Why Airlines Fly Empty Airplanes
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Why Airlines Fly Empty Airplanes

March 12, 2020

Have you ever noticed that when you’re
on an airplane there’s barely any room your seat is so thin and you can’t even
stretch out your legs and sometimes hand luggage has to be put in the hold that’s
why it may surprise you to hear that Airlines flight empty airplanes all the
time that’s right some of the aeroplanes flying above your head right now may
have zero passengers on them today we’re going to look at why this is and also
why there’s been a recent increase in these so-called ghost flights
I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at why airlines fly empty airplanes
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what exactly are ghost flights they’re not airplanes which are empty and a
phenol forgotten about instead they’re airplanes which actually fly on a
regular schedule the only difference is there’s no opportunity for the public to
buy tickets on these airplanes so if no-one can actually use them then what’s
the point well it’s about airlines keeping slots let’s say an airline has
the right to fly into a popular airport for example Heathrow Airport in the UK
if they were going to pause that service for more than one week this would give
the airport the right to allocate their slots to another airline for free that
would be very bad news for an airline because these slots are expensive a
single departure slot can set an airline back a hundred million dollars or more
and remember that’s for one single pair of arrival and departure slots so what’s
the best way to keep these slots even when there’s not the demand well it’s
simple all the airline does is run an empty aircraft until you’re ready for
normal service according to simple flying comm at one good example of this
route is the London Heathrow to Cardiff Wales flight this flight leaves six days
a week with crew but no passengers on board originally it was the flight that
went to Uzbekistan but due to unrest in the country it was cancelled many years
ago instead of giving up the valuable slot they decided to simply run a
service to Cardiff instead this allows them to keep the slot and save a hundred
million dollars now you may be thinking why not just have passengers on this
flight after all if the airplanes going to one destination why not put one or
two passengers on well the reason why is because it would actually cost more for
the airline to do they would have to set up agents bagging
services and other elements if passengers were on board they know there
will be costs but they want to keep it at a minimum so that’s why they don’t
allow any passengers on these flights this is very wasteful because airline
fuel costs a lot of money also oil and gas is running out rapidly not only does
it waste money and resources in that sense it’s also bad for the planet
according to scientists one of the main reasons for global warming is aeroplanes
this doesn’t mean we should all stop flying but it does mean that it’s
causing massive waste flying these planes with no one on them they’re
literally harming the environment just to save some money and it’s also totally
futile because the flights have no passengers but what if I told you
there’s also one airliner which flies a mysterious ghost plane that’s right the
airline PIAA has operated over 80 flights with no passengers however
they’ve given no logical explanation to this the flight ran totally empty
without any passengers many times apparently executives have been asked
why but they never respond to media inquiries PIAA is pakistan international
airlines and it makes no sense as to why they would be flying these planes with
no one on them they’re not doing it to secure slots and also the airline is
currently losing 1 million dollars every year some commentators have said maybe
the airline is being used to transport illegal cargo and some have said maybe
it’s being used to funnel rogue political activities for example there
have been cases where the CIA has flown cash to various countries for black ops
missions so maybe Pakistan’s CIA known as the ISI
is doing the same thing other airlines have been criticized for sending in
weapons to areas like Syria and some commentators say maybe PIAA is doing
something similar but on that note why is there been a massive increase in
ghost flights all of a sudden well it’s because of the number one news item
right now the corona virus outbreak also known as Co vid 19 right now there’s
over a hundred and twenty thousand cases of corona virus and so far it’s taken
4300 lives well this is causing people not to travel because they’re either not
allowed to or they’re too scared to do so so that’s why many airlines are
currently flying aeroplanes with no one on them
despite the corona virus airports still say
use it or lose it airports are forcing Airlines to fly their planes in making
sure they still keep their slots in Europe there’s even laws about takeoff
and landing slots at airports in the UK these rules also apply to Heathrow
Gatwick Stansted Manchester Luton and London City Airport so thanks to these
laws and regulations airplanes literally have to waste time money and destroy the
planet flying empty planes apparently right now in the UK 40% of aircrafts
above your head don’t have any passengers on them
that’s creepy to know but even when there’s not a massive pandemic ghost
flights are still operating every single day now it’s time to make your voice
heard do you think ghost flights are a good thing or should they be abolished
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  3. Of course it should be banned it’s a fucking outrageous disgusting waste of everything. Why bother flying it makes no sense, this is why I hate the human race.

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