Why can’t Birds Fly in Space? | #aumsum
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Why can’t Birds Fly in Space? | #aumsum

March 15, 2020

It’s AumSum Time. Why can’t Birds Fly in Space? They want to, but I keep on bringing them
back. What. Oh AumSum. How birds fly can be best explained using
Bernoulli’s principle. Wings of the birds play a major role in this. The shape of their wings causes air to move
much faster above their wings. As compared to the air moving below their
wings. This difference in air pressure pushes up
on their wings, creating a lift. Thus allowing a bird to fly. Also, definition of “to fly” is to move in
or pass through air with wings. Now, space is a vacuum, it has no air, thus
without air a bird will not be able to fly. Finally, even if birds were able to fly in
space they will not be able to swallow food. Why? Because birds depend on gravity to push their food downwards.

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