Whirly Ball Review | Testing As Seen On TV Products
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Whirly Ball Review | Testing As Seen On TV Products

August 24, 2019

this one we’re gonna have a just open it
now and then I have to plug it in because how’s this charge for a sucker
it’s just a whirly ball I guess it’s a little ball that floats up in the air
alright let’s open this guy after this disaster this shit better work I can’t
handle two horrible products in one freaking video it’s very upsetting my
expectations Oh what the hell is it a ball there’s guys meet they used to
charge this thing with it’s okay I have my laptop right here is fine Jeff plug
it in and let this charge for a little while and then we’ll come back to it and
see you it’ll fly for us a better fly for us I can’t handle two letdowns in
one video so let’s check on our little wall here this has been charging it
looks like pretty simple okay I found it it’s a tiny tiny little itty bitty
button right there that has a little on and off switch so I’m gonna turn it on
up here is so that you guys can see it I turn it on oh there it is oh wait are
you scared the shit on myself I’m glad I didn’t have that all up in my food that
can hurt somebody you guys better be careful okay let me turn it on again you
have to hold on to it good scary y’all be careful with this okay the
whirling ball will go up when I have my hand turn didn’t drink over time when I
put my hand underneath it it will go up and I take my hand down it will land
okay this works you there’s not enough space
in my office for me to let this thing go and make a run for it that scared the hell out of me
this thing is kind of cool every time you went to grab for it it just kept
going up and up but I think it’s a little bit dangerous that’s just me
buyer beware okay does all I’ll say so what is it worth more than ten bucks I
paid for it so I’m gonna give this guy four vivian heads look careful all
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