What Only True Star Wars Fans Know About Boba Fett
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What Only True Star Wars Fans Know About Boba Fett

August 11, 2019

When it comes to popularity versus screen-time,
there may be no bigger winner than Boba Fett. For decades, fans have been fervently buying
action figures, comics, and novels featuring the world’s favorite bounty hunter. Sorry, Dog. People love Fett, even though he has about
four lines of dialogue in the entire Original Trilogy before being knocked into a giant
pit by a blind guy. Because of his popularity and his limited
screentime, it would be easy to think that Boba Fett doesn’t have any hidden secrets. However, the truth is that there’s still plenty
you probably don’t know about this mysterious character from a galaxy far, far away… His first real appearance Most people know that Boba Fett first appeared
on the big screen in The Empire Strikes Back… no matter what George Lucas did to the special
edition of A New Hope later on. The real savvy fan may even be able to tell
you Fett’s first appearance on any screen was during 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special. “Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett.” But neither of those are actually the first
time the public got to see Boba Fett. His first public appearance was a few weeks
earlier, on September 24, 1978, at the San Anselmo County Fair. San Anselmo was the home of Lucasfilm at the
time and George Lucas thought that taking part in the local parade was a great idea. While Fett didn’t engage in any pie eating
contests or hog calling, assistant film editor Duwayne Dunham donned the sweaty costume and
signed autographs — even though no one actually knew who Boba Fett was yet. All white Even before Boba Fett took his unusual place
in a local parade and a terrible holiday special, he’d been going through some changes. Concept artist Ralph McQuarrie had a ton of
different designs for Boba that he was testing out, ultimately settling on the Mandalorian
armor fans know and love today. The original suit was completely fabricated
and screen-tested… except it was completely Stormtrooper-white. Sure, he still had a cool jetpack and sinister
visor, but he was basically a bleached-out version of the green-and-red guy of today. Why? Those original armor designs were originally
planned to be old Stormtrooper armor from an old regiment, which would have made him
look like a medieval knight marching into war with modern soldiers. But, y’know, in space. As plans for the film shifted and lore began
to grow, the armor became Mandalorian, Fett took a smaller role, and he finally got some
much-needed color. The big bad According to an interview with Lucasfilm’s
first fan relations officer, Chris Miller, Fett was originally going to play a much larger
role in the trilogy, which is why he had such a prominent role in the Holiday Special. At one point, he was even going to eclipse
Darth Vader as the trilogy’s biggest bad guy. “NOOOOOOOO!” As George Lucas became increasingly bored
with space, he rewrote Star Wars from a dozen films down to three, compacted his entire
second trilogy concept into Return of the Jedi, and threw Fett into a belching desert
cloaca. Taking action When Star Wars has an action figure controversy
— and they happen surprisingly often — it usually revolves around Leia’s gold bikini
or too few Rey figures on the shelves. But the original Star Wars action figure controversy
stemmed from none other than Boba Fett. “I’m the best bounty hunter in the whole galaxy!” “That’s why you got the job.” Let’s recap: Fett’s first appearance was at
a county fair. His second appearance was in the Holiday Special. His third appearance, prior to the May 1980
release of Empire Strikes Back, was on the back of action figure packaging as a mail-away
figure, when he still didn’t have a backstory. Just one problem: the Fett figure was portrayed
with a rocket-firing backpack. Star Wars fans, who were basically the original
turbonerds, were pretty upset at not receiving the action-packed Fett they were promised. Kenner had produced some prototypes of the
full figure, which have since become the Holy Grail of Star Wars collectibles, but they
were never released to the public due to safety concerns after a child choked on a missile
from a Battlestar Galactica toy. Hasbro bought Kenner in 2010, and finally
made things right when they released an actual rocket-firing Boba Fett as a mail-away in
their Vintage Collection. Finally, adult nerds everywhere got their
fondest wish: death by action figure. If they can just figure it out without killing
each other. “Just push. Push the button. Push.” “I’m pushing. Good God.” Fett’s many origins Attack of the Clones made it absolutely clear
that Boba Fett is the unaltered clone of legendary bounty hunter Jango Fett, the prototype for
all of the galaxy’s Clone Troopers. Unlike his helmeted clone-bros, Boba is raised
personally by Jango, and eventually takes his own place in the galaxy as a bounty hunter. But even before Attack of the Clones, the
Star Wars Expanded Universe had developed a rich backstory for just about every weirdo
in every scene of Star Wars, no matter how irrelevant. Even Ice Cream Maker Guy. Fun fact: his name is Willrow Hood, he’s a
Rebel hero, he has his own action figure, he has a legion of fans, and in terms of screen
time versus fan fervor, he just might beat out Boba Fett. Anyway, according to Tales of the Bounty Hunters,
a novel released in 1996, Boba Fett’s real name was Jaster-Mereel, and he’s essentially
an ex-cop from the world known as Concord Dawn who’s exiled from the planet for killing
his corrupt superior. Eventually, he’s taken in by the Mandalorians
and becomes Boba Fett. After Attack of the Clones, however, Jaster
was rewritten to be a completely separate character from Fett. In the comic series Jango Fett: Open Seasons,
Jaster-Mereel was the leader of Mandalore, and the guy who took a young Jango Fett under
his wing after Jango’s parents were murdered. Occasionally, though, both Boba and Jango
would use Jaster’s name as their own, kinda like an intergalactic Rusty Shackleford. He’s survived a fight with Vader The Original Trilogy implies that Boba Fett
and Darth Vader have a pretty okay relationship, but readers of Star Wars comics over the years
have witnessed the rather unforgettable sight of Vader and Fett trying to all-out murder
each other. Sure, they’re mostly non-canonical now, but
that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to see. First, there’s the fight in Star Wars Tales
#11 where Fett actually holds his own against Vader in a lightsaber battle in a cantina. Vader and Fett faced off once again in Boba
Fett: Enemy of the Empire #4, where the stakes were a bit higher. In truly bizarre comics fashion, the two fight
over the severed-but-still-talkative head of a fortune-telling alien queen. Boba Fett is hired to retrieve the head in
a box, but Vader wants it as a tool for his eventual overthrow of Emperor Palpatine. The two come to blows, with Vader deflecting
blaster bolts and cutting Fett’s getaway speeder in half, until he stops screwing around and
Force chokes Fett… who kicks the head off a cliff, and jetpacks to safety while Vader
uses the Force to retrieve it. The two only ended up having a pleasant work
relationship later on because the decapitated queen-head says they will, and Vader is pretty
superstitious… but they probably also bonded over how difficult it is to go to the bathroom
while wearing armor. Eight is enough You’d think that Darth Vader would have taken
the record for the most actors portraying the same character on the big screen, between
actors, last-second stand-ins, and voice actors, not to mention stuntmen. But Boba Fett really wins that award since,
for the most part, whoever fit into the armor got to play him. Jeremy Bulloch played Fett through most of
the character’s appearances in the Original Trilogy, with the exception of two days, when
he missed filming and the actor who played the Rebel pilot Dak, John Morton, filled in. Throughout the Original Trilogy, Jason Wingreen
provided his voice. For the special editions, he was dubbed by
Temuera Morrison, the actor who played Jango Fett. And when George Lucas needed more Fett footage
for his Special Editions, he decided to just use three different Industrial Light and Magic
employees who happened to fit into the outfit. Finally, for the prequels, young Boba was
played by Daniel Logan, who also provided the voice for Boba Fett in the Clone Wars
cartoon. And we’re not even counting video games, radio
dramas, or Star Tours. King of the Mandalorians Though it’s been wiped out by Star Wars’ massive
continuity overhaul, Boba Fett was once the leader of his entire planet of Mandalore,
just like his father was before him. What’s the name of the leader of all of Mandalore,
the fifth planet in the Mandalore system? Quite simply, “Mandalore.” That word probably works for everything — it’s
like ‘aloha,’ ‘shalom,’ ‘smurf,’ or ‘squanch.’ “Squanchy party bro!” “Ah, Squanchy!” “Is there a good place for me to SQUANCH around
here?” “Squanchy you can squanch wherever you want,
man!” The actual history of the Mandalorians seems
to shift around a lot, but in the 2008 Star Wars novel Legacy of the Force: Revelation,
Fett’s reluctant rise to power is spelled out clearly. He’s hired to kill the existing Mandalore
leader, Fenn Shysa, who ends up saving Fett’s life, but Shysa is critically injured in the
process. As a result, Fett is bound to honor his last
request: that Fett himself become the new Mandalore…of Mandalore. As such, Fett had the Mandalorians fight back
against the alien Yuuzhan Vong invaders in the novella Boba Fett: A Practical Man, and
helped restore Mandalore after the war. Make Mandalore great again, right? Fett’s family Another thing lost to Disney’s revised continuity
was Fett’s family, which he started sixteen years before A New Hope. It’s weird to think of Fett as a doting dad,
but he and his bounty hunter wife, Sintas Vel, settled down and had a daughter named
Ailyn when Fett was only nineteen. Unfortunately for everyone, Sintas is assaulted
by Boba’s boss, who Boba then kills, sending him spiralling into exile and divorce. Sintas ends up frozen in carbonite for four
decades, and their daughter goes on a misguided quest to kill Boba Fett herself. Not only that, but Ailyn trains her own daughter,
Mirta, to follow in her footsteps. And you thought your family was messed up. All of that, and Boba Fett still found time
to train the Expanded Universe daughter of Han and Leia: Jaina Solo. With the help of Fett and his granddaughter
Mirta Gev, Jaina is able to kill her evil brother Jacen and restore peace to the galaxy. So, no matter what reality you’re following,
Han and Leia have one really messed up, evil kid. Those Skywalkers are bad news. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. I just have to say that I am a huge fan of Star Wars and it is the best movie ever created in are genaration there is nothing like it sure you have Star Trek and other movies like that but Star Wars
    Will always be a classic and for that I may not know this kind of stuff of boba fett but yet again I am
    The truest and greatest fan of Star Wars and for that I'm great for it!

  2. “I’m the best bounty hunter in the entire galaxy”

    Misses shot on Luke skywalker while 10 feet away, and gets clumsily fucked throwed into a sarlacc pit that can’t even move.

  3. jacen solo wasnt evil, he had his reasons for turning to the dark side and he came back right before his sister kills him…. sort of

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  7. 3:14 My Dad had those action figures as a kid and now I own them,.I never knew they were THAT old.

    Edit: My brother got first pick though because I was at a friend’s house and of course he picked Fett, but I still got Vader.

    Edit: 3:50 We also have that action figure.

  8. Is it possible that you stupid fucks on this channel refrain from a trump slight and just make a fucking video, my God you losers jumping on the train

  9. You left out the fact that Disney confirmed that Bobba Fett survived the pit of Carcoon by rocketing out with his jetpack.

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  11. For a guy that have 8 minutes of screen time as a minion, Star Wars fans sure do love pretending he was an actual character.

  12. Did you really read the books because it seem like you read someone's poorly written summary of the book series?

    The Darth Lord in legacy of the force is more of a anti-hero than a real villain. Truthfully when I was reading all the books that really follow his character development he seemed to be always setting out to do good and the Jedi just seemed to want him dead for not be a Jedi.

    He show that the Jedi's way of doing things was stupid and resulted in a much great amount of death than the Sith way of doing things would. His whole character seem to push the truth of the Ideal in many great stories that the only thing we really have is are will to reshape the universe in accordance to our will. This Sith Lord seem more like a hero who set out to save the universe and the Jedi try to stop him not for being a evil or bad ruler but rather for not being a Jedi. It's made clear to me that if the universe wants to move forward they will need to get rid of the Jedi. When you really look at it the Jedi seem to only act as a force against the proper change/development of the Galaxy.

    The Jedi mark a Sith as evil for trying to change the future even when it's for the better but all the Jedi seem to do is change the future for the worst. The Sith in question made choices based on his ability to see possible futures and try to make it better. The truth is that the Jedi were the cause of most of the problems he spent most his time fixing. The ideology of the Jedi starts to seem stupid when you really look at the way they act throughout the stories. They act like their time cops trying to preserve the timeline even if populations beyond countable are save with the smallest changes. The problem is there is no time line requiring to be preserved so Jedi seem like assholes who only want to stop other mutants from using their powers to the fullest even if it's for good if it's not in their service which makes them seem like the evil ones to me.

    Those who have power have a responsible to try in use it to the fullest to achieve the best ends and he did just that. The Jedi seem to be demanding that those with strong will do nothing and let those with a mob mentality rule themselves. The Jedi seem to be fighting to preserve disorder not order which many good Sith keep trying to create.

    I think the ideal that a Jedi hunts Sith seems to be the whole Idealogy of the Jedi's reasoning for hunting and kill Sith which is stupid. There are people who rise to power who are actually evil and lack the ability of some of the rather good Sith but the Jedi set out to kill them anyway.

    A good Sith "Hi Jedi if I invite you over for a BBQ will you not try to kill me for not being a Jedi if I only trying to use my force powers to the fullest for good." Jedi "I will hunt you down if I have to follow you to the end of the universe and the last thing you will see is my blade"

  13. I pay no attention to the three movies known as "prequels". Boba Fetts origin is unknown and I'm fine with that.

  14. As a Star Wars fan I really couldn’t care less about Boba Fett. His armor is ugly and dirty. Jango’s armor is pretty and somewhat clean. Boba also isn’t a very interesting character. His backstory is bland and overdone.

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