WHAT TO PACK IN CARRY ON BAG: Flying with Kids {Toddler} Logan + Lenora Weekender
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WHAT TO PACK IN CARRY ON BAG: Flying with Kids {Toddler} Logan + Lenora Weekender

February 21, 2020

Aloha! This is Heidi at Kensho Quest. In this video I’m going to show you what I pack in my carry-on bag for flying with a 1-year-old toddler and a 6-year-old kid. This bag holds items for all members of our family of four on travel days. It’s just our travel essentials that we want to have with us on the airplane and
while we’re in transit. We’ll also be checking in suitcases, as well. Welcome to Kensho Quest! We’re a full time traveling family, currently in Vietnam. Please subscribe for packing tips and travel inspiration. And give us some thumbs up! I have all of our items packed in this
Logan and Leonora Weekender. I love this bag for traveling with kids! Logan +
Leonora also makes a smaller bag that’s called their Day Tripper and that one is
dimensions to be a personal item, but this one qualifies as a carry-on item.
Despite it being a carry-on, I’ve always been able to fit it under the seat in
front of me on the airplane. If I was sitting all the way over on the aisle
seat then it might be a little too small to fit this under. But I like that since
it’s a soft squishy bag if I take out a couple items when we get on the plane it
makes it easier to put it under the seat infront of me. Because I want all these
items easy to access. In addition to this carry-on bag, I’ll also have with me my
small Pacsafe backpack which counts as my personal item. I’ll link up above my
review of this bag. I also have my Wanderers Travel Co premium leather double zip clutch. This is the Venetian Grande. And I have items in here like my cell
phone, my wallet, our passports, one extra change of clothes for my daughter. If I
wanted to reduce the number of bags I can go ahead and put this inside my carry-on. This is how we roll going to the airport. We’ve got carry-on and suitcase. So let’s get to it and see how I pack my carry-on bag for flying with two kids. I like to keep the number of items we bring with us on the airplane
minimal, so we mostly have items for eating and drinking and items to keep us warm. First of all, I keep this outer pocket empty until right before we
leave. Each of my kids has a special blanket that they like to sleep with and
so right before we head to the airport in the morning I’ll just slip their
blankets into there. It’s a nice waterproof pocket. It’s always nice to
have somewhere in your luggage or your bags to put last-minute items that
you’ll need to pack right on your way out the door. The rest of these things
can all be packed the night before. What makes this bag so awesome are these generous water bottle pockets here. I’ll carry a water bottle for my older (my son) and also one with a straw for my younger (my
toddler daughter). Since they’re kids they can get away with bringing liquids
through security at the airport. I just let them know that this water is for my children and then sometimes they’ll test it. If you’re flying within the USA then
TSA rules restrict the amount of liquids you can bring on the airplane in a
carry-on. However, there is an exemption for infant and child nourishment. Formula
breast milk, and juice for infants or toddlers are permitted in reasonable
quantities through the security point. Remove these items from your
carry-on bag to be screened separately from the rest of your belongings.
You may also bring gel or liquid filled teethers, canned, jarred and processed baby food in carry-on baggage. These items may be subject to additional screening. I love the size of these pockets. Just to give you an idea: This is a 32 ounce
tumbler from Hydro Flask and I can fit that into that water bottle pocket ,so
that is a really big pocket there. I don’t personally usually bring our tumblers on the airplane, but if you do have something this large, you can fit it in
the pocket there. The middle here: this could either be a pocket or you just unzip it and it’s a trolley sleeve. When we go to the airport I can slide this
down onto the handle of my suitcase until we get to where we check in our
luggage. At the beginning of this trip we were using a Logan and Lenora beach bag,
but I didn’t like that it doesn’t zip closed on top. This one we can zip it shut. Here’s all the items that we have inside. First of all, this is my toddler’s meal kit. It’s packed in a Logan + Lenora convertible clutch. You
can put either a short strap or a longer shoulder strap onto this, but since I
just have her meal items I don’t put any strap. Inside here we keep an ezpz tiny bowl, an ezpz tiny cup, and an ezpz tiny spoon. Those are great when we’re traveling. We may or may not use it on the airplane itself but when we’re going out to eat during our travels, it’s so nice to have a kid’s size bowl along. I also have a wash cloth for her and a reusable stainless steel straw which sometimes my older child likes to use. And I heard that ezpz is releasing a slightly larger version of this cup (an ezpz Mini Cup) and a slightly larger spoon (an ezpz Mini Spoon). I’ll leave a link to those in the description box below. Next up is the most important item in this
bag. Our snack bag! This is how we keep our kids happy while traveling. It keeps
them from getting overly hungry and also it’s just entertainment to have a lot of
different little snacks along with us. Our family doesn’t eat gluten and a
lot of times the snacks that are provided on an airplane, or even the
meals, have a lot of gluten in them so we pack a full snack bag. I have some more
cloth napkins in here. We have some raisins that we got when we went to the
zero-waste grocery store here in Saigon, Vietnam. We like to bring these Fishermen’s Friends original cough drops just in case anybody gets a sore throat
on the trip. We also have some goji berries And we’re going to need to add a
few more snacks in here. ‘Cause like I said, we like to bring plenty of snacks. These
snacks will take us from the taxi ride to the airport, while we’re at the airport waiting for our plane, entertainment on the plane,
taxi ride to where we’re staying again, and then as soon as we check in. So I
like to bring a lot of snacks! These are packed and is Soyoung linen cooler bag. So sometimes I will put an ice pack in here, as well, if we have anything like
yogurt that needs to stay a bit cool. Next I have a Logan and Leonora clutch.
This is their older version. In here I have packed an extra outfit for each of my children. At the beginning of our trip our daughter was 13-months-old and
she was still in diapers. Now she is already 20-months-old. So at the beginning I was
using this clutch to put either a few disposable diapers or two cloth diapers
in and I was also bringing this super thin Logan and Leonora change pad.
Having a nice small diaper clutch like this is great for when you’re going to
the airplane bathroom to change your baby baby because that way you don’t have to
bring a whole big diaper bag. I would pack extra diapers in my backpack but have a small clutch like this just for using at the airport bathroom were on the airplane bathroom. Now this is a spare outfit for each of my kids in here. Since it’s a wet/dry bag, I have the
clean items in the outer pocket and if anybody were to get their outfit soiled
or wet I could move it into this waterproof pocket. That’s why wet/dry drag bags are awesome for travel! Because you can have one spot for
your clean dry items and then you have another spot ready to go, a waterproof
pocket, for anything that’s wet. Next, right here I have a Woombie air wrap
organic cotton mesh blanket for my daughter. Like I said, I also pack my kids
special blankets in this outside pocket but I prefer not to get germs on those
on the airplane so I bring another blanket for her and then sometimes
they’ll give us blankets on the airplane as well, but it really depends on the
airline. I prefer she use this one on the airplane and keep her special
blanket clean inside, but if it was really cold flight or maybe we got
one blanket wet it’s a nice that we have an extra one just in case. Up next is our
bag of socks. I have one pair of socks for each member of the family. My
daughter and I like to wear the long knee-highs to keep us warm. I have a pair
of Smart Wool knee-high socks that really help keep me warm under my skirt
on the airplane. Our family is almost always traveling from hot weather to hot
weather again, so we’re not wearing things like socks, sweaters, jackets when
we first arrive at the airport, but then on the airplane it can get really cold
depending on how strong they have air-conditioning on. So we like to have
items to wear just on the airplane to keep us warm. Which brings us to our next
item. Each family member has a sweater. A sweater for my son. We like to have
hoodie versions to keep our ears covered that’s nice if the air-conditioning is
blowing on you in the airplane. My daughter’s. My husband has a Pact organic cotton hoodie and I have an Icebreaker Merino wool hoodie. This one’s super long so it keeps me really war. Down at the bottom of the bag I have just one item of entertainment for my daughter. This is
an indestructible book it’s really thin, lightweight, she’s not gonna rip the
pages. She really likes these and they’re great for travel. I personally am very
minimal when it comes to toys. I don’t pack a lot of toys for my kids
because they find ways to entertain themselves. My daughter has spent an hour just playing with the safety information card
on the airplane. She’s also entertained herself twisting on a water bottle lid
for an hour on a flight. My son will sometimes watch the
in-flight movies or his dad might download and put some movies on a laptop
for him. But basically, I tried with both of my kids to take the advice that I’ve
seen a lot of people share of pack all these toys for your kid and especially
with my son when he was younger he just didn’t play with them on the airplane.
And so it seemed like such a waste to be bringing all these toys, all this extra
weight onto the plane if he wasn’t going to play with it anyways. So we keep
it really minimal for my toddler. I’ll just have this one book with us
just in case she starts getting a little out of control and the snacks aren’t
working, she gets tired of the magazines on the plane, we have this. She also carries her doll onto the airplane with her. The inside of this bag is all waterproof.
So it’s really awesome. If you use this as a carry-on bag, when you get to your
destination you could also use it as a pool bag or a beach bag. There’s a waterproof pocket inside of the back here and this is an optional item I have here.
This bag is a Logan and Lenora portfolio. Inside it I have our Potette Plus travel potty. If you have a child who’s recently potty trained it can be nice to bring a potty along with you. This can be used as a seat reducer
and it fits nicely on an airplane toilet. And then I have this collapsible liner
that can go in it to make a small potty. So sometimes a newly potty trained child
is more comfortable using a small little potty instead of the big toilet. So it’s
great to have this along for travel. And this again is waterproof, so
when we get to our destination I can throw this in the washing machine. In the outside pocket I have one disposable bag that can be used to line the potty. And I have a couple pre folds that I could use to line it to soak up
any pee. We were using those when we were using cloth diapers so we could
wash those together. Another option instead of putting a
potty in here is you could fit a 13 inch laptop, but be aware that there’s no
padding in this pocket. It fits, but you’d probably want to use a laptop sleeve. And I forgot to mention this. I carry a bag for putting the carrier in.
So when I take off the baby carrier I can put it in this and then put this
under the airplane seat. The other great thing about this bag is once it’s empty you can really fold it down so it’s not going to take up a lot of space wherever
you’re staying or if you did want to pack it away in a suitcase it’s really compact. This weekend your bag is pricey, but it’s well worth it, being that it’s high-quality, made in the USA, and it has all the features I need. I’ll go ahead and show you the couple different ways I can wear this and how I
can pull it on my suitcase as well. Thanks so much for watching! I hope you
found it helpful. Give us a thumbs up if you did. Please subscribe for more packing tips and also every Sunday we upload family travel vlogs. Aloha!

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