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What is Favro?

August 27, 2019

This – is Favro! Favro is an all-in-one planning and collaboration
app, getting developers, marketers, and executives on the same page, while integrating with
tools you already use. In Favro, you organize work easily in collections. We have a couple of collections here for different
teams, projects, office locations, and more. Let’s jump into one and have a look. Collections contain backlogs on the left and boards to the right. In backlogs, you create plans in a tree view,
allowing them to be broken down, prioritized, and re-arranged in real-time. Boards can be used to track on-going work
by the team, map out future releases and much more. Within the backlogs and boards are cards. Cards represent what needs to be done. They contain as much or as little information
as you need – you can assign them to team members, categorize them using tags, add files,
and whatever else you need. Let’s have a look at how our entire company
– can follow the progress of a new music player design. You can see that Sven, my team lead, has added
a card to our backlog regarding the brand new music player design, and I need to write
a blog article for it. I’m ready to get started – so I just drag
the card onto our team board and assign myself to let others know I’m working on it. As soon as I move the card, Sven can see the
update in the backlog. At the same time, I also see this card in
my own personal todo list. This makes it really easy to keep track of
what I need to work on. As soon as I’m finished writing the blog
article I can let my team know by dragging the card to ‘Done’. Great! At the same time the card is also on the product
team’s development board. Everything in Favro is connected, so each
team can easily see the progress of what another team is working on. Let’s take a look at how the executive team
is overviewing the whole company. At a glance they can see what the status of
a project is on the company release planning board. I guess they’ll be pleased, now that they
can see I’m already set to roll with the blog. Now let’s hope our product team completes
the new design soon! Favro is also available for smartphones and
tablets meaning that you can keep up to date with progress, wherever you are.

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  1. I signed up for Favro several weeks ago. I tried to get customer service to answer questions and they did not respond. Favro is a TERRIBLE project management tool. You will be frustrated and disappointed. Stick with Ansana or Trello or Zoho Project. FAVRO SUCKS!!!

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