Why Verizon? #coolestjobever.
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Why Verizon? #coolestjobever.

January 23, 2020

Our network engineers support our customers, and I support our network engineers. Or anything built, powered or grounded on our wireless network. My work is behind the scenes, if my job is done properly they don’t even have to think about it. My core mission is to make sure our network can keep growing as it needs to. There’s no such thing as a normal day. You walk in the door & you can make that position your own. The company has definitely encouraged me to learn & grow as a person. There’s so much to take advantage of. All of my bosses throughout my career have encouraged us taking lots of training classes. I like to take classes on air conditioning, heating, grounding. I looked outside of Verizon and these are expensive classes. Verizon likes to broaden their employees so they can help in diverse areas. My work definitely matters. If the power chain isn’t there to support the customer facing hardware, the customers can’t rely on the network. My role helps out the community by allowing customers to reach their loved ones. That’s our network. Our network helps lift everybody up. We’re on the edge of a whole new network. The Internet of Things is blowing up, we have our software defined network, which allows our network to flex & grow as the company needs. I just think this is the coolest job ever.

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