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What if There Wasn’t a Bigger Fish? – What if Star Wars

August 27, 2019

In Star Wars The Phantom Menace The two Jedi of obi-wan Kenobiand Qui-Gon Jinn are navigating through the core of Naboo With the assistance of the Gungan Jar Jar Binks when they encounter dangerous sea creatures They are chased firstly by opee sea killer and a colo Claw fish For both are eaten by the sando aqua monster leading qui-gon to say there’s always a bigger fish But what if there wasn’t a bigger fish? How would this change Star Wars history ? As You’re about to see a lot changes We’re going to say the somehow obi-wan makes it to the surface of feed. Naboo is capital city even without qui-gon Everyone is able to rescue Queen Amidala from the Trade Federation forces The subsequent events on Tatooine is similar with water supplying the parts through the bets made on Anakin winning the podrace the only difference is the obi-wan does not sense Anakin is the chosen one and Given obi-wan is still the rank of Padawan. He does not the authority to take Anakin back to Coruscant Despite his force sensitivity As they land back on Coruscant everyone stand in front of the council in despair with the disappearance of qui gong Obi-wan also talks of the force sensitive. They had encountered on Tatooine, but the council ignores this one’s hearing Anakin’s age finally Obi-wan reveals the existence of the Sith Lord. He managed to escape on Tatooine The council is weary and knows they in order to defeat a potential sis Lord Everyone by himself was not skilled enough to defeat him yet Without the assistance of Jar Jar Queen Amidala is unable to form an alliance with the Gungans so needs to formulate another strategy She decides to attempt an even more ambitious Bluff than in cannon Contacting nute Gunray. She falsely informed in of an army of Jedi Knights and masters about to descend on Naboo preparing to face the droid army Gum ray having been intimidated by qui-gon and obi-wan earlier Balks at the thought of an army of Jedi but under Darth Sidious His orders has to proceed with the plan the plan works for Queen Amidala As obi-wan is assisted Master Windu and together. They defeat more than capture Viceroy Gunray without Anakin Skywalker However, it takes much longer for the Droid control ship to be destroyed leading to a greater number of pilots perishing As obi-wan is promoted to a Jedi Knight Master Windu wonders whether they’re just defeated a master or an apprentice One thing was for certain. However, the Sith had returned Meanwhile, Darth Sidious was finding it difficult not to suppress a grin Not only at the talents of Dooku fallen into his hands, but he had also acquired the talents of young Anakin Skywalker The Jedi would in time regret that stubborn and narrow-minded approach to the force As he move forwards to the events in the attack of the clones The events are similar except that we do not see Anakin and Padme screens Ravi scenes on that Buu As platoon serves as our protector the only change until the baths of Geonosis Is that the person in place of senator Amidala does not provide emergency powers to Palpatine as Jar Jar is not present on Geonosis Nas her knees Count Dooku present with Jango Fett but beside him is a robed figure tasked with eliminating senator, Amidala as the battle ensues Obi-wan notices the road figure descending from tikis platform aboard Jango Fett’s jetpack As mace Windu and Jango Fett jewel the robed figure marches towards obi-wan with only his eyes illuminating his shadowed face two figure walks aggressively towards obi-wan and with menacing intend swings aggressively obi-wan recognized the four signatures of figure but it was shrouded in darkness as They continue to jaw It would be once superior experience showed and he noticed a weakness in his opponent’s defenses And made a precise slash across the face of the figure Revealing the face Obi-wan was terrified at the sight as there in front of him stood a yellow eyed Anakin Skywalker As a b-1 recomposed himself, he saw Anakin heading straight towards Cemetery madala. He was shielded by several Jedi Knights Anakin sliced through the notes as if they weren’t even there and prepared for a killing strike As he swung his lightsaber, he was lifted into the air as there stood qui-gon. Jinn with his arm raised glaring at Anakin As qui-gon released Anakin after obi wan’s cries. He rushed over to the cemetery Matala. He was looking at Anakin’s face in despair The boy she had encountered on Tatooine had been consumed by hatred Count Dooku frowned as he watched the events down below. He had not expected the intervention from his former Padawan He could not fail his master Leaping down below. He ignited his lightsaber forcing qui-gon to release Anakin and ignite his This was just the beginning That is it for part one of what if there wasn’t a bigger fish? If you would like to see a part two, please like this video and subscribe for more tips. And as always Leave a comment on what if you’d like to see next? Thank you very much for watching and see you next time

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  1. What if everyone had a good feeling about this? Or just pick one instance of someone having a bad feeling and switch it around.

  2. Do what if jango Fett survived/was in clone wars and episode 3 and on/didn't get a botched barber beard cut from Mace?

    Many ways to do this with lots o' text below! :

    3 ways:
    He pulls a fake death and is revived.
    (by close range explosion, ect,and revived on the ship)
    Think fake death pill/revival pill from Metal Gear Solid 3 snake eater.
    …in case jango bit off more than he could chew and live another day.
    Ill think he would do so. 2x morso when boba is born.
    Still think he's gonna get the Skywalker arm treatment.

    2. Droideka distract mace while jango escapes.
    Skywalker arm treatment optional for additional time needed to have it butterfly.

    Or may favorite with most OH SH- moments, no bias whatsoever, none @ all not a writing exercise i want stolen and made into a vid…😁:

    Jango gets the Skywalker treatment to his arm from mace.
    Mace is about to close shave jango.
    Boba then shoots mace in the side with a blaster.
    "Get away from my dad! Leave him alone!"

    Jango is visibly surrendering and backing up to Boba.

    "Son! What did you do! Now we are both done."

    Anakin sees all this happening and is getting hot seeing mace about to murder a small boy.
    "Let them leave! We need jango for the clones!"
    "His father killed a jedi! He, shot me!They both must be dealt with!"
    Killing a parent and children for anakin would be a trigger button for him.
    (Tuskin raiders killing his mom just soo soon.)

    Anakin is feeling all the emotional color Rainbow right now and it triggers a rage/ force boost.


    Qui Gon force ghost tells him to save jangos life.


    Anikin gets force prediction dream to save jango fett from mace.

    Anakin force grips mace's throat while he is fully distracted.
    He gose to boba and says:
    "Leave with your father to Kamino and you both never leave!!"
    Anakin gives 0 fs about jango and looks at him
    "That is your exile and penance. You owe me."
    Anakin rips the guns from 3 close by b1 droids.
    "TAKE THOSE 2 AWAY!!!"
    B1 droids scared for their robot lives:
    you see the 3 droids benny hill run them 2 away.
    Mace/padme/obi/yoda all say:
    "Dude wtf, why you do that?"
    "We're supposed to be protectors not murders"
    Padme would know why….πŸ‘€

    *Jango lives means clones heavily respect anikin and possibly Vader.

    *Anikin had a character growth moment.
    Murdeing those tuskins was, while felt good wasnt the right thing.
    and seeing another moment like that would be his way of trying to make up for that.

    *Jango can still cause shenanigans on Kamino.
    Oh many, many shenanigans.
    Triple agent for replublic / CIS / kaminoans.

    *Oh speaking of kaminoans, they now have a jango fett who HAS to stay on their planet.
    What a shame….. its not like jango is a insurance policy for kaminoans in case palpatine becomes emperor for reals…πŸ‘€

    *"bUt jANgo feTT wOuLd GeT nO ExILE"
    His double agent-ness would be highly valued.
    He could have a faked secret mission to gather tactical data for kamino.
    It just got botched.
    Plausible deniability.

    Now if we wanna fan fic this super far, i can give $€£300 worth if commissions to Boofire101 and beg him to make jango fett into big boss from metal gear solid and troll jedi n replublic and palpatine with clones and kaminoans.πŸ˜‚

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