Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Updating Your Apps
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Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Updating Your Apps

August 9, 2019

Welcome to HelpDesk TV. My name is Rudy Stebih. As with other app stores, Windows Store handles
the managing, downloading, and installing of any app updates. Windows Store will alert
you about any pending app updates with a tile notification, as is the case on a Windows
Phone. For example, here you can see that I have four updates pending. Clicking on the Store tile will bring you
to the familiar Windows Store interface. You will notice at the top right corner, another
notification is present notifying you to updates available. Again, in this case there are 4. Click this notification and you will be brought
to the App updates screen. Here you can now select which apps you would like to update
by clicking on the app tile. Click on the app tile to add or remove the checkmark to
mark the app as wanting to be updated or not. All that’s required now is to just click
on the install icon in the lower right hand corner to update the selected apps. You are once again notified of the apps currently
being installed in the upper right hand corner of your desktop. I hope you enjoyed todays HelpDesk TV. Please
join us on our help forums at . There you can further discuss today’s
topic or just to ask another question you need help with. See you there!

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