a good
idea to have but if that’s the case then what are all these reports about blue
ice falling from above well this is usually a leak of the sewage tank that
sewage then freezes midair as it’s falling because it’s so cold up in the
sky then it can fall to the ground and hit someone or something there have been
actual cases of this happening is that I’ll talk about in a moment but if the
captain doesn’t empty the waste then how is it removed from the plane well the
passengers will actually never see this bit at the end of the flight after the
passengers are off the plane someone will attach a hose into the plane this
then vacuums out the waste management system into another tank on the back of
a truck then once the waste is on that truck its emptied out with the rest of
the waste from the airport and then it goes into the sewers just like any other
toilet and a house but on that note has anyone ever been seriously injured by
falling waste from an airplane you may think this is a rare occurrence but it’s
surprisingly common in the past 10 years 27 blue-ice incidents have been reported
some of these have smashed car windows and some have even gone through people’s
roofs and destroyed their homes recently in Salt Lake City one woman was actually
hit by some frozen sewage she thought it was a small blue bird at first but after
it hit her she realized it was a large clump of airline waste the reason why
it’s blue is because of the sky cam they keep in the waste management tanks it
turned out it had leaked from the plane and hit this woman also one girl’s sweet
16 party was rained on by plane waste yeah not exactly the birthday wish you
could have hoped for one couple’s expensive RV was also
wrecked by a piece of falling waste a woman in India was also badly injured
after some airliner waste the size of a football fell on her and one day a
couple having a nice evening on their patio in New York had waste all over
them they realized it was from an airplane going from JFK
but all of these people could have actually cashed out if this happened to
them you can be compensated by the airline if this happens to you if you
know the plane it came from and some say they may compensate you up to ten
thousand dollars every time hmm maybe I should stand under more flight paths but
there we have it guys that is what happens after you flash on an airplane
and why some people report seeing blue ice falling from planes I have to be
honest I always thought the pilots simply dumped it in the ocean and I had
no idea the trucks at airports actually suck out all the waste from airplanes
but now it’s time to make your voice heard vote in the poll in the top right
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  2. Hee hee if that was the case with toilets releasing it's contents out into the open air. I would be more than smelly, not to mention the blue color

  3. So in other words your unlikely to be compensated. How many people would have a clue as to what plane it was… 🤔☹

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  5. The vacuum generator is only used below 10000ft, above the toilet system uses positive cabin pressure to flush the waste. As for blue ice, this is extremely rare on modern aircraft

  6. Can i ask a question how the used to dump their waste in the air before because it is so dangerous to open a window in the plane so the plane will crash so how they thow it in the air

  7. Two of my three daughters walk the planes in or out, unload and load the luggage and cargo, fill the water, drain the sewage, and several other tasks. My third daughter deep cleans the insides of planes when there is enough time between flights. They work very hard.

  8. Imagine pooping and deciding to flush the toilet while still on it, to not clog the toilet, and your anus just totally gets sucked in.

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