Why Doesn’t Everyone Have A Jetpack Yet?
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Why Doesn’t Everyone Have A Jetpack Yet?

August 9, 2019

So basically we’re living in the future, we’ve
got computers in our pockets, we can facetime with people across the world, and a hyperloop
train is on the way… but I want to know where the hell is my jetpack!? hey guys Julia here for DNews SOOON. It’s coming soon. By the middle or
end of next year! But the company is based in New Zealand. Sooo looks like I’ll start
looking at plane tickets. The Martin jetpack is the brainchild of Glenn
Martin, which he first starting imagining way back in the early 80s. Since then it’s
been through a few iterations but this latest version runs on good old fashioned gasoline.
The gasoline powers twin ducted fans that provide the downward thrust necessary to lift
a person. The frame is made from lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum. The company’s
website claims it can reach heights of over 3,280 feet and soar around for about half
an hour. And it’s only for the low low low price of 200,000 bucks. But who would want that? Okay okay, you you
probably would. Though the price might make it out of reach for the average Joe to play
around with. But it’s not just fun and games, these were also designed with emergency responders
in mind. Mike Read, director of flight operations at Martin Aircraft Co. said, “With its small
dimensions, it can operate in confined spaces, close to and between buildings, near trees
or in other areas that large or very tall aircraft, such as helicopters, can’t access.” So that could be pretty cool if not slightly
expensive. So why exactly aren’t we all just zooming
around in jetpacks yet? Well when you think of a jet pack, I bet you imagine a rocket
pack. The harness that straps on your back with two tanks that shoot massive amounts
of fire out of the bottom. Right? These kind of jet packs could work by combining fuel
and an oxidizing agent. When the fuel and the oxidizing agent, maybe hydrogen maybe
liquid oxygen, mix it creates a lot of heat. and WOOSH you’d get the hot flames shooting
out the bottom to lift the person into the air. Okay, but let’s get real. They are not the
That’s who. So it’s not surprising that the Martin jetpack uses ducted fans rather
than fire to lift the rider off the ground. Another problem? The noise. The roar of the
engines simply make it too uncomfortable to use. Plus you can’t exactly sneak up on
your enemy if they can hear you from miles away. Also physics. Lift force must exceed weight
force. and really the whole reason we haven’t had jetpacks yet… is humans just aren’t
made for flying. We’re awkward creatures and not very aerodynamic. To get us to fly,
the pack would have to do all the work. Which means a lot of fuel, which means the pack
is just too heavy. So you’d need a lot of fuel to lift a person.
LIke the army tested a jet pack in the 50s that was only airborne for about 13 seconds,
which burned up 25 pounds of rocket fuel. To make a flight last long enough to be enjoyable,
you’d need more like 890 pounds of fuel. That doesn’t even factor in that the engine
would have to be more powerful to carry all that fuel adding more to the total weight
of the thing. It gets real problematic real fast. One of the possible versions of a jetpack
is the Bell Rocket Belt which uses hydrogen peroxide as the fuel. But there’s another
big problem. Hydrogen peroxide burns fast and hot. But because it burns so fast the
flight time is only about 30 seconds. and with a hefty price tag. It can cost as much
as 240 bucks a gallon. Since the flight time is so short, you really can’t get high enough
to the point where a parachute can catch your fall. So use at your own risk really. So yes, jetpacks are here. They’re nowhere
near perfect, but with a little more innovating maybe they’ll get there someday. Speaking of innovation, Intel creates the
breakthrough technologies that make amazing experiences possible. Having Intel inside
makes for better experiences outside. Intel drives innovation with products like processors,
wearables and IOT devices, and within data centers. In the PC and beyond. Got any clever ideas for an awesome jetpack?
Let us know down in the comments below…

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  1. Its a good idea but too old. These guys are just trying to copy the basic design. Without more advanced jets that concept is just impossible. They should really figure that out before trying obvious failures. We simply don't have the right fuel source.

  2. You know what type of fuel is very mass–>energy efficient?


    If only we knew how to fake it fuse and were somehow able to contain that reaction in a small space…

  3. What about a sun powers jet pack it would use a lens to focus light and heat up the air creating an updraft to push you and you could adjust the angle of the lens to move side to side and turn and front and back.

  4. also, its a safety issue… theres no backup, a fan fails, you die. Engine stalls, you die. Run out of fuel, you die. mechanical failure, you die. You get the picture.

  5. Since ducted propellers are self-stabilizing they will see the same problem as all other ducted propellers problems faced.
    All videos of this new jetpack is hovering and the reason is that it will be very very slow in forward flight.

    search "The Hiller Flying Platform" and "Avrocar"

  6. Her T-shirt says "science rules everything around me"… as though a method for determining facts pertaining to reality is itself creating that reality… stoopid t-shirt.

  7. Well the wole problem with jetpacs is the weight and the aerodynamics right ? , how about this , reduce the weight , with ? well what else , the one thing weve used to lift Humans up in to the sky , Balloons ( sort off) i mean how does helium lift ? its lighter than normal air , why ? cause firstly its a lighter element , wo how about using Helium "baloon" type suits for the user to reduce its weight , Plus make the jetpack wider so an oether baloon will fit inside the jetpack , so ud have much less weight to lift and move around !!

  8. yeah… the Martin jet pack doesn't work, they have to raise it with wires on a crane to make it work, they tried to take it off without the crane once and it immediately tipped over and killed the pilot, the Martin jet pack is the equivalent of the Moller skycar, the builders always need just a few more millions to make it work, and it never does because the designs are unsound and simply don't work.

  9. What about a jetpack which uses something like anti-gravity to "fly" and uses a recyclable resource? I mean how hard can it be to make a magnet which is loaded with the other neutrons?(Positive or Negative)

    Btw sry if there are some logical failures about my way of thinking, pls remind me if you see them, I would love to discuss this ^-^

  10. Yeah we "live in the future". said every generation ever. oh look stone kill! how can it be better, o shit look metals wtf it´s awesome, oh man oil, lets make stuff at a industrial scale to reduce prices!. oh man a telephone?! wow video with sound!. omg mobile phones!. etc…

  11. Jetpack? calm down. let people get bikes first. yeah you live in U.S and me in Sweden so things are pretty good. But with a wider view its terrible. lets fix what needs to be done before jetpacks or flying cars

  12. Gasoline? >.<

    Gas driven cars put us in enough trouble… Now just imagine if we just put this jetpack on that …
    Yes, it's still cheap fuel, but you don't pay most of the price… nature does – yet.

  13. solar panels on top with a graphene battery, it should get charged while you're not using it and then on sunny days you can fly as long as you want

  14. Use a monopole magnetic meta-material to achieve levitation (since in nature, nearly all things are a balance dual-polar magnetics). Powered by a recharging laser.

  15. Not sure if Dnews has looked into the US military's research into this. They had made compact jet packs and jet platforms i think in the 80s. The tech was considered to have limited military application so it was abandoned. Years later the miniature jet engine tech was used in the tomahawk cruise missile.

  16. When I was little, I tried to build my own jet pack, but I guess I got distracted with something else and never finished it.  All I remember is that it was mostly made of wood, and it was going to run on electricity.  I still can't believe my family let me build the thing.

  17. just think when they prefect wireless power, then we can have a jetpack running on electricity, and not have to deal with the fuel. now that would be cool!

  18. I think the engineer need to solve a problem first before making jetpack as mass product, how to land safely especially when the fuel runs out.

  19. An obvious solution would be to find a way to electrically charge and compress incoming air to expel in the opposite direction at high velocities, providing thrust. No fuel needed. But innovations in developing a power source that's not the size of a suburban home is needed first. If we can one day produce the power generated by an aircraft using a device as small as a smartphone, then long, sustained, high acceleration jetpack flights will be practical. This is where Tony Stark comes in.

  20. I saw a jetpack on TV the other day. It can only fly at 100km/h for 10 minutes, but that's enough for me! 😀

    That was an actual jetpack with a jet-engine, not that crap that shares my name :-/

  21. Jetpacks that need their own oxidizer tanks would only be useful in space, low or no gravity, low or no atmosphere. The ducted fans got it right, don't carry the oxygen if you're surrounded by it.

  22. I'm not expert or anything, but what is the possibility of using the same system a rail gun would use? cut out fuel by using magnets to spin the fans. I am sure that there would be a lot of other issues coming with that, but I feel like that route is more efficient than using a combustible get-up.

  23. Why not use a small jet engine (Strong enough to carry both you and fuel) into tubes and divert hot air as propellant? like those vertical lift jetfighters marine corps use. Though you have to divert jet onto your waist too like the mechs on armour core.

  24. Use those jet packs featured above Dubai & develop their way to start from fast accelerating spring wire chute (like on aircraft cariers) and develop software (similar to this in Segways) to allow jet pack to come dinamically to a stall exactly in a certain location (i.e centimeters above elevated platform). Then just build network of spring wire chutes & elevated platforms – and let ALL people have jet packs without restrictions!

  25. its a very good vehicle or device for criminals and gangster groups to kidnapping women and kids and also it would be very usable for drug dealers!! and who can stop them? and what about country borders? people can cross borders illegaly without passport and visa!! it will be very big challenge for every goverment .also what people can do when this jetpack suddenly doesnt work in the air?! yes! death!!

  26. Safety ..Insurance…Licensing… flight zones and regulations….the real reason nobody has jetpacks and just sit at home doing nothing… is because if we atempt something that could endanger someones property or person or even yourself it has been made illegal by the safety police and you could go to jail or have to pay a fine….technology is only good if the public allows you to use it.

  27. The contemporary jet pack was invented in 1956 and it's barely now on sale for public use for $200,000. The average Joe should have 2 or 3 by now in his garage ready to use to get to work on time.

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