What is I sexually identify as an attack helicopter? The meaning and origin of the meme
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What is I sexually identify as an attack helicopter? The meaning and origin of the meme

October 15, 2019

Hello Internet and welcome to behind the meme!!!! Today we have a look at I sexually identify
as an attack helicopter! Boy oh boy have you guys wanted to see this
video. Thank you so very much to everybody who has
taken time to suggest it in my comment sections. I appreciate you beautiful people more than
you will ever know. Your comments help shape this channel so let
me know what you would like to see next and maybe ill be able to make it happen. You guys wanted it. Now you have it. Here. We. GO!!! Now before I start this video I feel it must
be stated that this topic may be controversial to some people. We live in a pretty wacky and also amazing
time in history. People have more freedom then they have ever
had and at the end of the day that’s a pretty amazing thing but also at times it becomes
a bit much, for better or worse. Men are becoming women, women are becoming
men some people agree while others disagree. Personally, I don’t give a damn to what
you do to your genitals or where you stick em. As long as you’re happy and stay away from
my small wiener. I’m basically already a girl. So please understand that any views or opinions
that I express beyond this point are for entertainment and education. What I’m trying to say here is don’t be
an annoying SJW in response to my video. So now that we have that out of the way. What exactly is “ I sexually identify as
an attack helicopter?”. Well, like I was saying before. We live in a day and age where an individual
who feels they should be something other than what they were born has the right to do so. A few snips here and there and the next thing
you know you can go pop a squat in a chicks restroom or grow awkward facial hair or hell
maybe even get on the cover of vanity fair. The LGBTQ community, which stands for Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer, has fought hard for their rights amongst criticism. But Now we live in a day and age where political
correctness reigns supreme. Sadly in my opinion killing comedy at the
same time. I mean back in the 80s and 90’s you could
get away with a bunch of risqué jokes. For instance “Why do bananas wear sun tan
lotion….because they peel” See. that jokes a killer that one is amazingly funny but nowadays
if you say it you have the bananas getting offended you have the suntan lotions angry
it’s just not the same as it once was… So while politically correct society may help
some, it’s also a bit much for others. Now earlier in the video I mentioned LGBTQRSTUV
or whatever it was. Well that seemed like a hell of a lot of sexual
identities right? Well what if I told you that there’s more? MANY more! As in over 50 more! Yeah… And to be honest, there’s even more than
that because I don’t see apache attack helicopter on this list…do you? Well you see that’s kinda how the meme started. many members of the LGBTQ community feel liberated
and free when they are able to express their feelings of who they really are inside. They often do so on the internet by writing
blogs or posting comments to share their happiness and freedom with others. Some of those people feel the whole ordeal
is outlandish because technically there are only two genders. Male and Female. So as a way to kinda mock and make fun of
the whole concept of multiple genders and sexual preferences being accepted in society,
a copy pasta known as “ I sexually I identify as an attack helicopter” was created. Originally being created by steam user Guuse…guuse? This guy right here Who would spam the text
in game and forums. As you can see the originally copy pasta is
a bit longer than I sexually identify as an attack helicopter if you wish to read the
whole thing you can pause the video right now to do so. After the original creation of the copy pasta
it began to spread and gain attention from multiple sources Becoming quite popular on
reddit. Typically being shortened to just “ I sexually
Identify as an attack helicopter” and used in numerous ways. Sometimes even attack helicopter is replaced
with whatever the person wishes. Like our buddy did here with a comment he
left on a previous video claiming to identify as a microwave. Sorry I didn’t mean to assume your gender But you would be foolish to think that its
simply a copy pasta text based meme. Oh no my friend, this is the internet were
talking about. Since then it has been used in many ways and
featured in numerous videos. “I sexually identify as an attack helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring
over the oil fields. dropping hot sticky loads on disgusting foreigners? “its time to live my dream bum bum bum bum
bum bum” It has even been officially recognized as
a legit sexual identity with its own term known as helisexual, at least on urbandictionary.com
that’s kinda official right? And in some cases the phrase has even become
the bane of existence for SJWs. “can I identify as an attack helicopter? Am I allowed to do that? I don’t think that would be genuine or that
has any basis. but if I genuinely if I genuinely did and
it was my reality could i do that? Im not gonna even go there. sorry guys theres only two genders, two genders
female and male Whoa whoa whoa, stop the clock. I don’t know what you call it when you fall
in love with an attack helicopter. But sign me up and call me that because I
just fell in love. Lauren southern you are beautiful. I don’t care what your beliefs are. Marry me. Please!! Libertarian? Ok I’ll be that. I don’t know what that is but i’ll be
it, I assume its like library stuff. I’ve always wanted to be a librarian. Books are cool. Letters, words, paper, late fees whatever,
Im down So there you have it. I sexually identify as an attack helicopter
started off as a copy pasta used in an ironic way and has become a common phrase on the
internet. But Hey!!! That’s the internet for you and on the internet
memes are king!! or queen! or bi…or neutral….or…. awww eff it! Thank you so very much for watching! Make sure to subscribe so you can catch my
next video and stay up to date on all your favorite memes and trends!!! Who knows you may learn about something you
never knew about before!! Ill catch you beautiful people next time!!

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  1. Being transgender is being sexist…

    Because a trans person can’t accept their own gender, and want to switch to opposite gender. That’s sexist;)

  2. These have thousands of likes and the newer stuff has a negative like to dislike ratio… what happened to this channel

  3. Copy pastas are for unfunny people (usually white, live in their parent's basement and with small dicks) to copy someone else's joke and think they are funny and clever without being accused of plagiarism.

  4. i sexual identify as a Oleanna Storage Platform Bed Zipcode Design Size: Queen, Color: White with cotton orange 47% cotton 33% plolyester 20% other, and god forbid you call me a Oleanna Storage Platform Bed Zipcode Design Size: Queen, Color: White with cotton orange 47% cotton 32% plolyester 21% other, as i would personaly come to your house and forcefully change your gender,

  5. I sexually identify as heterosexual male. I sure like my crush and she is so damn pretty as heck

  6. This is the f*(king funnest video I have ever seen. I am now identifying as the same if ever asked!! Keep up the great work son!!

  7. I was scare by day when attac helicopter start raping us XD NO.. Seriously.. What do you mean you.. You can't run to 7,62 and not even ,105 from real one ttack helicopter.. Ya how i say.. WW3 was coming.. soon!..

  8. If I identify as ammosexual maybe I can get with an attack helicopter for a good time. 30mm baby!!!!!

  9. Copter is not a joke like banana, tho. It's a legitimate argument that exposes a fallacy. And AFAIK, it's not received a response with an irrefutable argument. Well, it can't.

    reproductive system:

    Meiosis+fertilization–> zygote

    No meiosis means no sex, no sexual expression (gender), no gender role.

    [Meiosis that went wrong leads to what they call "nonbinary" combinations of chromosomes. Triple or single sex chromosomes etc in an individual are all conditions with symptoms ranging from mental retardation to underdeveloped gonads, growth problems etc]

    The chain of cause and effect is in this direction, not the opposite so gender is never ever independent of sex. Which is why you cannot even know what the other sex feels like, you can only imagine(roles), or you csn feel dysphoria due to hormone imbalance(a condition, not an identity)

    If you could, while you're at it, you can identify with an attack helicopter too. Or a fox ("otherkin" lol) or a centipede with a hundred boots, perhaps?

    Why are people even discussing this…

  10. I sexually identify as a 3 week old cheese curd that is dipped in mtn dew and then is kissed by James Charles

  11. I sexually Identify as the "I sexually identify as an attack helicopter" joke. Ever since I was a child, I've dreamed of flippantly dismissing any concepts or discussions regarding gender that don't fit in with what I learned in 8th grade bio. People say to me that this joke hasn't been funny since 2014 and please at least come up with a new one, but I don't care, I'm hilarious. I'm having a plastic surgeon install Ctrl, C, and V keys on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me "epic kek dank meme trannies owned with facts and logic" and respect my right to shit up social media. If you can't accept me you're a memeophobe and need to check your ability-to-critically-think privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

  12. for all you trans appliance people mfobl community i hope you find peace in the world and you dont get kick out of the military or lose you jobs it your right to be a fridge or microwave

  13. Helicopters are by far the most marginalized gender. Society needs to hear their opinions first and the loudest. Other bigoted genders will not even acknowledge the existence of people who identify as helicopters. Smh.

  14. Um I'm gender-fluid but my spectrum isn't a line between boy and girl, its a triangle between attack helicopter, refrigerator, and microwave. Some days I feel like killing people, but other days I just wanna heat some food.

  15. I sexually identify as a sexual identifier, it’s my safe space to sexually identify people. Please don’t judge my safe space

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