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What is One of Your Favorite Resources with Heather Porter

August 16, 2019

>>Laura: Heather, one of my favorite tools
is Creationsoft because it simplifies my ability to create multifaceted blog posts. I absolutely
love it. So, I am curious, what is one of your favorite resources for being able to
simplify your business?>>Heather: This might be a bit of an odd
one, but it is really simple and I do actually use it every single day and it is a WordPress
plug in and it is called WordPress Steps and it is by Jetpack. So, if you have a WordPress
website, you can just basically go to plug ins and search for Jetpack and it is one of
the Jetpack little things called Stats.>>It is not as reliable as google analytics
or one of those, but to go into google analytics for a lot of people seems very overwhelming.
Just to go into that platform and actually look at the steps.
>>So, what this thing does is it makes it really easy to see the traffic coming to your
website, but where I use it and where I love it is to go in on a daily basis and see what
are my most popular pages and posts? I can see that by day or I can filter back forever
or last thirty days.>>When you are running a business, what you
are looking for online is the holes and then the wins, the things that you are doing really
well because when you know what your market wants, you can do more of that. This is a
great little tool that lets you see, what are my most popular posts? Okay, great, there
is something in that obviously and then where am I not getting any traffic on?
>>So going forward, don’t worry so much about those topics that you are not getting any
traffic on and worry more about the ones that you are. One more little bonus tip on that,
when you start to discover pages or posts that become very popular, what you want to
do is go into those posts and I call it the lockdown.
>>So you are basically looking at those posts from your own money making filter and you
are thinking can I add a banner ad. Can I add an opt in box? What can I add to this
particular blog post to carry the person to the next step with me because obviously it
is popular for a reason?>>So, that is just a cool little hack that
I use every day. It is something that I start my day with. I spend three minutes to have
a quick look at what has happened with my traffic in the last twenty four hours to see
what people are doing on my site.>>Laura: I really want people to stop, rewind
and listen to that again. The reason being, I actually have a single blog post that was
like head and tails above the rest. I leveraged that blog post to really just take a step
back.>>I created a product as a result of the
information I got from it. I ran ads on it, I enlisted JV partners because of it. The
details and the steps that I got from one blog post yielded six figures to me and my
business.>>Heather: Wow! You would have never known
that had you not been looking for that.>>Laura: No, not at all. So that is huge
and I have tried to duplicate that success, not quite to the six figure level, just based
on the insights of one blog post but even if all you have got is one of those a year
that you said, wow, things got back.>>Look at what I can do with this. It is
magic. So, I hope that people pause, rewind, listen again and then listen again because,
Heather, what you have just shared was brilliant and absolutely business changing if people
adopted it in to their day to day activities.>>Heather: So easy! So, guys one more point,
all you need to do is go to Jetpack inside your WordPress plug ins, search Jetpack. There
is a little thing in there called Stats. Make sure you turn that thing on and then you are checking it.

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