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  1. What I am excited about this is now, I don't need to make components again and again. Just create one class and dynamically use it across the whole app

  2. It's all good, but in your own example you replace recycler with simple column so it's not very fair comparison in my opinion. In fact the whole recycler example looks like it was intentionally written to be as spacious and complex as possible. Like seriously parent.context.getSystemService(Context.LAYOUT_INFLATER_SERVICE) as LayoutInflater, who does that? That's what LayoutInflater is for.

  3. Could you tell me why goggle are working many platform like flutter Kotlin Android please tell which one is better

  4. At 16:33 – 17:03 min. Mr. Romain talked about JetNews app. Could anybody share a link to the source code of that?

  5. Can anyone please address the elephant in the room. Flutter and Jetpack compose is completely different beside being declarative ui one dart based cross platform while other is kotlin based support only native. So why one should opt for jetpack compose over flutter or even native app development. Its very concerning that new technologies are coming up but the long term vission is not clear, please don't go in to hype but ask questions which one.

  6. I tried the Jetnews demo app (on a Galaxy S9+) and it feels reaaally slow. Like it's dropping frames when you open some news, the same happens when clicking ther back arrow.

  7. One thing I noticed is that looks like we are going to say good bye to loading Images with 3rd party libraries like Picasso or Glide or Coil or whatever.

  8. I really enjoyed the presentation and it is really cool. Well explained. As I work out my XML on Android, I will be composing bit by bit

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