What is WordPress multisite?
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What is WordPress multisite?

September 1, 2019

WordPress multisite is a powerful feature
of WordPress that can be confusing at times but can be very useful at others. If you go to the WordPress.org Codex, you
can search about how to create a network, and this will explain how to set up your WordPress
to be a WordPress Multisite. Any self-hosted WordPress site, on Hostgator
or Bluehost or GoDaddy or one of those can be turned into a WordPress Multisite so you
can have dozens or hundreds of blogs out of your single installation of WordPress. The only thing you really need to do is edit
your wp-config file and add one line of code. That’ll get it going. There’s more to it to do it right, but that’ll
kind of get it started. You can read up on the Codex and other places
all about how to do it. Some good examples of multisites to get you
an idea of what they are; again, it’s one installation of WordPress that powers many
sites, the biggest of which is WordPress.com. WordPress.org, of course, lots of people have
hosted, but if you set up free site on WordPress.com you’ll be part of their big multisite with
millions of other people. Other uses for it could be blog networks or
universities or corporate sites or anything where you want similar websites all in one
place, easy to manage in one place. They can be public, like EduBlogs, you can
go in here and get a free blog with them and they’ve got 4.3 million on there, powered
by WordPress multisite, so you can get a free blog and join their community, their WordPress
multisite. Others use WordPress multisite for public
information but not just anyone can join and a good example of that is the New York Times
blogs. So for them they have a bunch of different
blogs, but they can manage them all through one WordPress installation. You can’t sign up and join it, but they don’t
have to keep track of dozens of different WordPress sites; they can just have one installation
that they keep up with in terms of plugin updates and themes and all that kind of stuff,
and not have to deal with managing all of those separate websites, so it can be great
for that kind of thing. If you have different websites that you need
to build that serve very different purposes, you’re typically better off to build separate
WordPress installations, but WordPress multisite can be very useful at times and I hope this
helped explain that a little more for you.

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