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August 10, 2019

[JRAGON] I’m going to have to put a language
warning on this video because this video is extra extra special. Now, if you’re under
the age of 13, I ask that you just proceed with caution. So you’re given a 3D world where you can
do almost anything, anytime, anywhere, however you please. You can do this with or without
repercussions and it’s entirely up to you. This is Minecraft, the world’s largest sandbox
game. Minecraft’s popularity comes from its accessibility
to all ages, races, and genders, and its unique ability to express your artistic ability in
a nearly limitless way. Minecraft isn’t necessarily considered a game, but more of
a 3D platform. [JMAA] A 3D platform where even the stupidest
people can use it to draw pixel art of d****. [JRAGON] Ohhh gotta love anarchy servers.
A Minecrafter’s favorite. People have used Minecraft to recreate entire
cities, allow you to explore fictional worlds, help architects design large scale projects
in an intuitive way, help people design and/or recreate entire games, and even allow people
to build circuitry complicated enough to build entire computers. [JMAA] Don’t forget about the d****, swastikas
and s*** too. Creativity! [JRAGON] Well it’s best those things stay
in Minecraft rather than being put on public display on the streets. It’s still a shame
though that an immature minority use Minecraft solely for this reason. Because of Minecraft, we are able to teach
children things in a new way. Redstone can be used to teach boolean and circuitry.
The biomes and creatures can be used to teach basic geography.
The massive modding community teaches players how to use software, and could breed a new
generation of amazing programmers in the future. You can teach architecture through the elaborate
buildings you can make. You can even teach law and politics by creating
a world where players learn how to live in capitalist, communist, or dictated societies.
I can’t think of many platforms or learning environments like this that are equally fun,
engaging, accessible, and effective as Minecraft. [JMAA] Well, I get that the game is already
massive, but even people seem to create sex mods for Minecraft for some reason, because
apparently they’re still sexually frustrated teenagers who don’t have anything better
to do. [JRAGON] Yes, people abuse the game and use
it for things the game isn’t intended for, but it’s hard to deny the impact it can
have on children and teenagers and even adults is, for the most part, extremely positive. [VIDEO] “I was truly learning with and from
my students. These teachers see the excitement in the students, the level of engagement.
I think it makes them realize that this is what I got into teaching for. If the kids
are so incredibly passionate about this game there’s obviously value in it to them.” [JRAGON] Contrary to popular belief, Minecraft
is actually a really really nice community when you get past all the…[super minecraft
kid video]… well you know what I’m talking about. That guy was a troll anyway. Don’t
believe me? Look at the subreddit. I’ve posted many many videos and comments on that
subreddit, and not once have I received a hateful comment or any completely dumb response
the Minecraft community is known for. It’s kinda odd that Minecraft has a reputation
for this when I have had countless of negative experiences with Dark Souls players, League
of Legends players, Call of Duty players, CS:GO players, and of course, Runescape players. [JMAA] Yeah, but at least in games like CS:GO
you don’t have shoddy ass sex animations that even get anyone a s***load of cringe,
or even song parodies which are basically replacing lyrics with Minecraft verbatim.
Which is s***. Ugly ******* s***. And even then, if a troll named “super minecraft
kid” can easily replicate the s***** Minecraft vocal part of the fandom, you know you fail
at something. [VIDEO] “We live in a world where anyone
can pursue anything to make a profit. But what is this generation devolving into when
they find more enjoyment in seeing things done for them than doing it themselves? The
creative, explorative, and imaginative aspects of anything will never be fully realized having
it done for you.” [JRAGON] I’ll admit. I dislike many many
Let’s Players and Minecraft parodies. But that doesn’t ruin the entire game for me.
Because Let’s Players and Minecraft parodies are just a subculture. Take music for example.
Just because there are terrible, hyper sexualized, vapid composers out there, doesn’t mean
music is a terrible thing. It’s not the product that is terrible but the subculture
that product produced. Just because we have games like “Hatred” and other torture
simulators, doesn’t mean the gaming industry is ruined by those two individual subcultures
of gaming. That just wouldn’t make sense. [VIDEO] “What I suggest…what I challenge
all viewers of these videos to do… is to see if you are being inspired… or being
fed. If you’re being inspired, go out and use what you’ve been given. Try to blow
what you just saw out of the water. And if you’re being fed… just… stop watching. [JRAGON] So to conclude, I don’t care if
you love Minecraft or hate it. It’s not for everyone. But the impact it has had is
huge, and for the most part, it’s been a positive change. Whether they realize it or
not, the millions of people playing Minecraft are learning to think critically about art
and problem solving by playing the game. As terrible as some members of the community
may seem, Minecraft has a wonderful player base of all ages, races, and genders. It is
no wonder that over 5500 teachers in over 40 countries have used Minecraft as an educational
platform. The lives it changes is truly incredible. And that my friend, is why I think Minecraft
is an amazing platform. [JMAA] Yeah, I’ll see you guys when Minecraft
gets bought by Microsoft. … OH WAIT. [JRAGON] Well… at least it wasn’t EA.
Anyway, like I said, just like JMAA, Minecraft isn’t really for everyone. And also, you
should check out JMAA’s channel to see why Minecraft can also be a terrible terrible
thing. Because Minecraft being amazing is only half the story. Click the link in the
description to go to the dark side. Thanks to JMAA for joining me in this joint video
series, and everyone at home, I’ll see you over at his channel.
Be civil, and take care.

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  1. Minecraft is not as popular as it used to be. I was about 3.5 years late on that one. And unfortunately, most of my experience with the community as been filled with utter stupidity and poisonous hatred. That's not to say that the whole community is like this, nor that Minecraft is the only game with this problem, but I've encountered much more of this than I would like. So I've quit Minecraft, for the most part, for other block based building games like StarMade. Maybe, eventually, the aforementioned issues will lessen in severity so I can make a triumphant return and make… I dunno. More Nether in the Overworld.

  2. Few things I want to say before you watch:

    1. This video has subtitles! If you're hard of hearing, click the CC button on the video to display the subtitles =)

    2. JMAA exaggerates in this video so don't hate on him for his obviously overblown points =)

    3. All the swearing has been beeped out of this video, but please be cautious about using these words in your own life.

    Inspired or Fed? (give this video some love it's very good) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRVlmfYhzQM
    Education Edition – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hl9ZQiektJE
    Working Cell Phone – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdlZRhKmWJY
    London Reveal – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MHVloACskY
    Jetpack Joyride – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D-9jp0FIYY

  3. Minecraft is something you have to fully experience to understand. Behind it's simplistic "Mining Simulator" surface is a series of learning opportunities that you'd never think of. Whether it be art, design, architecture, programming, circuitry, social skills, politics or simply just teamwork, there's something for everyone, even if you don't realise it. My first impressions back in 2010 of Minecraft weren't all that positive. This was from watching a friend play it. But the moment I bought it for myself and experienced the game, I've never looked back. Great video

  4. I have never liked too much the people in general, I guess that's why I never play on servers except when I'm playing with real friends, becasue of that I didn't have problems with the community at all, each time I hear of them is because someone made a now redstone invention, or a new cool command. I can't understand people hating youtubers somehow, but I don't get how you can hate Minecraft itself, the way I look it is not as a game but as a way to create your own, hence all the minecraft versions of a ton of games, I can understand people hating a regular game but how can you hate an engine? Is like if I tell you "hey I hate that wall"

  5. 3years ago i have to hate minecraft beacause my parent dont want to buy me minecraft and i m so sad but now finally

  6. This is a good topic. I believe Minecraft is a place to create opportunities. I haven't played MC long enough to see a real good or bad side. But right now, I find MC to be an amazing experience. Thx again for the video!

  7. Great video! At 3:26 you name off a few online games that you have had bad experiences with or have been known to have shitty communities. I don't believe dark souls belongs on that list as it is the only game with no built in voice or chat communication system for people to be abusive with (out of the ones you listed). The community is also just generally really nice, mostly in the way that people wait and bow before a duel, even when invading (sometimes). So I don't see how anyone could have a negative experience specifically with the online community in Dark Souls. If you do you just need to git good. Anyway, good job on the vid, give yourself a pat on the back.

  8. Minecraft is what helped develop the logic I use for most of the program's I write. I'll never stop enjoying minecraft. <3

  9. I told what I think in Juanma's channel. And I should check the wiki. I'm bad paying attention watching a YT tutorial.

  10. I don't really agree with the inspired/fed thing because I like being "fed." A lot actually. If I get enjoyment out of watching a certain YouTuber then that is a GOOD thing. I enjoy watching CaptainSparklez but it is also more of him as a person than what he is doing. People like Jacksfilms make me laugh but he isn't inspiring me, just making my happy.

  11. I'm going to link this video whenever someone replies to a comment I post on a non-Minecraft video, replying negatively with something prejudice about how I play Minecraft. xD

  12. 0:23 Of all the things to put in the background for "This is MINECRAFT!"

    ….yeah that's pretty much accurate.

    I'd totally use a One Command where squids randomly turn into flying squids though. Just for the lulz.

  13. When I watch your videos I am inspired and when I get stuck and you do a tutorial on it I am fed. I am both.
    P.S. Most of the time I figure it out on my own but then there are those times when you try for hours but your stuck and then you watch the tutorial and your like duh. – dogfaceboy

  14. Jragon, I'm glad to see that you've decided to both create command block creations and help people make theirs-in fact, using your "Give Potion Effects to Food – I can do that!" video, I made a one-command block creation that gives effects to cookies, rotten flesh, any raw fish, and melons, all in (excluding the addScoreboard commands) 6 commands!!! You've inspired me to make more of these, and now I have things like Iron Furnaces, particle effects that spawn when you hold a renamed item in your left hand, and even (attempted, still a WIP) at making God Armor by throwing all the valuables in block form on the ground. Thanks Jragon, you really helped me!

    P.S. All these creations are gonna be on my new channel, HeroicGamer. Tell me if you want more details =)

  15. im happy when i see players love playing minecraft because im minecraft expert 😀
    (dont check my YT channel i dont have any vid in it)

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