Why Toothpaste Comes in a Box?
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Why Toothpaste Comes in a Box?

January 28, 2020

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  1. It is very nice idea but the bigger problem is plastic tube. You can recycle paper…. but plastic is plastic….. btw good luck with that 🙂

  2. I already went and asked my favorite toothpast-brand to make the change,
    I hope they'll notice tho! —–> https://www.facebook.com/DrOrganicBodycare/posts/1857179547743404 <——

  3. Maybe the boxes are used for easy stack and transporting? How can you transport thousands of toothpaste without a box? They all will exploted in a truck…

  4. "What if i told you" …that you can recycle it. I would be more concerned about the micro-plastics in the paste itself.

  5. The toothpaste tube is made of plastic / aluminium. The cap is made of plastic and tossed away like the rest. The cardboard box is really the LAST thing that is troubling about this. You can burn or recycle the cardboard with very little toxic effect.

    Colgate is producing tooth paste that supposedly "whitens" the teeth. It contains tiny plastic balls. Not only will the friction of the balls roughen your teeth with excessive use, the effect won't even stay. The plastic balls are "instant waste", micro plastic right out of the box.

    This entire video is a terrible feel-good viral campaign that completely ignores the true issues about packaging and focuses on the least worrying part, the cardboard box. Sure it takes a lot of water and resources to produce unecessary cardboard, but literally the entire rest of the product is the bigger problem!!

  6. Hello Alan! Nice video, me and my girlfriend loved the initiative. Well, she is part of an environmental law study group in Federal University of Ceará, Brazil and we would love to spread this idea. However, to show it to as many people as possible, we would have to add Portuguese subs. I would love to do that for you and help to spread the idea, however, you would have to enable subs contributions in this video. Well, if this sounds good for you, let me know.

  7. https://9gag.com/gag/av853Zq

    check out this link. Maybe you're not aware of it, but a lot of people, myself included, was very interested in your ideas. What you're doing, and saying is actually a great help for the world. I just wanted to let you know that your message is going further than you may have realized. So, I thank you, and if I can help you in any way you can imagine, just let me know. I'll be at your service to help change this world, one idea at a time.


  8. Just sent a comment to Colgate in their website about the unnecessary boxes. It takes ~ 1 minute to do so and if received many times it may catch their attention

  9. Hi Alan Great Job.. I feel the same regarding Cell Phone chargers… Think there should be one standard template which the whole industry follows… will help reduce stress of disposing it off, coz everybody keeps on changing their cell phones very frequently… Hope I am making sense… ???

  10. I am from India you just start awesome things I appreciate n obvious spread this, also all the best for your journey, we are with you.

  11. See the bigger problem is why it comes in a plastic tube..
    Answer is, it is semi liquid/paste hence we need water proof packaging.

    To this I say why do you sell it as paste?
    Answer to make more profit as the water in the toothpaste gets sold at the price of paste.

    Ideally we should make tooth stick instead of toothpaste I.e. a dried form of toothpaste. You can bundle many sticks equivalent to a toothpaste and wrap it in paper packaging. Keep markings on toothstick like we have on chocolate for easy breaking of required amount. Put it in mouth chew and wet it to make a paste and do the usual brushing. Wonderful idea and you save a hell lot of plastic.

    This is a easy thing which even corporations might have thought of but that will reduce profits so they didn't do it. I wish people in power kept environment higher than personal greed.

    Share this message as much as you can. Someone with required resources might do it.

  12. I realy like this campaign but unfortunately all the toothpaste industry in my country come with box.. so i cant even start from step 1🤔

  13. hi, ther's also another good idea – direct democracy – when people just voting via Net for rule the society without "elections" any politicians, that they couldn't affect on after"elections" =) enjoy

  14. Hi Alan, thanks for initiating this campaign. I just want to let you know that on this application called LINE, your video has got more like than it has on Youtube. Check it out right here: https://timeline.line.me/post/_dXdmmOjk8LWjhn9AsGNkVEoWkH1HeydNSNN6VZQ/1154798181606025935

    Greetings from Indonesia!

  15. I'm guessing the box has more to do with shipping, so you can stack a ton of these, and occasionally drop one, without compressing the tube, which is both ugly to the consumer and would be a risk of the occasional burst. Probably easier to handle too.

    You'll note that the ones in Iceland are also in a box. Just a box that sits on the shelf. There was probably additional packaging removed before shelving that you won't find for boxed toothpaste. Sure, it makes consumers feel good, but is it more environmentally friendly? I'd like to see the numbers.

  16. Hi!! Alan sir , I loved ur video and had spread it to all my friends relatives and posted it in all social platforms I could . Sir so continue ur campaign their are many hurdles and negative comments in ur video as I've seen . but don't worry u even have supporters like me !! And finally thank u sir for starting this environmentally friendly campaign..!! Lots of love and support from India.!

  17. Products come in boxes mainly for advertising, and they started becoming more expensive with the advancement of fancy print technology; glossy color photos and the like.

    It was Sam Walton who convinced suppliers to lower their prices AND at the same time maximizing shelf space, which in turn made Walmart such a distribution powerhouse at the time. Nowadays Amazon has further revolutionized distribution to include drones and self driving vehicle deliveries.

    Not all products that come in boxes are fancy however particularly with pro gear where advertising isn't necessary because consumers of these already know what they are purchasing and the quality of the product.

    In fact, a product which comes with fancy ad claims is a sign of cheap vs quality.

  18. It's almost true. The problem is that good looking stand up tube needs to be done with double thicknes compering to tube in carton box. i dont know all brands but for sure CP is doing like that. additionaly the plastic cup is bigger.

  19. saw your video on Facebook so i came over here to say that i love your video and your innovative idea! even though some people think that the cardboard box isn't a huge problem, if we manage to cut down on the amount of cardboard boxes used it would still make an impact (a good impact) on our environment, which is our ultimate goal, right?
    so, keep up the good work! i'm currently writing to a toothpaste company in my country about this problem, and i'll keep you guys posted if i get a response!

  20. In Germany most toothpaste is sold without box, no problems in retail or transportation. Even Colgate or P&G sell without the box, because consumers are used too. Use public pressure from social media to force the companies and retailers to change. This an easy thing to avoid unnecessary packaging…
    Good initiative!

  21. Call me cynical, but this guy doesn’t care that much about the environment when he flies to and back to Iceland to film a two minute video. By the way I wonder how much Colgate paid him as I can see the brand all over the video. Talk about product placement.

  22. En Colombia la crema dental sin caja es más cara o más costosa que sin ella , entonces, ¿donde está el ahorro?

  23. Iceland is still today one of few countries killing thousands of whales. Being illegal they still do it and their people don’t do anything . Iceland in many ways are not so environmentally engaged. The toothpaste tube is more harmful than the box .

  24. Great initiative! and here an interesting topic to disuss and think in possible solutions https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/airlines-cabin-waste/index.html

  25. I suggest that every super market like Sam's Club, Walmart, Walgreen, … etc should not have plastic bags to put things into at the cashier counter. They should just provide consumers a cart to carry things to their car. That's it !!! That reduces a lot of plastic products and people will do it if there is no bags. Only take a little bit of effort from everyone to push the cart.

  26. Selling things without boxes doesn't mean they came on the market without boxes.
    There is no company in this world that wants to waste money on unnecessary stuff. If it is there, there is a reason for it.
    And the reason is transportation. They make it this way because it's much easier, much cheaper! and takes less time.
    If you have problem with that, means you also have problem with capitalism and globalism….. and I can only say "good luck".

    If you want to make a real difference, don't buy unnecessary stuff, such as toothpaste…

  27. There are millions of products that are over packaged. In fact there are thousands of emergency room required injuries every year from people just trying to open packaging in the United States. This is a trend that deserves attention.

  28. This campaign and its petition are a great start 🙂 yes, the box can be recycled, yes, the plastic tube is a bigger problem but why not working on the problems in steps, and this would be a great 1st step. I am IN <3

  29. Umm… I'm sorry, but I'm Icelandic and I have to tell you that this video is nonsense. You can definitely buy toothpaste in a box in Iceland and I've never heard anyone talk about that "issue" there, let alone there having been some sort of concerted effort by consumers to buy non-boxed toothpaste and force Colgate to employ different production methods for only that single (and small) market…

  30. It's to hard make my friends or my family to change their behaviour about "go green". In Indonesia, it is not just about toothpaste's box, there are so many café that still use plastic straw. They don't care about it, they don't care about their Earth. Thanks to this video, full of knowledge. Im so envy to the people of Iceland.

  31. I read a few comments and people are like "who cares about box, when the tub is plastic", but I ask: why don't you care about unneceassary box, whatever it is made of? It's waste! It dosen't matter what it is, when it's useless. And not only in toothpaste but in everything. I don't understand why some creams I can buy without box, but diffrent (made by the same company!) are in paper box and the box is wrapped in foil. Why??? For what?

  32. Got here because I bought toothpaste yesterday and when I looked at the box before throwing it away I thought “WHAT IS EVEN THE POINT OF THIS”? I’m happy someone else has thought about it!

  33. This guy doesn't know what he's saying! Paper Box doesn't do any harm to the environment BUT!!! the PLASTIC TUBE DOES!! you choose PLASTIC over PAPER,, just WOW dude just WOW!!!

  34. Gosh this pisses me off. Change is important, but not buying toothpaste that comes in a box is not the change that should be done.

    The first and foremost, why does it have the box? I cringed at the "answer" in the video that it looks better. Obviously, it is for easier transport and storage. It is easier to stack boxes than tubes.

    First, and the most ironic, even the toothpaste that comes without a box has a cardboard packaging. So you are just offsourcing the waste to someone else.

    Coming from the "fact" in the video that there are 900 000 000 boxes produced in US per year, I will estimate 10 billion boxes globally. Even if somehow everyone stopped producing toothpaste with boxes, ignoring the additional cardboard produced for storage, considering each box weighs about 10 grams, it would mean about 10 million metric tons of paper per year. You know what is the global production of paper? about 400 million metric tons.

    What is going to be the result of this video? Several people buying toothpaste without a box, feeling good about themselves, then coming home to eat meat 3 times a day, drink water from plastic bottles and then drive alone in a car 30 miles to work.

    This is bullshit and pissed me off. Bye.

  35. For the same reason that Amazon sends you bigger boxes with unnecessary plastics and protective paper, so that the product is not worth shit and you end up returning.
    It is cheaper cardboard that can be easily reused, to pay millions of liters of fuel for unnecessary returns.
    Additionally, it is easier to pack 100 rectangular boxes than irregular shaped tubes.
    In some countries pastes are not carry within a box, instead they use a plastic packer that cannot be recycled.
    That is why it is important that someone who knows about logistics do these xD campaigns so that they do not say that it is just "To look good"

  36. How many toothpaste boxes were wasted making this video? 🙂

    Actually, great idea. I'll start buying toothpastes without boxes.

  37. The carton packaging is sealed at both ends, the paste tube is not, and that is because the mouth of the tube is very small, and in order to make a seal that is strong enough to hold, getting rid of the small seal (to use the tooth paste) becomes a bitch. And how do you make a seal strong enough to hold, but thin enough to fit under the cap? Well, you use some strong plastic, and strong plastic goes away in hundreds of years and you cannot recycle it most of the time, while carton is a lot friendlier that way. If someone wants to tamper with the carton in order to poison the toothpaste or drug someone with it, they need to go through the carton at the beginning, but also at the end in order to completely fool someone, which takes effort — not to mention that the tube does not have a regular shape, it's not a cylinder, not a prism, it is a weird cross of all these things and that makes hard to store, transport, handle and display, just because of that shape. One is advised not to buy the toothpaste if the carton has been tampered with, and for a good reason.
    Are there solutions around this? Yes, but this is the cheapest one — and carton disintegrates a lot better and faster than other things. Improve the tube, and you will make it more expensive and less accessible to vulnerable people, especially children from troubled families. So yeah, if you think about it, that carton makes a lot of sense!!

  38. It's not so obvious (and I think it's based on an assumption) that the reason for the box is just so it looks better. The box makes it easier to transport, and may prevent breakage and spillage, which result in more returns and more transport and waste in general. Did you do research on this?

  39. Firstly, thanks for sharing this great idea. If you give me permission, I would like to write a blog post about this topic and give a credit to you.

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