What’s new in Android (Google I/O ’18)
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What’s new in Android (Google I/O ’18)

February 15, 2020

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  1. 1. In the PDF document, make the text editable, so we can correct or copy-paste it!
    2. We have a picture with a kid. And with one tap, we can make him disappear! 😉
    3. Instead of more voices, how about adding more languages??! Off-line and on-line!
    4. Awesome Camera Maps! How about adding more Pokemon and even interaction?
    5. Please make the Google Lens app/features, available on previous Android versions!

  2. i already created all things for paging as a framework. but googled create this framework. hmmmmmmm 🙄

  3. 9:40 I love how this Dude is so shocked. If you don't know why 1st party support for mocking static methods in mockito is valuable, then you have lived a sheltered android dev life. Man, these baby android devs don't know how good they've got it. REMEMBER THE sqlite Contract.class?!

  4. Hey Google! Can you make sure that all of my app icons are inside a circle and are all the same size, and can you make it possible for developers to create just one app that works in both Android and Chrome?

  5. @AndroidDev @Google #AndroidP should Implement swiping up from the home screen displays the app drawer, while swiping up from the pill brings up recent app windows. Shifting the pill to the left acts as the back button. While on the recent app windows swiping up on an app toggles split screen and swiping down on the app trash it; plus add a clear all button.

  6. Literally NO devs use Vulkan, I feel like my phone's hardware is being underutilized. Meanwhile a lot of 3D apps support Apple's Metal. Please fix this.

  7. I not like the new Oreo update can not set another notification ringtone and turn off vibrate for twitter and new badge counting sucks too you not see numbers anymore on apps after clear notifications,please go back to the old badge counting

  8. P has got to be Popsicle check this out: https://www.commonlit.org/texts/how-an-11-year-old-boy-invented-the-popsicle

  9. Google, if you put a notch on your next pixel, I will be one of the million fans of the phone who will no longer buy your product. You’re becoming a puppy of iPhone trend.

  10. You destroy Android developer life.. when u change in new version then old version gives error… what the hell is going on.. ios developer enjoy the life bcoz Apple have top class team

  11. How can I fix the place of applications on the main screen? They jump from place to place on touch.

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