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September 2, 2019

this is clickbait Literally everyone here is blogging They are just like ”Were at the white house!” IMMA SLEEP IN IT BRO! I’M SLEEPING IN IT! My dream is to visit the White House *Yawns* Today. Is. The day! It’s actually a huggeeeeeee day and I have to get ready Shower. Dressed. Almost ready for today now, Jake! What is it that you are doing? Why is it such a big day? Let me tell you So, a couple weeks ago The White House emailed me And they said ”Yo, Jake, we’re having this event with a bunch of influencers-” ”Do you want to come and attend?” They said: Obama is gonna be there Michelle Obama Joe biden Andddddd You’ll get to meet them Video tape with them All the stuff So I was like DUH! But, thennnnn I was like… What do I wanna do before I die! And one of those things is… Have a sleep over at the white house So I thought why not Vlog myself doing an overnight challenge at the White House This is probably my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Where I will actually be inside of the White House Where I could go like, in to a bathroom and try and sleep overnight there and then leave in the morning WOAHHHHHHHHHHH WOAH BRO WHAT IF I ACTUALLY DO THIS Sorry, chair I’m so sorry Sorry about that Jake Paulers I’m going to try my 100% hardest to do this today I have to be there in two hours. In the meantime, they told me to dress business attire And me being the idiot that I am, I brought jeans. And, like, this shirt. so I have to go, an, and yeezys as my dress shoes So, I have to go to the store right now. And get some business attire clothes. Jesus, Jake, what were you thinking? You’re going to the White House and you brought Yeezys. GOD! All right, Jake Paulers, let’s see if we can pull this off today. If I don’t make it out of there, you won’t ever know ‘cus I’ll probably delete this footage. Let’s go get some clothes for the White House. All right, here at the store. Let’s see what they got for this White House attire. I’m so bad at, like, dressing nice. Yo, my man I need your help! -What’s that? I’m going to the white house and I need to look fly. What do you got for me? You got some fire? I feel like I need a suitjacket, right? I think, like, black. I was gonna wear this. Is that dumb? All right, you guys got me? -Yeah! My boy. My boys got me. All right, so, they got the hookups. Let me see what I can do. WOOHOOHOO! Ya boy’s kinda hot. Hey, I’m going to cop this, go get some lunch and then it’s White House time. Yaaay! All dressed up. Got the ‘fit. We made it work. We pulled it together last-second. *Agent 007 walks across the street* How about that suit montage, though? ok Wassup! Jake Paulers Ayyy And, Ayy he knows He knows, he knows Do you know what I want to do today? Do you know what this whole video is about I missed the last one , what is it about I want to try and sleepover overnight at the White House That’s not even a thing, *laughs* Do you think I could sleepover overnight at the White House NO *laughs*

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  1. Just subscribed your channel Jake . U r totally crazy and insane… But I love crazy ppls though.. hope i could see more crazy vdoz from you..Love from India .. ????❤

  2. I’m pretty sure they knew he was there but they were just nice enough to let him think that he was actually doing something lmao like cmon jake ITS THE WHITE HOUSE there’s eyes everywhere and security………next time check and I’ve went to the White House but I’ve never been in it and when I saw it I saw LOADS OF SECURITY GUARDS SO…..yea

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