Why Personal Flying Machines Could Be the Future of Commuting
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Why Personal Flying Machines Could Be the Future of Commuting

August 22, 2019

I actually used to have
recurring dreams of flying. Traffic congestion is rising, but this is happening everywhere. This is happening in suburbs,
this is happening in major urban areas everywhere. Most of the street infrastructure
in the country was built 1910s or 1930s model that no longer
fits the city it’s in. Now we not only have more cars,
but they’re bigger. The biggest hurdle with all these
things is the people. But it comes to a critical mass
once people are so fed up with it that things start to change. From science fiction for decades we’ve been promised a personal
flying machine or a flying car. And people have been trying
and failing. We are on the cusp technologically
to make this happen. You’re going to be able to decide,
do I want to drive my own car into work today,
or do I want a flying option? As a kid, I actually used to have
recurring dreams where if I could jump high enough
right, and if I just had enough will I would take flight
in my dream. We’re developing a personal,
vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. And the aircraft will be classified
as an ultralight, which means no pilot’s license
is required to fly. With Lift, we’re not trying to solve
the problem of flying long distances, we’re really focused on where we
believe the biggest problem is, which is very short-hop flights
in dense urban areas. There’s three very major costs
right now for mankind with congestion. The first is an economic cost. Just here in New York
congestion will cost New York City around 100 billion dollars. Most important in my mind
is the environmental cost. The United Nations released
a report that said, that our transportation choices are now
the leading cause of carbon emissions. It leads to the third cost,
which I think there’s a huge health cost with congestion. Congestion leads to higher
asthma rates, more traffic fatalities, which are on the rise right now again
after years of decline. There is an existential crisis
from congestion. One of the ways that urban planners,
urban designers are thinking of getting around the congestion
problem is something called, multimodality. What that means is that we have
numerous ways of getting around and all of this would be shared.
You know, I can get on the subway, bus, having numerous options. Aviation fits in that way. We envision you being able to open
your Lift Aircraft App and see real-time pricing
and available aircraft and then hop in one of our aircrafts
and fly from your neighborhood to another base near
where you work. When you request
a certain flight plan that’s going to sort of create
a corridor for you and then of course, each aircraft is
networked to other aircrafts so they all know where
each other are. We can bring the cost per ten mile
trip down to around $20.00. At its core, is a basic hex-copter, this one has 18 motors though,
so it’s considered an octodecacopter. Being a hex-configuration
we have three motors on each arm. They all counter-rotate, each arm
counter-rotates to compensate for torque. So we have 18 propellers
powered by 18 electric motors. Each has its own, independent
battery pack. This is very far out, you know,
future forward business and it’s incredibly high-risk. Forecast looks mostly the same
if not– We occasionally get
747s through here. So, the objective for today’s test
flight is to take the vehicle as it is and put it through a series
of tests where we change the center of gravity. You get some funny looks
when you tell people you’re building a personal,
electric, vertical take-off and landing aircraft,
a flying car, right? Because, you know, nobody’s
been successful doing this. Henry Ford had this quote that said,
“If people ask me how I can go faster than a horse, they would have just
asked for a faster horse rather than a car.” So people can’t imagine
what they haven’t seen yet and/or don’t know what that
would be like. It takes a while for people to get
used to trends and changes in transit. The entire airframe is made out of
carbon fiber, which is one of the lightest
and strongest materials on the planet. We used a pretty big 3-D printer
and directly 3D printed the mold for this first preproduction
aircraft. The average commutes range
from seven to ten miles and take anywhere from
50 minutes to over 90 minutes. Our aircraft will go
about 60 miles an hour and you don’t have to
traverse a route confined by roads
in a two dimensional space. So you get to fly
ten miles in ten minutes. A lot of the safety is going to
come from flying in controlled airspace. Every obstacle,
obstruction, power line, we are going to have everywhere we
fly geospatially mapped. Each aircraft is networked
to other aircrafts. We segment airspace immediately
around the aircraft. If we had two pilots that tried to
fly their aircraft and collide you know, your joystick
would not move the aircraft to crash into the other aircraft. A main concern with aviation
and, you know, a lot of small scale operations and by small scale
I mean, you know, singular, one person,
is that they don’t do a major dent in mass transit and I would
counterpoint that by saying, you might have one mode that takes
a thousand people out of cars every single day, but when you have
ten modes that take 1,000 people out each, now you have 10,000 people
that are no longer using cars. So having numerous modes,
aviation being one of them that’s when you really
start to see an impact. And I think that’s how it could function
in a larger transit landscape. As you know, so we’re going to go
about ten feet and see if we have any oscillations
or anything like that. But, have a good flight. -See if we can get it off the ground.
-Copy that. Thanks, Brooks. I think in ten to 20 years, we’re going to have many different
types of aircrafts in the sky and you’re going to have
many different choices. When cars first came out,
cars were seen as threats, they were seen as toxic, they were seen as dangerous
and then cars took over America. And I think that’s
what would happen, but with numerous different kinds
of modes of transit. You would have people at first
very worried and then they wouldn’t be thinking about because they’d be using it
every single day. And access 15 or 20
different options, all which are sustainable
and economically viable.

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  1. It's like a helicopter with no way to auto gyrate in an emergency. In fact you'll mostl likely flip over if ANYTHING goes wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTqu9iMiPIU

  2. The problem I see with this multi electric motor concept is the multi electric motor. If you lose one motor you’re going down, no wing to glide with, no main rotor to auto rotate. Just a rock responding to gravity. Imagine all the jerks you encounter on any given day on the road, imagine that in the sky?

  3. Local movement. Mass transit with personalised delivery( pods) smart net. Vacuum tubes not air delivery. Air delivery is messy

  4. How about mass transit of goods?via vacuum tubes. Forget mass transit by vacuum tube or electromagnetic transport for humans. To expensive. You solve the transportation issues with vacuum tunnels for goods

  5. Personal flying machines aka flying cars have been talked about for a long ass time. Hasn't happened yet and chances are won't happen for a long time to come.

  6. I'm all for innovation and leaps into the future, but I do not see this ever being a thing anywhere in the near future. Car breaks down? You pull over. Flying machine breaks down without a way to glide? You drop like a rock. Then there's the issue of controlling that amount of air traffic. Getting air clearance alone would be a nightmare.

  7. in future, HUMANS will be Banned from driving vechicles, because the govt will deem HUMANS drivers to be more dangerous and unpredictable than AI computers. so if you have 1 or 2 AI drivers in a sea of 2000 over human drivers, the AI driver becomes the danger to humans, but if you have 1 or 2 HUMAN drivers in a sea of 2000 AI Drivers, that Human driver becomes the dangerous and unpredictable one.

  8. The LAST place I would want to be is in a FLYING MACHINE when air congestion reaches that of the Dan Ryan into Chicago at rush hour. Catastrophic equipment failure in a flying machine will end in death 5+ times as often as it will in a car…

    It is RIDICULOUS to think that personal flying machines can SCALE to handle communting for the masses.

    The USA needs to get its head out of its butt, shut down the stupid lobbyists that KILL every high speed rail project to keep the automotive industry fat and happy, and we can get on with improving things that WILL scale.

  9. I can see that pendulum effect with such a low center of gravity. Just need to get it down to the same plane as the props and flight performance will be much better.

  10. As a cities skylines player, all I think of is this: Basically reskin the blimp as a drone and set up loads of blimp stop points around a city and then make a transport line…. 😛

  11. Terrible idea. Car accidents are one of the biggest killers in america. And that's on the ground. With a prefixed route. I can't even imagine the fall out and damage that could be caused by driver negligence with these. Unless you can do some sort of automation and have prefixed routes than that solves the problem somewhat.

  12. Battery life has to improve for this to become a realistic form of transport. Also, if it costs more than $30 000 or so joe average can’t afford it anyway.

  13. Millions of flying stones cashing into each other. I want to watch from afar. Stop making babies. Simple future population solution.

  14. I hope they are not using taxes money to build this shit. Is like using your worker's hours to pay for remodeling your bathroom. U call that stealing

  15. The failure in the U.S. is because the only flying craft that are allowed to be flown without a licence is an ultra light.
    Even a parafoil & fan pack counts as such. The problem reg is that these cannot be flown over urban areas where they are needed worst!

  16. The world loves dreamers. Very happy to have stumbled onto this video. Looking forward to something that will bring a little less hate we sometimes show towards each other. WWG1WGA

  17. i love these AIR CAR PEOPLE.. they think putting everyone in the sky makes shit better… its bad enough looking left and right trying not to get hit by some dumbass in an uninsured hooptie… what do you think it would be like having to scan 360 degrees around you AS WELL as above and below…. cool idea but NEVER GOING TO BE A REALITY best you can hope for is air taxis and who gives a shit about that?

  18. "Muh carbon emission"

    How much diesel do you think it takes to pull lithium from the ground, diesel to supply the coal to fuel the forges where the steel needed to make the excavators is made, how much diesel it takes to pull the iron from the earth to be shipped by diesel powered (steel hulled) ships to be made into excavators, how much diesel it takes to pull the iron for the ships that transport the lithium, excavators, and raw good from A to B, how much diesel it takes to procure crude oil thats eventually turned into rubber for the excavators tires, how much diesel it takes to supply the metals needed to make all the components of batteries? Really actually sit down and think about the chain where "carbon emissions" are at play in producing "green energies".

    The green tech thing is just a marketing ploy ,not a call to save the world. Greedy people jealous of current markets power producing designs just want a piece of the pie. If they really were worried about the planet vehicles and cities powered by electricity would require that the means of procuring all the resources needed to make that happen be powered by "renewable" electric means.

    Batteries aren't renewable either, they lose their holding capacity and become toxic fuel bricks eventually anyways…where's that all going to go? Gotta have copper for electric motors…good luck pulling that out of the ground with machines powered by copper coiled electric motors that would have to be mined and more ecosystems ravaged by expanding mining operations to supply things like copper, zinc,lithium salts, and other insanely expensive and difficult to procure materials. Green my ass…maybe dollar signs is what they are talking about.

    And congestion? Well thank the gods of capitalism and moral highground virtue signaling for overpopulating the planet with what normally would have been evolutionary means of curtailing the numbers of non-needed air-breathers.

    If you want to "save the world" from the ravages of mankinds expansion, kill off the entire population of 3rd world countries and institute some form of communism and ban religions that incentive based morality dictates giving and helping poor people.

  19. Question 👋. Say you are flying 1000 feet in the air and all of sadden the engine cuts off/dies. What’s stoping you from dropping to your death like a stone 🤔 I ask this because most planes tend to glide to the ground if this happens. Genuine question 👌🏾

  20. no pilots license? this would basically be an air motorcycle. this would completely redefine our way of transportation. require so many new laws and new infrastructure. air high ways, if your vehicle dies or breaks down in the air that could be disastrous. they would need a good computer system in them to deal with all the extra stuff.

  21. You're better off taking a small 8-seat Cessna to short locations than this. Nothing against it, but it's just not viable because there's not a need for it when we already have small planes the same size that can carry 8x the people

  22. Nobody ever wants to address the weather. Nobody would be able to go to work if there was more than a slight wind.

  23. Never gonna happen they would be to loud and that’s words from Elon musk hyper tunnels the future of travel

  24. Automobiles impact on CO2 is less than 1%. For most of earths history the CO2 level is been four times what it is now. Plants thrive on it and in fact today we find ourselves only 30 ppm over plant extinction. We are in fact carbon starved. Wake up you millennial deadheads this bullshit was all created by the globalists so they could tax the shit out of you. Aside from that can you Imagine the sky and three-dimensional space being filled with idiots driving these things? They will be falling from the sky.

  25. Imagine taking a job that requires you to deliver packages with one of these things. A future Amazon dream job.

  26. This thing has way too many propellers. It would be better to have a bigger and less amount of pros. Also, unless this thing can be as small as a compact sedan and part in a parking lot, I don't see how this thing can sale.

  27. What we need is wings like a bird or bat which are a part of our body. Genetic engineering or organ printing could make that a possibility.

  28. Yeah right, you think i want all the idiots that are on the road, in the air?! Hellfire will rain down upon us all, there should never be personal flight.

  29. Only the very rich will be able to afford it, we, the majority, will most likely be walking or riding our bikes. LOL

  30. three gifted American men of European ancestry. wonder when the PC police demand they hire a trans black woman as their CEO…..Quoting Henry quote is a sin in 2019.

  31. Honestly can’t wait, but also worried about these thing falling on people and houses if operated by people who are high, inebriated or idiotic or experience mechanical failures🤔 Also they didn’t mention what the FAA will have to say about this?

  32. The flying part, nice. The vision of the future where you have to go to work is some BS. A future designed for you, by somebody else.

  33. but can we talk about 3d printing? its more like the new age fabrication. most things will be 'printed' in 30 years. or the parts.

  34. never going to happen in the public market.. think about how disastrous car crash's are….

    Now imagine 100's of thousands of them in the air.. where every collision = death..

    yeah.. real smart.. you got idiots who cant drive for shit, hey lets put them in an aircraft!

  35. They have them, its called an ultra light helicopter… they are smaller than this…

  36. The streets are congested so let’s just move the congestion to the sky. I am surrounded by idiots on the road all day everyday who are horrible drivers and suck at paying attention and cause accidents. Add in a falling component on top of someone crashing into me or some idiot crashing into someone else then falling from the sky and landing on top of me? Yeah no thanks. I’m all for it in small groups but not mass transit. And where is the electric power coming from? A wall charger? Wind? Solar? Cause if I have to plug it into my house that is on the grid that’s not always sustainable. Where is the main source of power to my area? Does it come from a sustainable source? Not always. Definitely some things to think about. Great invention and great idea but just doesn’t seem feasible on a large scale.

  37. Reduce the battery by posting a generator with a motor and use that generator to power all the other motors with a isolation transformer

  38. This is great. Now migrant farm workers can easily travel between their families in Mexico and the growing fields of the US.

  39. Have you seen the movie minority report, looks more realistic than a few 1000 Hex Drones flying about? Don't get me wrong, I'm in – ALL in, but normal people flying – no thanks

  40. Just imagine thousands of airborne vehicles swooping under overpasses and between skyscrapers. I'd sure love to see that….

  41. Jesus why can’t people just make a boat that goes fast and they can make it float a little bit so it can be safer isn’t that better

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