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  1. How to Help:
    NSW Rural Fire Service:
    Australian Red Cross:

    Thanks for watching. Tune in tomorrow for more news.

  2. That 180 people figure being charged for arson is Bullshit. Only a few of those 180 were die to actually arson, while most other arrests were for menial (but potentially extremely harmful) offences like throwing a ciggie butt out a window or a match.

  3. Celeste Barber has raised over 30 MILLION alone on Facebook and Instagram. I mean…how does that not get a mention?! And she is boots on the ground buying supplies, packaging supplies, and meeting with people to make sure that donations are going where they are most needed.

  4. That moment of confusion when you hear 'December' and 'hottest day ever' in the same sentence. Just Northern Hemisphere things.

  5. There was a tie-in to cultural burning and the displacement of natives that was missed.
    Climate effects the conditions, but cultural burns effect the fuel.
    Consider the concept that the penal colonization and subsequent exploitation are majorly at fault.
    A lost generation of aboriginal caretakers, forced to conform to standards that do not belong.

  6. Thank you for bringing light to the arson section of this. Yes, there are asshole arsonists, no, they are not why the majority of these fires are happening.

  7. Thank you so much rogue rocket team for shining some light on these fires, we need as much help as we can get right now.

    And to the 45 people who disliked this video I hope you take a second to put yourself in the shoes of some of us Australians!

  8. Could have been broken into 3-4 deeps dives as even this one felt like a summary. Thank you for covering tho as I did not know that the animal death figure had gone over a billion. that hurts. Much love from Australia <3

  9. Being a Pentecostalist, Scott Morisson isn't willing to step on and help the situation due to them seeing this as being part of God's plan.

  10. I'm only two minutes into the video, but I was hoping it'd be longer than almost seven minutes. I don't even know all of what's going on in Australia right now with the fires, but I feel like this barely scratched the surface…

  11. I want to give you guys a thumbs up, but honestly this has been going since September and this wasn’t much of a “deep dive” you guys could have gone elaborated more. Where will the truth come from?

  12. For those interested, there's a BBC clip doing the rounds that gives a much more comprehensive account of the disaster. First time I've been disappointed by RR coverage.

  13. This Channel is an obvious paid 'Controlled Opposition" channel – designed to discredit the Truther channels!!! TThese fires are deliberate…watch Mike Morales channel to see the proof and evidence! Won't watch your channel again!

  14. This was a good piece given its only about 7 minutes. This bushfire catastrophe does warrant a much closer look. The Australian media is shackled and biased, this disaster is crying out for an in-depth expose. Regrettably it won’t happen in Australia unless there is a Royal commission but even the findings / outcomes of a royal commission can be easily ignored.

  15. I have a buddy who lives in the land down under, he is a volunteer fire fighter and he has been giving us (the discord server that we are in) first hand updates on everything that is going on with the fires, everyone is just hopping for his safety and that these fires will finally end

  16. Interesting sources that some might want to look into:

  17. Can you use metric (or at least both metric and imperial) measurements for things like temperatures? Eventually we need to move everyone over to this, one way or the other.

  18. As far as the push back about volunteers not being paid, I think it's ridiculous to pay them after they volunteered their time; that's like me saying hey I'll donate my time to a local homeless shelter and then demand payment from the homeless shelter after I do some work.
    This is a national crisis and everyone should be giving their time to help curb these fires, they should even activate their army draft to train more people on how to fight these fires; all the money they'll be paying those "Volunteers" could be put to better use fighting the fire, rebuilding the burnt down homes and business', or helping to treat/repopulate the burnt animals caught in the fire.

  19. sorry, RR but FriendlyJordies youtube covered this far better and bluntly than this – Highlights back in March 2019 BEFORE our Federal Election one of Labors Policies was to create a waterbomber fleet ready for the fireseason.
    Also Scumo came home from his Hawaiian holiday a DAY early woopdi-fuckin-do. also noting hes previous holiday was in June. Dude is a fucking Leech


  21. You missed another big aspect of fire prevention. While global warming is making things much worse, ignorant activists have also stifled efforts to do controlled burns, and government funding cuts to fire departments also reduced the frequency of those burns.

    Fighting fire with fire does work. It helps contains bush fires, making them easier to put out.

    Not having these has made fires in many areas of the world including California, British Columbia, and Australia have more fuel. Global warming adds higher temperatures and wind.

    Knowing global warming is here, now you have to work on forest management to combat the symptoms of it.

  22. Thanks for reporting on this, would love to see you go deeper about the governments negligence leading up to this, the amount of CO2 released by the fires (we've currently hit half our years emissions in one week) and the overall global environmental impact the fires have had.

  23. heard on the projects coverage that recipients of donations from the government will be taxed on them next tax season which if true is fucking barbaric

  24. Unfortunately if we do get rain, it will likely result in flash flooding. The ground after such a long drought is too hard to absorb the water. Steady slow rain would be fantastic, but Australia doesn’t get things by halves. The support from the world has been incredible! World love 💕

  25. i am disappointed and embarrassed at my government at the moment.
    the eastern states where having the worst drought they had ever seen and now the biggest fires.
    the whole country is in mourning

  26. Thank you for covering our devastating bush fires. The loss of human life, animal stock, crops, buildings, homes and our beautiful wildlife. Some out of control fires are about 1 hour south of me, 40 minutes north and about 1.5 hours west. I am thankful (at this stage) that I am safe from direct fires however the smoke and ash is terrible. I live quite close to a lake and beaches (to my east). My heart breaks for everyone who is directly affected. Again tonight, we have an orange glowing sunset. We are expected to have high temps and strong winds again tomorrow. Please donate when you can as we don't see an end to these fires in the near future. Cheers, Tracy.

  27. There’s nothing here that wasn’t already on TV news from home, though I am from Australia and a firefighter so that’s probably no fault of rogue rocket

  28. hold up, HOLD UP – HOLD UP – "humans have also played a role in setting fires" 0:48 – surely you are not buying into the FALSE claim being set up by bots and trolls in a ‘disinformation campaign’ (speak by the likes of don Trump Jr) that this is NOT climate change – i.e you are SPREADING climate denial

    "Police contradict claims spread online exaggerating arson’s role in Australian bushfires"

    "Bots and trolls spread false arson claims in Australian fires ‘disinformation campaign’ "

    "Online posts exaggerating the role of arson are being used to undermine the link between bushfires and climate change"

    "The bushfires in Australia have been accompanied by a slew of suggestions on Twitter that arson is to blame, and the country is at the mercy of an "arson epidemic".

    Queensland University of Technology Senior Lecturer Dr Timothy Graham analysed 1340 tweets with the hastag #arsonemergency and found a likely "current disinformation campaign" on the hashtag due to the "suspiciously high number of bot-like and troll-like accounts".

    "Increasing global temperatures and extraordinarily dry temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions are a key reason these fires are so out of control.

    Heat and dry conditions have a "well established" link to climate change said department head at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, Stefan Rahmstorf.

    Climate scientist Peter Gleick says the attempt to downplay climate change is "disengenous".

    "There are now disingenuous efforts to downplay the clear role of climate change in worsening the intensity and severity of the Australian fires, or to blame 'arson' as a way to distract from the growing threat of climate change," he said.

    "These efforts should be called out for what they are: gross climate denial. "

    "As authorities fight the flames on firegrounds around the country, an ABC investigation has revealed a battle of a very different kind online."

    "One area of misinformation has been the hashtag #ArsonEmergency on Twitter.

    "the topic appeared to be attracting a "suspiciously high number of bot-like and troll-like accounts".

    "The ABC found some of the suspicious accounts were amplifying unproven suggestions arson had been the overwhelming cause of Australia's disastrous bushfire season."

    "A number of the tweets took police figures out of context and claimed almost 200 arsonists had been arrested in NSW."

    "An article posted by an American far-right figure went one step further, claiming left-wing ecoterrorists were responsible for lighting the blazes."

    Real users spreading falsehoods

    "Despite the role bots have been playing in amplifying misinformation about the bushfires, a political consultant said it was largely real users who were responsible for spreading falsehoods."


    I expect more from you – deeply disappointed

  29. I am Heaps suss on the Parliament because they paved the way for this to happen.
    And the smug Scomo and the rest of those pricks, care more about privatising our land and our assets then representing the nations best interest.
    The parliament has pretty much been cheating on the country with the international banks their greedy corporations.

  30. Morrison changed his mind on paying the volly fire fighters after the Opposition leader put forward a bill to parliament to pay the fire fighters.
    SCOMO took a fucking holiday while his country was on fire
    he had cut the funding to the RFS in NSW by 60% in September 2019 against the advice of high up in the RFS saying a catastrophic fire was near and they were already under prepared for a fire.

  31. While I do appreciate this video I know information has been missed / underplayed (you probably know from other comments)

  32. Thankyou for educating the public correctly. I live in the NT and I'm not directly affected but we all here in Australia appreciate the correct facts. Thankyou ❤

  33. Those infos about arson are not a troll campaign, those are facts from the goverement agency in Australia… Just read it for example here… It's so sad, that hard facts are dismissed just like that by "troll" narration to spread fear.

  34. I love your videos but I get so left out every time you use American metrics and don't put up what it means in celsius, meters or kg.

  35. Can't always fit everything in but mention of Morisson considering still heading over to India, the way he grabbed fire victims hands who didn't want anything to do with him, Friendlyjordies pushing a trending hashtag and explaining things pretty well, the wacky conspiracy theories about the government causing the burn to make mega-cities and railways. Aaaaand ol' Scott Morisson having a hired empathy coach not long ago, who ended up quitting. That last part sets the picture pretty well.

  36. While I’m glad this finally got covered here, I have to say this isn’t your finest work. I’m non-Aussie and even I noticed how shallow this “deepdive” was compared to other RR videos.

    There wasn’t enough emphasis on how bad this situation is (people are getting hospitalised because of the bad air quality!) and there isn’t enough background. Also missing is how ScoMo SECRETLY left the country (and his excuses); ScoMo and co keep denying climate change is a major cause to the worsening bushfires; how Abbott decided to jump that bandwagon too.. Its not “politically biased” if its what they themselves have said.

  37. As an Australian, while some of this information is important and accurate, a lot of important things were missed and I'm a little bit disappointed.

  38. Could you guys put conversions from freedom units to metric? I know we could do it ourselves, but it would be nice.

  39. No there’s obviously no climate change, it’s just the world’s on fire, fresh water’s drying up, and this is the first winter I can remember that there’s been no snow in Helsinki, Finland

  40. I'm usually pretty impressed with Rogue Rocket's coverage, but I feel like this is just scratching the surface. An entire town was evacuated INTO THE OCEAN while people's homes burned. Also, Celeste Barber, an instagram comedian, has raised nearly 50 million dollars, which I would have thought was worth mentioning. But, I am glad to see people from around the world helping out however they can.

  41. I kinda understand why this wasn’t as in depth as some of your videos, since not a lot of information can be easily verified. Pretty much all you had to work on was headlines and public responses on social media. Hope that you look into this with more depth.

  42. I’m in Tasmania the south most state in Australia, state is separated from Victoria by hundreds of kilometres of sea & on Saturday the smoke made its way from Victoria across the sea to Tasmania, it’s scary times we’re living in.

  43. I understand this video can't get into everything about the fires. If you want to know a bit more I'd highly recommend FriendlyJordies videos on the topic. As an Australian seeing the gross incompetency by Scott Morrison and his government angers me to my core.

  44. And yet for New year's Sydney put on a 6.1 million dollar firework display. Seems not only risky but like they weren't hurting for funds like the internet is saying. Idk

  45. Glad to know our country isn't the only one that has a bunch of lunatics calling people who bring up valid points bots. Prayers for the Australian people, rural areas definitely need more funding. If more people spent time and money developing ways to deal with these issues when they arise rather than arguing why they happen we would all be much better off.

  46. This aint much of a deep dive. It is also hilarious to see all of the dumbass climate change deniers in the comments. The trolls are triggered

  47. I have very little sympathy for Australians, 1. These fires are deliberately caused by people. Second reason which is far more important to why I have zero sympathy.
    2. The range the fires spread is caused by past governments laws. The laws that prevents "fire breaks" to be created, thus allows the fires to spread over a much larger area unnecessary, thus no land maintenance to reduce fire spread risks. It is like not putting on your seatbelt when you are in a moving vehicle, and government outlaw seatbelts because it is bad for x, y ,z stupid reasons People are heavily fined for creating "fire breaks" on their property. Fire breaks are a huge "seatbelt" safety systems. Those people whom did violate the stupid negligent green/environment/climate change laws, whom were heavily fined and punished, now feels vindicated as their homes/property survived the fires, while their neighbours homes/properties, national parks, and public infrastructure burned, because of government and environmentists negligence. Wild animals suffered the worse under the activists/government laws.
    Blaming "climate change" is a bullshit excuse, as it failed the wrong people responsible.

  48. That model who raised 1 million dollars for this disaster is freaking amazing. I mean everyone is sending nudes now but who can say that their nudes raised over a million dollars for a Devastating natural disaster.

  49. Please share this climate evidence ie charts demonstrating the above avg temperatures or below avg rain fall. I keep hearing your side as well as the climate deniers saying "there's evidence of …." without ever presenting it. Im sure NOAA has these figures where is your journalistic integrity

  50. I must admit that this was short and not as informative as I would have hoped. Seeing what is and has happened to my family, friends and country is…. there are no words. I wish that there was more to this quite shallow deep dive. You guys have done a lot better previously….

  51. Really bots… if it wasn’t for Twitter we wouldn’t know that the best way to make immediate impact and limit these fires is not deliberately starting them or failing to comply with fire restrictions.

  52. Hi, I appreciate the work of RR. And I know you guys are based in US but lot of your audience is international, so I'm sure the rest of us would love to be able to listen and have info both in Celsius as well as Freedom units. (I think MatPat does this often and it's a real help)
    It's a little thing but makes the whole thing feel more inclusive.

  53. No mention about how the Australian government sold water rights to China, who dammed up rivers, which greatly increased the dry conditions in the country? This video was NOT a deep dive.

  54. I've grown up in Sydney, and I've never seen our beautiful harbour views obscured by bush fire smoke for a week.

    I'm afraid of what it will be like in the coming years.

  55. Even though I live quite east, I certainly havn't escpard the smoke a d it's quite unsettling waking up each day to what looks like dirty fog with the faint smell of burnt toast in the air.
    It's common for the weather forecast to say 40'c on a hot summer day, but some areas have pushed just past 50'c.. so hot that when you step out sides you feel your skin simmering.. In Australia we don't really have snow days, but sure as shit have heat days!

  56. What about the Indigenous Australians? They only make up 3% of the population and have suffered longer than anyone in Australia. They were the first human agricultural civilization that protected the land and this isn't taught anywhere in Australia. Their land, people, and history were stolen and left to burn. Will they ever see the recieving end of these donations? It's been too long and the Government isn't going to take care of these people, so who will? Something has to change and we need to be talking about this.

  57. This is like surface level coverage. Please do another deep dive into the corrupt politicians if the liberal party. How they disregard climate scientists and how bad the fires actually are. Show photos and videos of children fleeing to beaches to survive being burnt, the firemen having to put a blanket up to their fire truck window to protect themselves from a fire. Talk about Scomo saying that he was happy no one died on kangaroo island when there were actually 2 casualties.

    We expected better.

  58. This video didn't even come close to skimming the severity of the crisis that we've been experiencing in Australia since September. This has been the worst environmental disaster that Australia has ever faced, with scientists now suggesting that it will take a century for our plantlife to recover. The loss of animal life is insurmountable and we are yet to uncover the degree of extinction and endangerment that this has caused. The degree of C02 which has been released into the atmosphere is staggering. The loss of homes has and will have devastating social and economic impacts, with communities being torn apart. Our air quality has been the worst in the world for months, with a woman dying in Canberra last month due to the conditions. Citizens and volunteers have died. Prior to the crisis, fire services had their funding cut by the Morrison government leaving them underprepared. The level of political incompetence that out Prime Minister has demonstrated over the past five months has been absolutely staggering. PLEASE cover the political timeline of Mr. Morrison's mishandling of this crisis. You are doing us a disservice by overlooking this. The worst of the season is yet to come and our environment, communities and fire services are devastated and unsupported by our government.
    This was poorly researched. I'm sure you could have done more to empathise with all factors of this ongoing issue, giving it more than a measly 7mins. Do better – this actually fucking matters.

  59. WOW YOU GAVE THE GOOP VIDEO MORE TIME. Well done, Rogue Rocket you are really changing journalism. Thanks for the fucking support.

  60. How could you not mention Celeste Barber's fundraiser on facebook?? I know this came out a couple days ago, but she had already raised many millions at that point. As of Jan. 10th she has raised 50 MILLION Australian dollars. She's a popular comedian who became famous for making hilarious, more realistic versions of celebrity photo shoots. She's incredible, and for many is the face of the fundraising efforts.

  61. just so people know dry grass will combust on its own at 120 degree F in oklahoma we get a lot of wildfires started by even NO TRESPASSING SIGNS when the outside temps reach ~110. glass reflection off metal signs and the dry grass along with the outside temperatures this happened.

  62. No kidding, it's bad in Australia and especially in NSW. You know why Australians are giving our pm a hard time, because he knows there is a issue with climate change. And yet he is only now showing he cares for the fires after his holiday.. Ha, he wouldn't even pay for their fuel at one point. And other people had to help the fire fighters out. You know why it's bad, we keep getting ever changing weather here. Which is making things worse, especially when we get high winds. Everything is drying up and it is making it worse for fire conditions. We are lucky that there are so many people helping out now in Australia and doing their part. We all need to keep looking out for one and other during these hard times.

  63. Rogue Rocket please start using celsius. You're covering a topic on a country that uses metric, and the rest of the world used metric. Please acknowledge that you have plenty of viewers from outside the US

  64. No mention that there's been no unusual deviance in heat, rainfall… Just blame climate change regardless. No mention of how many have been arrested for arson? This is just terribly made and uninformative.


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